22 Adjectives Starting with X Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

Historically, adjectives were classed together with nouns, and there was no clear differentiation between them. Historically, other words such as determiners, articles, and pronouns were also organized jointly with adjectives. But nowadays, adjectives form an entirely separate category, and they are one of the main parts of speech in the English language.

The semantic role of adjectives is to alter the information conveyed by a noun. Adjectives also play a role in describing the referents of a noun.

When I say Mercedes car, no doubt Mercedes is a noun, but here it serves the function of an adjective because it describes the vehicle’s main feature. When I say rocking chair, no doubt rocking is a verb, but here it represents the chair.

1. Xenodochial

Definition: someone who is friendly to strangers, intruders, and outsiders

Synonyms: obsequious, ingratiating, sycophantic, fawning

Example: Her xenodochial behavior is so irritating.

2. Xenial

Definition: the friendly relationship between guest and host

Synonyms: rapport, affinity

Example: Everyone feels comfortable in a xenial relationship.

3. Xerothermic

Definition: a place or a thing that is extremely hot and dry

Synonyms: airless, burning, boiling, blazing

Example: Camels live in xerothermic places.

4. Xenogeneic

Definition: something that is involved in, relating to, or denoting cells and tissues belonging to individuals of various living species

Synonyms: cellular, flesh, matter, substance

Example: Xenogeneic means something derived from multiple living species, and it is immunologically and genetically incompatible.

5. Xylographic

Definition: The art of woodblock printing

Synonyms: woodworking, crafting

Example: I saw many xylographic images in the museum.

6. Xylophonic

Definition: a musical instrument made of wood that sounds like a mallet

Synonyms: idiophone

Example: I enjoy listening to xylophonic music records.

7. Xanadu

Definition: an imaginary, fantastic, and glorious place of idyllic beauty and magnification

Synonyms: dreamlike, fabled, fictional, fairyland, idealized

Example: Three architects, two Engineers, one land surveyor, and a lot of machinery combined with working day and night to build a Xanadu.

8. Xylotomous

Definition: an animal bird or insect that is capable of boring, cutting, or digging into the wood

Synonyms: wood-digger

Example: I love my precious furniture; this is why I use a spray to kill xylotomous insects trying to attack it.

9. Xiphoid

Definition: something which is shaped like is a sword

Synonyms: sword-like, sword-shaped

Example: Before the invention of nuclear weapons, xiphoid weapons were used on the battlefield.

10. Xeromammographic

Definition: a photoelectric method of recording an x-ray image on a coated metal plate using dry chemical developers, longer exposure time, and lower energy photon beams.

Synonyms: xeroradiography

Example: I decided to use the Xeromammographic method because of its affordable cost.

11. Xenobiotic:

Definition: something that is foreign to the body or ecological system, something which is not produced by an organism’s metabolism system

Synonyms: external, outer

Example: The doctors found xenobiotic bacteria in my intestine.

12. Xerophytic

Definition: specific species of natural vegetation that can grow and survive without or minimum amount of water

Synonyms: desert plants, chaparral plants.

Example: Xerophytic plants have tiny spines, tiny leaves, and they are succulent.

13. Xanthous

Definition: Something of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum; of something resembling the color of an egg yolk

Synonyms: yellowish, yellow

Example: There are different types of fungus and algae that have a xanthous appearance.

14. Xenomorphous

Definition: something that does not have its characteristic crystalline form but has a form impressed on it by surrounding grains

Synonyms: xenomorphic

Example: In the chemistry lab, we were examining the properties of xenomorphous substances.

15. Xiphophyllous

Definition: herbs, shrubs, weeds, grass, climbers, plants or trees having small sword-shaped leaves

Synonyms: xiph

Example: I have many beautiful xiphophyllous plants in my garden.

16. Xenoplastic

Definition: relating to transplantation between various species and genera

Example: The biology students were taught about the xenoplastic methods.

17. Xenophobic

Definition: a person who feels and shows prejudice and hatred against people from foreign countries

Synonyms: racist, racialist, ethnocentric, ethnocentrist

Example: The science teacher started displaying xenophobic behavior after the admission of an African student in her classroom.

18. Xenogenetic

Definition: someone who is belonging to a foreign place

Synonyms: outsider, incomer

Example: His skin complexion revealed that he was xenogenetic.

19. Xeric

Definition: a place, thing, or an environment that is very dry and lacking moist

Synonyms: unfresh, parched, withered, shriveled

Example: The small oasis dried up in the xeric weather of the desert, so the xeric animals, like camels, could not quench their thirst on time.

20. Xerographic

Definition: a dry photocopying process in which a negative image formed in black or colored powder adheres to parts of a surface remaining electrically charged plate after being exposed to light from a picture of the document to be copied is transferred a positive to paper and thermally fixed

Synonyms: electrophotography, photocopy

Example: An American physician named Chester Charlson first used the xerographic process.

21. Xenoglossia

Definition: knowledge of a language one has never learned

Synonyms: glossolalia

Example: People were engaging in xenoglossia

22. Xenomania

Definition: An insane fancy for or obsessive interest in foreigners or for things foreign.

Synonyms: craze, frenzy

Example: I traveled a lot to satisfy my xenomania.


I am confident that after reading the above-given list along with the definitions, synonyms, and examples of 22 descriptive words starting with X, which is the third last letter of the English language, you have now completely understood them and are able to use them in your everyday conversation.

You must remember that your conversation is almost meaningless and lifeless without the explanatory power of adjectives. The above-given 22 descriptive words starting with X will help you sound like a great genius when you write an essay or talk to people, and no doubt someone will praise you.

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