Why We Love the NFL

The NFL is a stunning spectacle of brute force and strategy. Every spectator gets engrossed by each game and gives up control over emotions for two to three hours. Players showcase athleticism and elegance with savage force and beauty.

After we’ve made our NFL picks, fans discuss and assess each wide-open attack, zone blitz, and long bombs long before and after the final whistle of each game has been blown. We look at what odds are offered on BetUS, and we choose our favourite team and place a bet

What are the reasons for loving the NFL so much? There are many reasons. For one, it’s simply awesome! Read further as we evaluate the other reasons why we love the NFL so much.

Sports Betting

Wagering on NFL games adds even more excitement to watching the games. Even if you don’t have a clue about how the sport is played, you can place an easy bet like a Moneyline bet which simply means you have to predict which team will win. Then watch how the game unfolds and enjoy the action.

Another easy bet you can make in the NFL is making over or under-bets. You simply need to predict if the total points accrued in each game (that the bookmaker has determined) will go over or under. For example, if the bookmaker states that the total points for the game are 90, then you can say it’ll go under. So if the points in the game don’t reach 90, you win your bet—very exciting stuff!

With the advancements made in technology, you can now make in-game bets. No longer do you have to place your bets before the games start. Bookies have in-game bets that keep NFL sports bettors on their feet. Placing bets on who’ll score next and who’ll be fouled next are just two of the exciting bets you can make now on NFL games, too.

Watching Commercials

Coors Light has some of the best and funniest beer commercials. You can enjoy a nice break and a good laugh from the heat of the game and worry if you made the right NFL bet after the commercial break is over.

Fantasy Football

The NFL has the best fantasy football leagues. This very geeky thing has been made socially acceptable and cool among avid NFL fans. We’ll never know how they managed to pull this off among hard-knuckled NFL fans. Also, there are television shows completely devoted to fantasy football.

More than 95% of NFL football fans play it. There are groups of friends across Canada that each have their own football league. You’re no longer considered a nerd if you spend three or four hours in front of your computer playing it.

Complete Passion

The passion of players, coaches, and spectators is remarkable. One can’t help but get enthralled in all the awe of the game. Men and women wear their team’s shirts and make an effort to show their allegiance to their teams.

Women wear earrings that showcase their team’s logos. Other supporters get matching wigs to go with their team’s sweatshirts and even apply body paint. It’s a pageant at every game.

Entertaining Offensive Linesman

If the game gets a bit stale, you should make an effort to check out the linesman. These guys are fast and large. Seeing guys of that stature move so fast up and down is quite astonishing.

The Yummy Food

NFL football season means lots of yummy and not-so-healthy treats. Burgers, fries covered in cheese sauce, corn dogs, and more. It’s a fest of unhealthy drinks and food during NFL season.


Hauling out the old barbeque from the garage, grilling burgers, and having a cold beer outside the stadium before the game starts. Lively exchanges of the football between friends in anticipation before the game commences.


Rivalries are what make the NFL great. Rooting against someone else’s team is fun and exhilarating. When the NFL is on, everyone gets a chance. Vikings supporters rival with Bears supporters, and Cowboys fans form rivalries against Cardinal fans.

ESPN Commentators

What a delight it’s to see old NFL players calling out current players for silly mistakes and poor efforts, especially if it’s about the opposing team. Coaches also get the brunt of remarks; on occasion, even cheerleaders have been blamed. Fantastic entertainment!

Amazing Strategy

For some, the NFL is just savage, but for others, it’s an art. Each new game starts on a blank canvas, called the football field, and superb strategy unfolds with each new move. It’s also a lot of strength versus strength. The game has incredible complexity, and it’s a learning curve to listen to each announcer’s analysis of the game at hand.

Rags to Riches Stories

It’s wonderful to see and read about the NFL rags to riches story. It inspires kids to become NFL superstars and keeps parents’ dreams for their kids alive. Stories like Kurt Warner were bagging groceries before the St. Louis Rams called him up. We also recall Vince Papale, whose story inspired the movie Invincible. The NFL is known for amazing rags to riches stories, and these players are an inspiration to all NFL fans.

The Excitement of the Defence Play

The defence tactics in the NFL keep every fan of the sport intrigued and glued to the game. Defence strategies can result in amazing plays and touchdowns that are just as exhilarating as offensive play. There’s nothing quite like a defensive touchdown to fuel the team’s and the fans’ collective adrenaline levels. Effective defensive play can impact the outcome of an NFL game dramatically, which makes each NFL game so much more exciting than any other sport.

Final Thoughts

The NFL was first established in 1920. Starting from humble beginnings, the sport has grown into the number one sport in North America with millions of supporters. The sport also boasts many international supporters who watch the NFL on ESPN and flock to North America to view stadium games. Some believe that the NFL showcases the best athleticism in the world, and we agree!

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