How you should wear and Use Facial Masks during COVID-19

There is absolutely no doubt that COVID 19 has taken a stronghold on everyone, greatly changing how people live at the level of work, socialization, shopping, or moving around. With the virus rapidly spreading because it spreads chiefly from person to person via respiratory droplets with talking, coughing, and sneezing being the common ways, it is important to remain protected at all times. 

As a result of these recent happenings, it has become very important for individuals to take safety measures to keep themselves protected everywhere and at all times as long as they are in public.

Wearing a Surgical Mask has become a lifestyle as people have become accustomed to it already. It is hard to come across anyone without their mask because it is the basic means of protection against the virus. Apart from surgical masks, there are other types of face masks like homemade face masks made with cloth materials.

Homemade face masks

  • The cloth face masks can be fabricated at home using normal materials which means they are always available.
  • They can aid in reducing the possibility of people contracting the virus while going about their daily activities.
  • They come in handy in gatherings where physical distancing is hard to control.

Surgical masks

Surgical masks are non-reusable, loose, and can cover up the nose, chin, and even the mouth. The masks have the ability of:

  • Protecting the user from splashes, sprays, and even huge particles.
  • They also aid in preventing the transmission of possible infectious droplets from the user to those around.
  • The masks usually come in different designs but the mask is generally flat with a rectangular shape and folds. 
  • The mask has elastic bands which help to keep it firm when they are being worn.

How should a face mask be worn?

  • Constantly wash the hands, making use of soap and water before touching the mask.
  • Examine the mask to make sure they do not have any holes in them.
  • Check out which side of the mask is the top and the side that it is the front part of the mask to wear it properly.
  • Face masks that have ear loops should be positioned firmly around the ear.
  • Face masks that have ties – The mask should be brought close to the nose and positioned the ties over the head to firmly secure it.

Other effective ways to prevent COVID-19

Apart from wearing a mask, here are some other effective ways of preventing the virus:

  • The first thing is to ensure both hands are properly clean. Achieve this by using water and soap to properly wash. Alternatively, use an alcohol hand sanitizer to kill any germs.
  • Always make sure the mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin properly.
  • Do not touch the mask when wearing it – always arrange the mask using just the ear loops instead of touching the front part.
  • Maintain social distance when in public and avoid coming in contact with people who have the virus.
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