What Safety Measures Are Required For Residential Buildings?

The population has outgrown the available land which is why the construction of residential buildings has fallen by 55% since 2006. It has become extremely difficult to find a house that provides all good amenities, fits into the budget, and is equipped with all safety measures.

Moreover, most people don’t even have a good idea of what they should look for while buying a house beside the comfort and aesthetic.

It’s important to know all the safety measures a residential building must provide before you make the final decision. It will not only make you a responsible person but will also ensure the safety of your family members.

So, let’s go!

1. Earthquake-resistant

Before buying or renting any house make sure to check if its earthquake is resistant or not. Obviously, no one can guarantee a total avoidance of destruction, during such natural calamities.

But, if the building was constructed with good materials and was approved by the corporation, it still withholds a chance of being safe. Ask for these proofs so that you are at least aware of the level of safety the house provides.

2. Fire safety

A fire safety measure should be one of the most important things to check while exploring residential buildings.

Modern protocol says there should be an updated model of fire detector at every sensitive spot in the building. Fire extinguishers should be installed on every floor. Automatic sprinklers should be installed in the basements used for car parking and storage occupancy exceeding 200 meters.

For emergency exit, the building should also have a fire escape attached to every floor made with Alta scaffolding. This small structural change can help you escape any unwanted situations.

3. Lift safety

Lifting facilities in the residential buildings should be well equipped with emergency services and alarms so that whenever there’s a power cut, fire, or earthquake… People inside the lifts are able to come out safely.

4. Childproofing

Children are extremely vulnerable to accidents. So, the buildings must have separate protocols for children entering sensitive zones.

Areas such as swimming pools, rooftops, play areas should have security and first aid boxes for treating all kinds of mishaps.

5. Emergency power supply

The building should have an emergency power supply system in case there’s a load-shedding or power cut due to maintenance, etc. This will allow at least some electrical components to work. Visit Bravo Electro to learn more about power supplies.

You must also check if the emergency power system is completely separate from the original power supply system to ensure maximum safety.

6. Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality must influence your final decision because at least one member of the house will be staying inside the apartment at all times.

Without a proper ventilation system, you will feel suffocated and strangled. So, while taking a tour of the house, check all the ventilation systems in the living rooms, bedroom, and most importantly, kitchen and bathrooms.

7. Sprinkler system

Modern households have a sprinkler system installed in the rooms for safety against fire. According to a report, the fatality rate was 83% lower in fires in properties where sprinkler systems were installed.

It also saves more property damage from happening by around 40-70%. So, make sure you also ask the owner of the house has a sprinkler system. Or if they don’t, look for the ones that do.

8. Security maintenance

Good security is one of the primary reasons people are shifting more and more towards residential buildings. So, look at all the security facilities the building provides. The security guard must be a trained person from a reputed company who keeps a check on outside people entering the apartment.

There should be CCTV cameras at multiple checkpoints of the building under surveillance 24/7, accompanied by entrance lobby security. These should be enough to keep the building secure and its residents safe.

Over to you…

Home is where the heart is and that is why it is important to ensure the heart is in a safe place. Yes, no doubt the look and feel of the house are very important to consider but if they aren’t safe then there’s no point considering it.

So, enquire about everything and choose wisely because it’s not just a matter of your house, but a matter of your life!

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