How to Participate in Sports in New Terrain

The tank gets bigger, and suddenly we aren’t the biggest fish in the pond. Many of us can feel this way when we move onto college. Whether in academics, where we were used to being at the top, a band where we kept first-chair warm, or athletics, where our starting position went unquestioned.

Arriving on campus can be a shock. Suddenly the best are with the best, and it is no longer os easy to stand out. If you find yourself taking a step back in terms of stardom, there is no reason to leave the world of sports altogether. Instead, find new ways to enjoy the sport and the community that surrounds it.

Follow the Rivalries

Every university has its share of top rivalries. You probably know these coming into your new school, and in fact, if your previous favorite team was said to be a rival, it’d be high time to either double down, or switch, and fast. These are likely to be closely matched teams in whatever sport. So stay up to date on NFL betting sites and all the latest football cheers.

Of course, when we are talking about sports rivalries, we have to start with the sizzling hot hatred between Auburn and Alabama. Their in-state tension comes to a spark every year with the Iron Bowl.

These rivalries may change across sports, and therefore throughout the year. While some schools have national rivalries that keep millions glued to their televisions, every school has their rivalries that are important to them.

It makes sense to learn about them. This way you will be more demotivated to attend games, get involved, and also join conversations. Form opinions about who will win, or best to pick apart the rival’s defense.

But you should even take it to another level: feel it. Put the passion in your bones. This will give you a lasting attachment to the sports scene.

Attend the Games

Getting involved is not just about talking it out at the dorms or in the dining hall. In fact, that is just the warm-up. The real action takes place at the stadiums.

Make sure you go. This way you can really build a group of friends around these activities. Invite budding friendships along. It is a great excuse to continue constructing a relationship based on shared interests.

Plus, this is where the majority of the social life around sports will spread. You will hear about parties and weekend outings. Of course, if anyone asks you if you play the sport, you can confidently say “yes,” even if you’re not on the team.  Just make sure to play a pick-up game now and then.

Play Intramural Sports

Even if you fall a bit short of making the Varisty or A team, there is no reason you still cannot enjoy the heat of the game. There should be plenty of sports teams that are not the official varsity or junior varsity team.

These teams are no joke either. They play exhibition matches against other schools and even non-university teams. It is great to get involved here, as you can sweat it out a little bit, make new friends in the process, and maybe even get to know the city a little bit, overcoming the typical town and gown dichotomy.

These sports teams will even be more varied than the official clubs. For example, at my school, there was no ultimate frisbee varsity team, but the intramural team traveled the country and was truly excellent. They had many fans and were an important social hub at the university.

Stay Safe

Whatever you do, make sure to stay safe. Universities have been sites of mass-spreading events. Sports, however, have been relatively safe. Hockey and basketball are considered some of the more dangerous sports.

If the sport takes place outdoors, then you will be even safer. Having a regular team will also keep you and your community in better health. This is a version of an amplified bubble and a great strategy for cutting transmission chains.

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