60 Adjectives Starting with D Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

This article will list 60 easy and comprehensive adjectives starting with letter D that are used to describe, modify and quantify nouns. Descriptive words starting with D are categorized into eight different categories depending on their relevant use.

Descriptive words starting with D, when used in your communication will enhance the deeper meaning of the information you are delivering to others. Moreover, descriptive words starting with D are needed for the comparison of nouns.

Whenever adjectives are used with a person, place or thing, at once, either a positive or a negative sense comes to the mind of the listener.

Positive Adjectives Starting with D to Describe a Person

1. Dauntless

Definition: to have the strength, determination and fearlessness

Synonyms: undaunted, undismayed

Example: He showed dauntless bravery while training to become a naval officer.

2. Decent

Definition: someone who is following the acceptable standards of morality

Synonyms: suitable, satisfactory

Example: He is a decent man.

3. Deferent

Definition: someone who is considerate and respectful

Synonyms: dutiful, regardful

Example: She is always deferent.

4. Decisive

Definition: someone who is capable of producing results and settling the issues

Synonyms: conclusive, crucial

Example: He is decisive, so he does not waste any time to get to the conclusions of the matter. 

5. Deft

Definition: someone who is able to move quickly, skillfully and neatly

Synonyms: dexterous, dextrous

Example: She is a deft woman, this is why she can manage multiple tasks at the same time.

6. Dedicated

Definition: someone who is loyal to and devoted to a purpose or a task

Synonyms: committed, wholehearted

Example: They are very dedicated people, so you will never be disappointed with their enthusiasm.

7. Delighted

Definition: someone or something that shows and feels great happiness and pleasure

Synonyms: thrilled, glad

Example: He was delighted to see his daughter win the race.

8. Demure

Definition: someone who is shy, modest and reserved

Synonyms: meek, bashful

Example: She is demure, which is one of her many admirable qualities.

9. Dependable

Definition: someone who is completely reliable and trustworthy

Synonyms: loyal, faithful

Example: She is a dependable woman.

10. Daring

Definition: someone who is audaciously bold or adventurous

Synonyms: brave, intrepid

Example: She was a daring girl, so she decided to become an acrobat.

11. Dainty

Definition: someone who is delicate and pretty

Synonyms: nice, fine

Example: She was dressed in a dainty manner.

Positive Adjectives Starting with D to Describe an Event

1. Diverse

Definition: an activity which happens with a great deal of variety

Synonyms: sundry, manifold

Example: The new year fireworks celebration took place in a diverse manner.

2. Daedal

Definition: something which is ingenious or complex in function and design

Synonyms: convoluted, sophisticated

Example: The daedal workings of my favourite teapot are amazing.

3. Daily

Definition: something which happens every day of the week

Synonyms: everyday, day-to-day

Example: The doctor advised me to add yoga to my daily routine because I was pregnant.

4. Damascene

Definition: something which can transform the beliefs and attitude of people dramatically, (when used for metal) decorated or embellished in an attractive wavy pattern

Synonyms: damask

Example: In the light of the recent statement, the court thinks that the witness had undergone something like a damascene conversion.

5. Danceable

Definition: an event on which it is enjoyable to dance for celebration

Synonyms: playful, entertaining

Example: I found the wedding ceremony to be danceable, because of heart-touching music.

6. Dandy

Definition: something which is excellent and outstanding

Synonyms: admirable, exceptional

Example: Everything was dandy at the new year celebration.

7. Dateable

Definition: an event or thing which is able to be dated to a particular time in the calendar

Synonyms: datable

Example: When my baby spoke the first word, I thought the day was dateable.

8. Dazzling

Definition: something which is extremely bright and illuminated

Synonyms: glaring, gleaming

Example: I could see the dazzling rays of sunlight filtering into my greenhouse.

9. Dapper

Definition: something characterized by neatness and good looks

Synonyms: spruce, smart

Example: Everything was arranged in a dapper manner at the art exhibition.

10. Dulcet

Definition: an event full of sweet and melodious sounds

Synonyms: sweet-sounding, soothing

Example: I love to spend some time besides my birdbath fountain because I enjoy the dulcet environment.

11. Dreamlike

Definition: something that is characterized by the qualities of a dream or fantasy

Synonyms: wonderful, overwhelming

Example: When my parents took me to the Cadbury World and Disneyland, I saw a dreamlike view.

12. Dramatic

Definition: an event, situation or circumstance that take place strikingly and suddenly

Synonyms: noticeable, significant

Example: The pandemic brought about a dramatic increase in the death rate.

13. Domiciliary

Definition: an event which takes place in somebody’s house or is concerned with somebody’s house

Synonyms: homely, domestic

Example: An official from the domiciliary authority was notified of the upcoming problems.

Positive Adjectives Starting with D to Describe a Place

1. Decorated

Definition: a place that is made more attractive and appealing by adding embellishments

Synonyms: adorn, beautify

Example: The resort was decorated to celebrate the golden jubilee.

2. Decurved

Definition: a place that is bent downwards

Synonyms: curved, twisted

Example: The railway platform was decurved to allow easy access for the disabled.

3. Delightful

Definition: a place that is charming and exciting

Synonyms: enjoyable, entertaining, satisfying

Example: Our beach house is such a delightful place.

4. Domestic

Definition: a place that is concerned with family relations and chores

Synonyms: household, private

Example: Domestic abuse is a crime.

5. Developed

Definition: a place that is progressive, elaborated and advanced to a specific degree

Synonyms: grown, evolved

Example: They have an ancestral home in a developed society of Louisiana.

6. Deluxe

Definition: a place that is superior, sumptuous and luxurious

Synonyms: magnificent, splendid

Example: This hotel is a deluxe place to spend the summer vacation.

