How to Buy the Perfect Piece of Meat: 7 Tips

No matter how healthy and nutritious vegetables are, for us non-vegetarians, a healthy amount of meat makes the meal complete. From ribs to breasts, or wings, meat has always formed a very important part of our diet.

Did you know that the value of the meat market is expected to rise globally from 838 billion dollars in 2020 to over 1 trillion dollars by 2025? Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

But a lot of meat pieces look identical when you walk down the aisle at a meat shop. So how do you choose a piece that’s perfect for you? Read on to find out!

1. Color of the Meat

Most of us believe that the redder the meat, the fresher. But that isn’t always true. The freshest kind of meat is always slightly purple in color. The meat reacts with oxygen in the air and forms the red we know so well.

Red meat should ideally be dark in color, with varying shades of red, purple, and brown. If it looks brown, don’t worry. It just means the meat has been exposed to oxygen but is completely safe for consumption.

Pork meat should be a light, blush-colored pink, and game meat should be dark brown. In the case of poultry, the color varies greatly, depending on the kind of diet they have.

2. The Smell of the Meat

Sounds slightly strange because even meat-eaters don’t really like the taste of uncooked meat. But the smell should also be considered while buying.

Many of us find it difficult to figure out if the smell is just that of the meat piece or if it is spoilt. In case the smell is slightly funky or pungent, definitely do not consume it.

3. Look for Clean Cuts

The right kind of meat can be easily spotted by the way it has been butchered. Keep an eye out for smooth cuts that are more or less uniform in size. Do not buy pieces of meat that have jagged edges, especially when it comes to poultry meat.

Lower qualities of poultry are often not butchered well, which means the small bones and joints are not removed carefully. These small pieces can get lodged inside your throat and cause great discomfort. If you don’t like such pieces of bone or joints, consider buying meat with higher-grade cuts.

4. Grains

If you look very carefully at red meat, you will notice the meat fibers. The grain of these fibers will indicate whether the piece is tough or tender. If the meat grains are rough and coarse with a lot of fibers, it indicates that the meat is tough and will provide you with a lot of flavor.

These pieces are ideal for slow-cooking. If you are buying beef tenderloin, you won’t be able to notice these grains on the meat surface. This means that the meat is tender and soft.

5. Meat Fat

If you see a piece that has white streaks and flecks of fat distributed throughout, it will be juicier and softer. This type of fat is called marbling, and the more the marbling, the better the taste.

You must have heard of Wagyu beef, which is famous for its fine marbling and mouthwatering taste. However, such juicy pieces of meat are also very expensive.

6. The Texture of the Meat

Beef meat should ideally be firm, dense, and dry. The muscle fibers should be compact and tight. This also goes for poultry meat.

If you see the pieces falling apart or feeling crumbly, it might be due to poor handling or low quality of meat. If the piece is slimy or sticky, it’s best to not buy that piece. This rule applies to almost all kinds of meat available, whether it’s beef, poultry, lamb, or chicken.

7. Packaging

While the outermost packaging does not directly influence the quality of meat, there are some indications as to how the meat was handled. If you see grimy or dirty marks inside the packet, it probably means the person handling it did not maintain hygiene protocols.

Likewise, if the packet seems to have holes or is damaged, the meat will also most likely be of poor quality.

Over to You…

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