5 Things We Can All Do to Protect Our Planet

As the recent Earth Day event highlighted, the time to act on climate change is now if we want to preserve our environment, our health, our livelihoods and our families. After all, the effects of climate change are already being felt all over the world – and they’re only likely to become more frequent and intense in the future.

While certain nations and industries contribute far more than others, the fact remains that we all need to pull together. The scale of the problem might seem daunting as an individual, but the changes we can make aren’t so mighty when you break them down.

Here are five fundamental areas to focus on.

Eat the right foods

Food production takes a huge toll on the environment, contributing between one-quarter and one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. But not all foods are equal – and moving towards a more plant-based diet is a great way to lower your environmental impact right away.

Vegetarian and vegan options are much more common and exciting than they used to be too!

Shop sustainably

How hard do you think about the items you buy? Women’s skirt retailer Damart found only one in five British consumers think about sustainability when shopping. But making more conscious purchasing decisions is an important means of encouraging companies to adopt more sustainable practices.  

Extending the lifespan of items is crucial too. While one in ten UK adults are holding onto 11-15 clothing items they no longer wear, some 91% now donate clothing to charity.  

Reduce waste

On a related note, reducing waste is an important way to preserve resources and reduce global production. After all, every product you buy could end up in landfill one day, unless you take action to recycle or repurpose it.

It’s not just products like containers, clothes and electronic devices though. Food waste is problematic too, so try to you eat up your leftover meals and ingredients.

Travel responsibly

This point doesn’t just relate to holidays, but to the journeys you take on an everyday basis. Of course, it’s best to walk or cycle where possible – but when you need to travel further afield, electric cars and trains are better options than traditional vehicles and commercial flights.

In short, think about the most sustainable way to get from A to B, whenever you can.

Stay informed

Ultimately, knowledge is power – and climate change is a complex topic. Reading up on the facts and staying in tune with developments will help you understand what else there is you can be doing.

Make sure to spread the message too. Speaking up is powerful, especially if it’s to the right people – like MPs, business leaders and young people.

Could you embrace any of these changes in your lifestyle?

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