Top 5 Delta 8 THC Carts and Vapes

Vaping has become mainstream, and according to statistics, over the past two years, the total amount of Delta 8 has reached 2 billion dollars. Smoking negatively affects our lungs, and this method is relatively safe when consuming THC. Reliable distributors emphasize quality, which produces an immediate effect and strong evaporation. All this together makes the experience of smoking a vape pen more enjoyable. There are many popular brands, so the consumer always has a wide choice. As the trend continues to grow, Stateofmindlabs recommends choosing a safe place for wholesale CBD. Let’s check our top-5 rating products.

#1 Elevate Right

Initially, the company’s policy was to use Delta 8 THC. The founders wanted to show the world the benefits of using these products and have continued to do so for over a year. Bestsellers are disposable vapes, which are used for their quick results and healing properties. Surprise and tastes available for purchase:

  • Ice cream sandwich;
  • Pineapple Express;
  • Blue dream.

The manufacturer also appreciates its regular and large projects of customers by offering them promotions and discounts. Another advantage is the natural and organic composition. Each vape is made with pure Delta 8 THC distillate and natural ingredients.

What Do Clients Think about Elevate Right?

The first thing customers look for is discounts. On your first order, you can get up to 20% discount. But what makes them buy this vape for the second time? Numerous reviews state that they have convenient packaging and an interesting design. 

Also, after application comes the effect of relaxation. It is especially true in stressful situations. Clients don’t feel any dangerous side effects. Therefore, this vape is deservedly among the leaders.

#2 Exhale Wellness

The company has long been on the market and is a favorite among many customers because the main policy is to promote organic products. They help people relax and relieve different types of pain. Regardless of taste, all vape pens do not contain GMOs, gluten, or dairy products. Therefore, this is the safest vape for vegans. In addition, all products are tested by third parties to ensure that toxic chemicals do not remain in the final.

There is a large assortment of aromas:

  • Blackberry;
  • Mango;
  • Fruit Cereals, etc.

When buying a vape, the battery is fully charged and easily recharged. In addition, the company has a return policy within 30 days from the day of purchase.

What Do Clients Think about Exhale Wellness?

Most customers are satisfied with the sensations they get when using this vape. However, for beginners, it seemed too heavy. More experienced users note the ideal vape structure and excellent quality. For 95% of clients, the calming effect occurs after the first use. Beginners who started with other vapes still switch to this one due to the quality guarantee.

#3 Delta Extrax

The vapes of this company are one of a kind since they contain THCO. Each vape pen contains only organic hemp. Some product lines are suitable for vegans as they do not contain GMOs. Regular customers can take advantage of discounts. The company strictly monitors the quality and conducts regular testing by third-party laboratories. An equally important advantage is that its purchase is legal since the THC content is less than 0.3%.

Why is it a good idea to choose it?

  • Contains around 60-85% 8;
  • The perfect option for providing cerebral stimulation and invigoration;
  • Has 5 strain choices.

The only drawback identified is the need for a return policy.

What Do Clients Think about Delta Extrax?

Customers claim that the effect of this vape pen is a little stronger than others. This is due to the THCO content. Most clients experience improved mood and more restful sleep. Other clients note a more relaxed state and peace. Users also note positive aspects of the work of the company itself. Convenient and affordable site for online ordering.

#4 Hollyweed CBD

It is one of the most recognized brands associated with the supply of high-quality organic THC products. The brand’s main goal is to maintain integrity and develop long-term relationships with customers who have many years of experience in the cannabis industry. The company uses hemp from the best growers in Colorado and provides a one-month money-back period if the customer is unhappy with the purchase. Vape does not contain

  • GMOs;
  • Chemicals for dilution;
  • Synthetic additives.

The company knows how to attract customers by offering bonuses and incentives for new customers. The only negative is that vapes of this brand are not allowed to be exported from the USA.

What Do Clients Think about Hollyweed CBD?

Customers note the wide variety of flavors they can buy, such as Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Mango, etc. they remain a favorite through the use of natural plant-derived terpenes. In addition, US residents can get free shipping, and the customer support is impeccable.

#5 Chi

The distributor of this vape has established itself as one of the most reliable and large suppliers in the United States. The company considers each client’s needs, so the vape’s composition does not contain dairy products, gluten, and other allergenic products. Each series of products has a high concentration of Delta 8 oil, which makes them strong. The main goal is to break down the hemp cannabinoid into cannabinoids to test, analyze and recreate mixtures. The end product is more beneficial than the original plant in its natural state. With Chi vape, you can experience the following:

  • Wide choice of tastes;
  • Long battery life;
  • Immediate effect due to terpenoids of natural origin.

The company also uses the services of third-party laboratories for quality control.

What Do Clients Think about Chi?

The client notes a pleasant smell from each vape, regardless of the chosen taste. Long battery life is also key when buying this particular brand. The only thing that customers complain about has nothing to do with the quality of the products – the vape charger itself needs to be bought separately since it is not included in the kit.


We conduct thorough a dedicate research on each item we test. Therefore, we are confident in our recommendations. If you want to join this trade and choose a vape, use our selection. Each is safe and gives the desired effect that the client is counting on.

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