500 Adjectives That Start with L | List with Definitions and Examples

In this article, I’ll be discussing with you 500 adjectives that start with L, including list, definitions and examples.

In English linguistic, adjectives are used to provide relevant information about the nouns or pronouns they describe by answering the questions: What kind? How many? Which one? How much? Let’s look at some examples of adjectives starting with L below.

  • He is a lazy man. (What kind?)
  • I have lots of candies in my pocket. (How many?)
  • I loved that large car. (Which one?)

The alphabet L is the most prominent letter of English language. There are more than 510 adjectives beginning with L. By using some descriptive words starting with L, you will be able to describe your noun more properly.

Here is a list of adjectives that start with L, which you can use for perfect description of the nouns around you.

Adjectives That Start with L – Full List (500 words)

Adjectives are an essential part in the English language, among which adjectives starting with L actually cover a pretty large proportion. And below is list of adjectives that start with L for you.

  • Lysogenic
  • Labeled
  • Labial
  • Labiate
  • Labile
  • Labored
  • Laboring
  • Laborious
  • Laborsaving
  • Laboured
  • Labouring
  • Laboursaving
  • Labyrinthian
  • Labyrinthine
  • Lacelike
  • Lacerate
  • Lacerated
  • Lacertilian
  • Lachrymal
  • Lachrymatory
  • Lachrymose
  • Laciniate
  • Lackadaisical
  • Lacking
  • Lackluster
  • Lacklustre
  • Laconian
  • Laconic
  • Lacrimal
  • Lacrimatory
  • Lacteal
  • Lactic
  • Lactogenic
  • Lacustrine
  • Lacy
  • Laden
  • Ladened
  • Ladylike
  • Laggard
  • Laic
  • Laid
  • Laid-back
  • Laid-off
  • Lamarckian
  • Lambent
  • Lamblike
  • Lame
  • Lamellibranch
  • Lamentable
  • Laminal
  • Laminar
  • Lamplit
  • Lanate
  • Lancastrian
  • Lancelike
  • Lanceolate
  • Lancinate
  • Lancinating
  • Landed
  • Landless
  • Landlocked
  • Landlubberly
  • Languid
  • Languishing
  • Languorous
  • Laniary
  • Lank
  • Lanky
  • Lao
  • Laotian
  • Lapidarian
  • Lapidary
  • Lap-jointed
  • Laputan
  • Larboard
  • Larcenous
  • Large
  • Large-hearted
  • Large-scale
  • Larghetto
  • Larghissimo
  • Largish
  • Largo
  • Larval
  • Laryngeal
  • Laryngopharyngeal
  • Lascivious
  • Last
  • Last-ditch
  • Lasting
  • Last-minute
  • Late
  • Lateen
  • Latent
  • Later
  • Lateral
  • Lathery
  • Latin
  • Latinate
  • Latino
  • Latish
  • Latitudinal
  • Latitudinarian
  • Latter
  • Latter-day
  • Latticed
  • Latticelike
  • Latvian
  • Laudable
  • Laudatory
  • Laughable
  • Laughing
  • Laureate
  • Laureled
  • Laurelled
  • Lavender
  • Lavish
  • Law-abiding
  • Lawful
  • Lawless
  • Lax
  • Laxative
  • Laxity
  • Lay
  • Lazy
  • Lead
  • Leaded
  • Leaden
  • Leading
  • Leadless
  • Leafless
  • Leaflike
  • Leafy
  • Leakproof
  • Leaky
  • Leal
  • Lean
  • Leaning
  • Learnable
  • Leased
  • Least
  • Leather
  • Leathered
  • Leatherlike
  • Leathery
  • Leaved
  • Lebanese
  • Lecherous
  • Lee
  • Leechlike
  • Leering
  • Leery
  • Leeward
  • Left
  • Left-hand
  • Left-handed
  • Leftish
  • Leftist
  • Leftmost
  • Leftover
  • Left-wing
  • Legal
  • Legato
  • Legendary
  • Legged
  • Leggy
  • Legible
  • Legion
  • Legislative
  • Legitimate
  • Legless
  • Leglike
  • Leguminous
  • Leibnitzian
  • Leibnizian
  • Leisurely
  • Lemonlike
  • Lemony
  • Lendable
  • Lengthways
  • Lengthwise
  • Lengthy
  • Lenient
  • Lenitive
  • Lenten
  • Lentic
  • Lenticular
  • Lentiform
  • Lentiginose
  • Lentiginous
  • Lentissimo
  • Lento
  • Leonardesque
  • Leonine
  • Lepidote
  • Leprose
  • Leprous
  • Leptorhine
  • Leptorrhine
  • Leptorrhinian
  • Leptorrhinic
  • Leptosporangiate
  • Lesbian
  • Less
  • Lethal
  • Lethargic
  • Lettered
  • Levantine
  • Level
