Tips and Tricks for Replacing a Broken Garage Door Window

Garage door windows can break for a number of reasons, such as being hit by a kid’s ball or being damaged in a storm. If you have a broken garage door window, check out the following tips and tricks for replacing the glass.

Remove Loose Glass from the Outside and Wear Protective Gloves

When you have a broken garage door, you will need to look at the options available from a reputable company to fix it. For instance, you may need a new garage door opener, in which case you should peruse these LiftMaster gate and garage systems.

But if the only problem is you have a broken garage door window, you can save on the cost of hiring a professional by replacing the window yourself. The first tip you should know for doing that is this: remove the loose glass from the window from the outside.

You can then ensure no loose glass falls to the garage floor unnoticed. And you’ll typically have better light to complete the job when you work outside of your garage. One more tip you need to remember when removing loose glass: make sure you wear protective gloves.

Use a Hairdryer or Linseed Oil to Remove Stubborn Dried Putty

You’ll need to replace the putty as well as the glass, so use a putty knife to remove the old glazing compound around the edges of the glass pane. If you have trouble removing old, dried putty, you can remove it more easily by using a hairdryer or heat gun to warm the putty first.

Rubbing linseed oil into the putty and leaving it to soak for up to two hours is also an effective method. If you find your putty knife isn’t strong enough for removing old putty, use a small chisel.

Prepare the Window Frame

Before you replace the glass, you’ll need to prepare the window frame. You’ll need to pry out the glazier’s points that hold the pane next to the frame, brush the frame to remove any debris and dust, and paint the frame.

Measure the Opening

You need to ensure the new pane of glass you purchase is precisely the right size. So, make sure you measure the opening of the frame accurately.

After measuring the width and height for the replacement pane, you should subtract one-eighth of an inch from both the width and height to allow room for the new putty. You also need to measure to find out the thickness of the glass pane you need to buy.

Insert the New Glass in the Right Way

Once you have completed all the prep work and bought your new pane, and once the painted window frame is dry, it’s time to carefully insert the glass. Begin by pressing down a quarter-inch of putty around the frame. Then, place the pane into position. Make sure you press around the edges very carefully.

Next, add new glazing points to secure the glass in the frame. You should use a putty knife to position the points. They should be spaced at intervals of between four and six inches around the frame.

Finally, add more putty to the edges and smooth out the new glazing compound with a putty knife. The new putty should be left to dry for around seven days.

Repaint the Window Frame

Once the putty has dried, paint the window frame with another coat and perform paint touch-ups as necessary. After the paint has dried, you’ll have a complete and new garage door window.

Get a Professional to Install the Glass for You

If you’re lacking in DIY skills and the above tips sound challenging for you to complete, don’t despair. You always have the option of hiring a professional to perform the task for you, just as you may do for other challenging DIY jobs, like replacing your roofing.

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