New to Baseball? Here’s What You Need to Know

Sporting fanatics will be familiar to a number of popular worldwide sports such as soccer, football, basketball, boxing or tennis to name a few, yet there remains one sporting market that is certainly deserves more recognition and traction from other audiences outside of the US due to the great prestige and history that this sport has garnered since its inception.

Baseball is certainly a popular and vastly played sport worldwide, it has amassed the same attention or intrigue from other audiences compared to some of the sports listed above.

The MLB is without question the most popular baseball league on the planet given its great selection of historic sports franchises and impeccable tradition, yet the demand to see more baseball action from overseas leagues is certainly growing amongst audiences both in the US and overseas.

Outside of the US, Europe has developed into a potential strong market for future baseball interest given the increased efforts taken to provide the country’s more youthful generations with an engaging activity to take up in their free time.

While it may never reach the pinnacle of favored sports in the country in the extent of football or ice hockey, there is certainly a developing interest in baseball throughout Europe that could also translate to other provinces like Asia.

China is another country that has taken a swift interest in rising the popularity in baseball with great efforts taken to improve the facilities at their national league venues as well as encouraging more people to become more actively involved in the sport.

Improving baseball attendances for MLB games:

Attendances for MLB games have certainly seen a significant drop in recent years, especially for teams that do not operate out of a big market or a struggling in the standings.

Yet there are measures that are likely to be taken to help improve the standards both on and off the field to help regain the traction that the MLB once had and to compete with both the NFL and NBA for America’s top sporting leagues.

There remains a question mark on whether the MLB will look to introduce a salary cap in the next upcoming years given the fair nature that such assets have provided to every sports team in the previously named leagues above as well as providing extra space for small markets to resign their top names on max contract extensions.

Some stadiums in the MLB are also in desperate need of renovations and repairs such as the disastrous Tropicana Field that hosts the Tampa Bay Rays, a ballpark that is desperate need of a modernized makeover to help spike the interest of fans around the crazed sporting region of Florida, with Tampa Bay in particular being amongst the best sporting destinations to catch a game in both football and ice hockey.

The NFL and NBA franchises have taken great strides in replacing any outdated venues to attract more fans and the outcomes have been largely successful, meaning that this could be a method that the MLB could side towards to get fans back in their ballpark seats.

The top stars and teams to watch at MLB baseball:

Sometimes the best way to attract fans to catch a game, is to present a popular superstar face of a franchise that is known worldwide for their sublime play on the field and as an icon to the sporting industry.

Successful teams will also attract more casual fans with the latest MLB odds presenting the likes of the HOU Astros (+600), NY Mets (+750), NY Yankees (+750) and the LA Dodgers (+800) as the quintessential favorites to win the coveted World Series trophy that is presented in October later this year.

Some of the best stars in the league this year include Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout and Aaron Judge, who are the frontrunners to the MVP award.

While it may sound unjust to only include players that tailor to bigger market franchises that tailor to ‘bandwagon’ fanfare, casual sporting fanatics will likely only be interested in watching the best names available at the biggest and most prestigious venues that the sporting world has to offer.

Fans will likely want to spend more money on tickets and stadium merchandise at more populated areas such as New York and Los Angeles due to the various commodities provided by these markets and the interested provided by these states to help reinvent baseball in their respected city.

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