  • Levelheaded
  • Level-headed
  • Levitical
  • Levorotary
  • Levorotatory
  • Lewd
  • Lexical
  • Lexicalised
  • Lexicalized
  • Lexicographical
  • Lexicostatistic
  • Liable
  • Libellous
  • Libelous
  • Liberal
  • Liberian
  • Libertine
  • Libidinal
  • Libidinous
  • Libyan
  • Licensed
  • Licentious
  • Licit
  • Lidded
  • Lidless
  • Liege
  • Lienal
  • Life-giving
  • Lifeless
  • Lifelike
  • Lifelong
  • Lifesize
  • Life-size
  • Life-threatening
  • Light
  • Light-armed
  • Light-blue
  • Lighted
  • Light-fingered
  • Light-footed
  • Light-handed
  • Lightheaded
  • Light-headed
  • Lighthearted
  • Light-hearted
  • Lightless
  • Light-minded
  • Lightproof
  • Lightsome
  • Lightweight
  • Ligneous
  • Likable
  • Like
  • Likeable
  • Liked
  • Likely
  • Like-minded
  • Lilac
  • Liliaceous
  • Lilliputian
  • Lily-livered
  • Limacine
  • Limacoid
  • Limbed
  • Limber
  • Limbic
  • Limbless
  • Limited
  • Limiting
  • Limitless
  • Limnological
  • Limp
  • Limpid
  • Limping
  • Lincolnesque
  • Lincolnian
  • Lineal
  • Linear
  • Lined
  • Linelike
  • Lingering
  • Lingual
  • Linguistic
  • Lingulate
  • Linked
  • Linnaean
  • Linnean
  • Lionhearted
  • Lipless
  • Liplike
  • Lipophilic
  • Lipotropic
  • Lipped
  • Liquefiable
  • Liquescent
  • Liquid
  • Liquifiable
  • Liquified
  • Lissom
  • Lissome
  • Listed
  • Listless
  • Lit
  • Lite
  • Literal
  • Literary
  • Literate
  • Lithe
  • Lithesome
  • Lithic
  • Lithographic
  • Lithomantic
  • Lithophytic
  • Lithuanian
  • Litigious
  • Little
  • Little-known
  • Littoral
  • Liturgical
  • Livable
  • Live
  • Liveable
  • Liveborn
  • Lived
  • Livelong
  • Lively
  • Liver-colored
  • Liveried
  • Liverish
  • Liverpudlian
  • Livery
  • Livid
  • Living
  • Loaded
  • Loathsome
  • Lobar
  • Lobate
  • Lobated
  • Lobed
  • Lobeliaceous
  • Lobular
  • Local
  • Localised
  • Localized
  • Locatable
  • Located
  • Locked
  • Loco
  • Locomotive
  • Locomotor
  • Lofty
  • Logarithmic
  • Loggerheaded
  • Logical
  • Logistic
  • Logistical
  • Logogrammatic
  • Logographic
  • Logy
  • Lone
  • Lonely
  • Lonesome
  • Long
  • Longanimous
  • Long-armed
  • Long-distance
  • Longhand
  • Longing
  • Longish
  • Longitudinal
  • Long-life
  • Long-lived
  • Long-range
  • Longsighted
  • Longstanding
  • Long-suffering
  • Long-term
  • Longtime
  • Long-winded
  • Loony
  • Loopy
  • Loose
  • Looseleaf
  • Lopsided
  • Loquacious
  • Lordless
  • Lordly
  • Lordotic
  • Lossless
  • Lossy
  • Lost
  • Loth
  • Lotic
  • Louche
  • Loud
  • Loud-mouthed
  • Loud-voiced
  • Lousy
  • Loutish
  • Louvered
  • Lovable
  • Loveable
  • Loveless
  • Lovelorn
  • Lovely
  • Loverlike
  • Loverly
  • Lovesick
  • Lovesome
  • Loving
  • Low
  • Lowborn
  • Lowbred
  • Lowbrow
  • Lowbrowed
  • Low-budget
  • Low-calorie
  • Low-carb
  • Low-cost
  • Low-density
  • Lowercase
  • Lowering
  • Lowermost
  • Low-fat
  • Low-grade
  • Low-key
  • Lowland
  • Low-level
  • Lowly
  • Low-lying
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low-necked
  • Low-pressure
  • Low-priced
  • Low-ranking
  • Low-risk
  • Lowset
  • Low-spirited
  • Loyal
  • L-shaped
  • Lubberly
  • Lubricious
  • Lucent
  • Lucid
  • Lucifugal
  • Lucifugous
  • Lucky
  • Lucrative
  • Luculent
  • Lucullan
  • Ludicrous
  • Lugubrious
  • Lukewarm
  • Lumbar
  • Lumbosacral
  • Luminescent
  • Luminous
  • Lumpen
  • Lumpish
  • Lumpy
  • Lunar
  • Lunate
  • Lunatic
  • Lunisolar
  • Lupine
  • Lurid
  • Luscious
  • Lush
  • Lusitanian
  • Lusterless
  • Lustful
  • Lustreless
  • Lustrous
  • Lusty
  • Luteal
  • Lutheran
  • Luxe
  • Luxembourgian
  • Luxemburger
  • Luxuriant
  • Luxurious
  • Lying
  • Lymphatic
  • Lymphocytic
  • Lymphoid
  • Lynx-eyed
  • Lyonnaise
  • Lyophilized
  • Lyrate
  • Lyric
  • Lyrical

