Pyramids Continue to Affect the Reputation of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have brought with them excellent information turmoil. They have been involved with scams or pyramid strategies that involve cryptocurrencies with fraudulent intentions , making people adopt them and suffer the consequences, (

That is why on many occasions, the success of DIGITAL CURRENCIES has been overshadowed since, in some way, they have managed to benefit economically after negotiations that offer users significant amounts of profit as a return on their investments.

What are the scams with cryptocurrencies?

Digital currencies have created a beautiful ecosystem for investors and evil people who intend to obtain significant benefits by harming others.

To be part of this digital financial world, it is essential to obtain the knowledge that allows us to recognize what a cryptographic project is from a scam instantly.

Preparation and education are the only things that can help us since any system manipulated or used by human beings are subject to this type of vulnerability.

There will always be someone whose intentions are not the best and in some way will prefer to benefit by generating market strategies that are attractive enough and capture the most significant number of people who may be innocently part of a fraud network.

Cryptographic projects work by themselves, where the investor is the only one who has the decision to invest in the one that best suits his needs, doing the negotiations himself without the intervention of third parties; let us remember that if cryptocurrencies have something, it is decentralization.

The use generally given to cryptocurrencies is a payment method to transfer currencies to third parties internationally to avoid high bank commissions or as an investment where savings are capitalized over time.

It has reached the point where the anonymity that has been one of its most fantastic attractions has allowed cryptocurrencies to be used for illicit activities such as money laundering.

Characteristics that define a crypto scam

One of the most common forms of crypto scams that have emerged is Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs); therefore, anyone can create a TOKEN or cryptocurrencies to date.

From there arises the collection of funds through extreme advertisements where users are usually persuaded, managing to capture their attention and, of course, their investment.

This type of project never usually materializes since the only thing it intends is to raise funds and place itself in a position of large investors, which is only an illusion since the collected money will vanish since it will never return to its owners.

These illicit market strategies are usually accompanied by the participation of celebrities who usually advertise something that does not materialize. Still, just because they are there, they will capture the attention of many.

This type of financing, which is very fashionable among start-ups, usually raises significant amounts of money, which will grow substantial amounts over time, all with the promise of generating unbeatable returns.

The ICOs that currently exist, if a person wishes to invest in them, the best thing to do is to carry out in-depth research to verify their origin and development over time and market capitalization, and future development.

Unfortunately, scams or pyramids with cryptocurrencies are usually created and make use of the tools offered by social networks to capture the most significant number of people; where the most common characteristics that these scams have are usually the following:

  • Investment offers where money converted into cryptocurrencies is deposited in a third-party account with web profiles of fraudulent origin.
  • Scammers who pretend to be famous for attracting your attention to invest.
  • Promises astronomical returns and profits that will never be acquired since the market is already volatile.
  • Fraudsters tend to attract people by giving cryptocurrencies free, which does not happen. As a result, the value of these financial assets is increasing.
  • Scams where recognized companies give credibility to the scam in progress, and potential users deliver amounts of money to finance the project. When waiting for their return they disappear.


The human being will always manipulate all life at his convenience. However, it is often incredible that this is the case.

There will always be that unscrupulous hand that prefers to carry out illicit negotiations for its enrichment without measuring the damage that is caused, even if in its path it drags a project that can mean the future of the economy since cryptocurrencies have managed to position themselves as an excellent method of investing in the future.

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