5 Do’s and Don’ts of Swimming

Swimming is one of the most fun and enjoyable exercises/activities that will keep you healthy in many ways. Whether it is the beach or pool, having some fun with your family and friends while swimming is one of the best ways to keep yourself relaxed. But before going swimming, you must know what will harm you and what you should do before going swimming. It will keep you injury-free and make your swimming experience better. Below are some do’s and don’ts of swimming that might help you in swimming freely:


1) Do Proper Warm-up:

As we all know, warming up increases the movement of the body naturally. While you are swimming, you are using almost all of the muscles in your body and preventing them from getting injured; you need to warm up properly because it increases the body temperature and keeps your heart rate regular.

2) Do Proper Techniques:

There are many strokes and techniques in swimming, so you need to learn it properly before starting the actual swimming. You can take help from professionals or other good swimmers, so you don’t drown while swimming. Wrong techniques can lead to some serious injuries, and they might cause serious trouble.

3) Do Hydration Check:

Staying hydrated is essential not only in daily life but also while swimming. While swimming, you might do a lot of strokes and movements that may cause perspiration, and it will create a lack of water in your body. So it is crucial to stay hydrated as much as possible before going swimming.

4)Do Proper Costume Check:

If you are a professional swimmer or a new swimmer, you need to put on a proper costume: Kayak Life Jacket, hair cap, swimming goggles, etc., that will protect you from drowning. Wear comfortable costumes so that you can swim comfortably. Besides, costumes Checkup is an essential part of swimming because swimmers can drown without wearing life jackets and proper costumes.

5) Do Proper Health Check-up:

Before entering the water or swimming pool, you should check up on your body, especially when you have serious asthma issues. Sometimes there are some situations like you might have got some injury or you might have kept your injury open; this too can lead to some rashes or infection on your skin.


1) Don’t Let Pool Get Dirty:

Swimming pools are places where people swim freely without any face cover or mask. So, it is essential to keep it clean and chemical free so that the swimmers can’t get sick because of chemicals or other dirt that goes into their nose or ears. Besides, the sight of a dirty swimming pool is frustrating, so keep it clean.

2) Don’t Try To Push Yourself:

When you try to swim, don’t push yourself too hard to learn swimming as early as possible. If you can’t learn techniques today, then come back tomorrow and learn them. You can’t learn from pushing yourself too hard; it can harm you in many ways, especially health.

3) Don’t Forget Sunscreen:

If you are swimming on a beach or in an open pool, don’t forget to apply proper Sunscreen on your body and face because the sun’s UV rays are more harmful under the water. Some sunscreens are water-resistant, but you have to apply them every two hours if you are swimming for a longer time.

4) Don’t Dive Head First:

As we all know, the head is the essential part of the body as it keeps all the other functions of bodies going. Maybe you are a good swimmer but don’t dive headfirst into the pool, or you might catch a severe injury while driving. So, walk down the pool and enjoy swimming.

5) Don’t Run To Pool Deck:

While swimming, keep one thing in mind, and that is a proper start. Whenever you are entering a swimming pool, you can’t run to the deck and dive into the pool; it might cause you serious injury. So instead of running, walk towards the deck and go down into the pool slowly.


These are some do’s and don’ts that will help you swim and keep you safe from injuries or any other harmful experience.

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