Adjectives That Start with L – with Definitions and Examples

List of adjectives beginning with L alone does not seem enough for learners. So we complied their definitions and examples as well.

  • Lacerated

Definition: (of flesh or skin) torn or deeply cut

Example: He suffered a lacerated hand and arm.

  • Laciniate

Definition: bordered with a fringe especially cut into deep irregular usually pointed lobes

Example: A single plant was selected in 1998 based on its purple, almost black, laciniate foliage.

  • Lacking

Definition: (of a quality) absent

Example: There was something lacking in our marriage.

  • Lacklustre

Definition: (of the hair or the eyes) not shining; dull

Example: The conditioner will revitalize lackluster hair.

  • Lacy

Definition: made of or resembling lace

Example: She is wearing a tight lacy dress and high heels.

  • Laden

Definition: causing or holding a lot of something

Example: The table, as always, was laden with food.

  • Ladylike

Definition: appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl

Example: Her antics were considered very undignified by her ladylike peers.

  • Laggard

Definition: slower than desired or expected

Example: A bell to summon laggard children to school.

  • Laid-back

Definition: not tending to get anxious about behaviour or things that need to be done

Example: It’s a laid-back company – you can choose your own hours and the dress is very casual.

  • Lambent

Definition: playing lightly over a surface; flickering

Example: A lambent glow flickered from the low burning campfire.