7. Democratic

Definition: a place or country that is supporting, following, favouring or relating to the  practice and principles of democracy

Synonyms: popular, republican

Example: I live in a democratic country.

Positive Adjectives Starting with D to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Deliberate

Definition: an action which is done intentionally, willingly and consciously

Synonyms: calculated, preconceived

Example: His refusal was deliberate.

2. Demanding

Definition: work which requires too much physical labour, attention, skill and effort

Synonyms: challenging, taxing

Example: 12-hour job is too demanding.

3. Daughterly

Definition: someone who loves a woman just like his daughter

Synonyms: dear, beloved

Example: He treated all his employees in a daughterly manner.

Negative Adjectives Starting with D to Describe a Person

1. Dangerous

Definition: someone who intends to harm himself or others

Synonyms: injurious, threatening

Example: The patient of schizophrenia is a dangerous person.

2. Deceitful

Definition: someone who is involved in and guilty of dishonesty

Synonyms: untruthful, crooked

Example: She is very deceitful, this is why it is important to keep your precious belongings away from her.

3. Disheartened

Definition: someone who has lost all his confidence, determination and courage

Synonyms: dispirited, deprived

Example: When we lost our final match, all of the team members were very disheartened.

4. Discouraged

Definition: someone who has lost all his enthusiasm and bravery

Synonyms: fearful, anxious, afraid

Example: She felt discouraged when she faced a heavy loss.

5. Demoralized

Definition: someone who has lost all his hope and confidence

Synonyms: disheartened, discouraged

Example: His actions easily declare the fact that he is demoralized.

6. Distressing

Definition: someone who is facing extreme pain, sorrow and anxiety

Synonyms: miserable, grieve

Example: I heard she grew up in a distressing family.

7. Defiant

Definition: someone who resists authority, power and opposition

Synonyms: obstinate, stubborn

Example: His defiant personality made him ruder.

Negative Adjectives Starting with D to Describe an Event

1. Deplorable

Definition: something that deserves very strong condemnation

Synonyms: shameful, dishonourable

Example: The condition of most of our Southern villages is deplorable.

2. Dank

Definition: something that is disagreeably cold, musty and damp

Synonyms: humid, moist

Example: After boiling pasta for a long time, my kitchen became dank.

3. Deafening

Definition: something that is extremely noisy and makes it impossible to hear any other sound

Synonyms: ear-shattering, ear-piercing

Example: The whole situation was so deafening, that I could not talk over the phone.

4. Deadly

Definition: something that has the potential to cause a death

Synonyms: lethal, mortal

Example: A wildfire broke out, it was a deadly situation for the wild animals because they had no way to escape it.

5. Disputable

Definition: something that is not factual or established

Synonyms: questionable, debatable, arguable

Example: When different political parties unite, the decisions made are always disputable for the public.

6. Debatable

Definition: something that is not agreeable for the common people

Synonyms: doubtful uncertain and unclear

Example: It is strongly debatable whether the developing countries will ever come out of the financial recession.

7. Darkling

Definition: something that is dark and obscure

Synonyms: uncannily, threatening

Example: Everything became darkling, after the sunset.

Negative Adjectives Starting with D to Describe a Place

1. Dark

Definition: a place that has no light at all

Synonyms: unlit, unilluminated

Example: Even the small pond felt abysmal because of the pitch dark night.

2. Debased

Definition: a place that has lost its original quality and value

Synonyms: fake, false, imitation

Example: The abandoned house at the corner of the street is now debased.

3. Degraded

Definition: a place or something that describes or displays disregard and disrespect

Synonyms: disgrace, cheapen

Example: If the outdoor furniture is not looked after, it becomes degraded.

4. Devalued

Definition: to underestimate and decrease the importance or worth of any place or thing

Synonyms: decry, defame, traduce,

Example: When my lawn got full of weeds, it was devalued in the market.

5. Deckled

Definition: a place that has rough edges

Synonyms: bordered, fenced

Example: My chicken coop is deckled, this is why it does not allow the water to flow in.

6. Defunct

Definition: a place that is not functional or existing anymore

Synonyms: inoperative, disused

Example: The science laboratory of our college is defunct.

Negative Adjectives Starting with D to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Drugged

Definition: a person who is unconscious because of taking drugs

Synonyms: intoxicated, anaesthetized

Example: The victim was drugged, to keep him free of pain throughout the surgery.

2. Dowdy

Definition: a person who is unfashionable and lacks smartness

Synonyms: ill-dressed, shabby

Example: When a rich French woman entered the room, all of us looked dowdy.

3. Dishevelled

Definition: a person who is untidy

Synonyms: messy, disordered

Example: The dishevelled appearance of the man and was the reason that he got rejected in the interview.

4.  Disarrayed

Definition: a person who is unorganised and shabby

Synonyms: disarranged, unsettled

Example: Everyone was very annoyed when they saw the waitress in a disarrayed appearance.

5. Demode

Definition: a person who is unfashionable, something which is outdated and out of fashion

Synonyms: old fashioned, unstylish

Example: The big old radio and the wooden benches made my room look demode.

6. Doddering

Definition: a person who is excessively affected by old age

Synonyms: weak, unsteady

Example: He was a doddering old man, so he was given a wheelchair at the entrance of the shopping mall.


After understanding the proper meaning of an adjective, you can use the above 60 descriptive words starting with D, where it is appropriate. I have explained with detail simple descriptive words starting with D, which is the fourth alphabet of the English language.

I have divided these descriptive words starting with D in 8 different categories, 4 positive and 4 negative, so that you can understand them easily.

By using the above-given adjectives in your day to day conversation, you can add a lot of description to what you are trying to inform others. In this way, your listeners will be able to enjoy the talk with you, at the same time understand the meaning that you intend to convey deeply and completely.

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