5 DIY Wooden Fountain Ideas

Water elements that generate a peaceful ambiance have long been featured in many famous gardens worldwide. A fountain not only beautifies an outdoor space, but also provides a calming white noise to conceal the sounds and stresses of the outside world. It is also well-known for its ability to attract and shelter animals, especially during the hot summer months.

To create a secluded ambiance in even the tiniest of backyards, you don’t have to spend a lot on pricy designs found in home décor shops. Instead, we’ve produced a list of 10 unique DIY outdoor water feature ideas that are guaranteed to wow your visitors.

With a bamboo mini-stream fountain, you can keep things natural.

This traditional bamboo fountain, seen in many Japanese gardens, deters deer. When the container is full, it falls over and spills its contents, making a loud bang when it collides with the rock base. The bamboo is then tilted back into position, ready to be refilled.

Even if your garden isn’t a deer haven, you could enjoy the peaceful sound and the elegance it adds to your entire landscape.

Cut logs to provide movement to your fountain area

You may make a wood stack fountain if you want to add a vintage feel to your yard and have some spare logs. You may purchase a small water feature, but it must fit on a single log. Collect some colorful pebbles or stones, as well as some plants.

You just stack the logs in a stair-like arrangement. Arrange the plants to make them seem more realistic. Fill in the area’s borders and bottom with rocks or stones. Finally, when you place the fountain on top of the topmost wood, you will be finished! Your dead, dull mini-fountain will spring to life and move more!

Raindrops fall on a wooden deck area!

And now for something really unique! Some homeowners have built a spectacular fountain out of salvaged sundeck hardwood, copper plumbing fittings, and a massive plastic holding bucket, among other items. The tubes that pump the water from the tank are concealed behind the back wall, creating a magnificent backdrop for the veil of falling drops to fall onto, giving the whole calm the appearance of being right out of a dreary, rainy day!

A wooden container for a solar fountain

If you keep a water feature running all day, your electricity cost might skyrocket. You don’t have to work with this DIY sun-powered water fountain since the sun does it all for you due to a solar motor. You’ll also need two flowery wooden pots, one bigger than the other, in addition to the stones.

For your outdoor water feature, use a solar-powered pump. It’s as easy as putting some pebbles or stones between the pots, installing the pump, and stacking the wooden pots. After completing these simple procedures, you will have a water feature that is both ecologically friendly and visually beautiful, fitting for your backyard’s naturalistic style.

What about a log-made mushroom water feature?

Using mushroom water heads that shower gorgeous rain into a sleek pool at the bottom of your landscaping, you can create a stunning fairy world mood in your yard. To build the trunks, use hardwood logs, and cover the whole structure with many stones for the final touches.

To make it appear more lifelike and mystical, place it beneath a tree in your yard or around the corner. You may even add flowers to add color and gnomes to make your water feature area appear like it’s straight out of a Disney movie!

Adding a stunning water feature that cascades down in various lovely patterns to any room is a fantastic way to add life and peace to the space. However, buying a fountain from a store or having one built by a professional is expensive.

On the other hand, these suggestions are here and are sure to liven up your area with maximum attractiveness and come to the rescue of your dull and lifeless yard! The sound of water pouring through them is almost audible. One of these would be a terrific addition to your home or yard! So, start looking for wooden pieces around you now and begin the easy and fun beautification process!

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