Breathe Easier at Home: 8 Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Suffering from allergies can be incredibly difficult, and it can sometimes feel like you don’t ever get any relief. If you are feeling allergies flare up while at home, that may be a sign of allergens (substances that cause allergies) in your home.

Reducing allergens in your home can help you breathe easier during allergy season and throughout the year.


Keeping your house clean can help prevent allergens from spreading and reduce allergy symptoms within your home. If you want to minimize allergens, there are a few places you should focus on while cleaning your home.


The furniture in your home could be contributing to your allergies. The fabric on your furniture can store dust, hair, animal fur, and mold, which are common allergens. Regularly cleaning your furniture by vacuuming and washing the fabric can help reduce allergy symptoms.

You can also get allergen-resistant furniture that is less likely to cause allergies. Some couches and mattresses, like Essentia mattresses, are organic and allergy friendly.

Dusting surfaces

Dust is a giant allergen and is commonly found in homes. Any surface or fabric can gather dust that can cause your allergies to flare up if it gets into your nose or throat.

Regularly dusting hard surfaces such as tables, counters, and knick-knacks can reduce your allergy symptoms and is a simple way to keep your home feeling fresh and clean.

Keep linens clean

Linens come in many shapes and forms. They include your sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and even your curtains. These regularly used items can store dust, hair, fur, dead skin, and mold. All of these things are common allergens.

Throwing linens in the wash every week or two is a good idea to reduce allergens in your home.

Clean your floors

Keeping your floors clean is crucial to reducing allergens. Keeping your floors clean includes vacuuming regularly and being diligent with carpet cleaning.

Keep allergens out of your home

When you go outside, avoiding allergens is incredibly difficult. Allergens such as pollen from plants, dirt, and dust from the ground are not always avoidable. These are substances that you want to keep outside of your home.

To avoid bringing these allergens into your home, wear outdoor layers such as a jacket or scarf when you get inside. You should also remove your shoes when you get inside to reduce these allergens.

Air quality

Keeping the air quality in your home clean is very important, and you should work to improve air quality in your home. Improving indoor air quality can assist in reducing allergens in your home and make breathing easier for you and your family.

Change filters regularly

Filters exist in many areas of your home and can store allergens. One of these filters is an air filter attached to your air conditioning unit.

Another filter that can trap outdoor allergens is your vacuum filter.

Parting thought

Allergy season can be tricky, but keeping allergens out of your home with these tips can help make your home a place you can breathe easily.

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