  • Lame

Definition: (especially of an excuse or argument) weak and unsatisfactory

Example: He mumbled some lame excuse about having gone to sleep.

  • Lamplit

Definition: lit by a lamp

Example: So, we went back to the house, leaving the poor beasts, and drank cocoa in a warm lamplit room, and shivered ourselves dry and warm.

  • Landed

Definition: used to describe the total price of goods that are taken somewhere, including tax, insurance, and transport costs

Example: The landed price is calculated by adding the freight price to the loaded product price.

  • Landless

Definition: used to describe people who do not have any land for farming, or who are prevented from owning the land that they farm

Example: The government has acquired large blocks of farmland for the resettlement of landless peasants.

  • Languid

Definition: lacking energy or causing a lack of energy or enthusiasm

Example: He sat on the porch enjoying the delicious, languid warmth of a summer afternoon.

  • Languorous

Definition: characterized by an oppressive stillness

Example: The atmosphere is languorous and sultry.

  • Lank

Definition: (of a person) lanky

Example: He sprawled his long, lank figure over a chair.

  • Lanky

Definition: tall and thin and often moving awkwardly as a result

Example: I was your typical lanky teenager.

  • Large

Definition: of wide range or scope

Example: We can afford to take a large view of the situation.

  • Large-hearted

Definition: having a generous heart or disposition; noble; liberal

Example: Elizabeth Barratt Browning wrote sonnets to the large-brained woman and large-hearted man, self-named George Sand.

  • Large-scale

Definition: involving many people or things, or happening over a large area

Example: We must improve our response to large-scale natural disasters.

  • Larghetto

Definition: played fairly slowly

Example: It is tempting to concentrate on the larghetto start to the final.

  • Largish

Definition: fairly large, but not very large

Example: Their new house is largish, but it’s not as big as their old one.

  • Largo

Definition: played with a slow tempo and dignified style

Example: A hauntingly beautiful English horn solo was the highlight of the famous largo movement.

  • Larval

Definition: relating to a form of insect or an animal such as a frog that has left its egg but is not yet completely developed

Example: Strong winds can catch his early larval form of the insect and carry it up to 50 miles.

  • Lascivious

Definition: feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire

Example: He gave her a lascivious wink.

  • Last

Definition: coming after all others in time or order; final

Example: They caught the last bus.

  • Last-ditch

Definition: happening or tried at the final opportunity, before it is too late

Example: In a last-ditch attempt to win the election, he promised sweeping tax cuts.

  • Lasting

Definition: enduring or able to endure over a long period of time

Example: They left a lasting impression.

  • Last-minute

Definition: happening or done at the latest possible opportunity for doing something

Example: If you want to avoid the last-minute rush, get your application in today.

  • Late

Definition: belonging or taking place far on in a particular period

Example: They won the game with a late goal.

  • Latent

Definition: (of a quality or state) existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed

Example: They have a huge reserve of latent talent.

  • Later

Definition: happening towards the end of a period of time or the end of someone’s life

Example: During his later years, he lived in Cape Town.

  • Lateral

Definition: of, at, towards, or from the side or sides

Example: The plant takes up water through its lateral roots.

  • Lathery

Definition: covered with or consisting of a pale, usually white, mass of small bubbles produced specially when soap is mixed with water

Example: She sank into the warm lathery bath.

  • Latish

Definition: happening or done fairly late

Example: I always take a latish train to work.

  • Latitudinal

Definition: relating to the position north or south of the equator measured from 0⁰ to 90⁰

Example: Russia has a high longitudinal position.

  • Latter

Definition: near or towards the end of something

Example: Building of the new library should begin in the latter part of the next year.

  • Latter-day

Definition: begin a new or recent form of a person or thing from the past

Example: He acts like a latter-day cowboy armed with ideas.

  • Laudable

Definition: deserving praise or praiseworthy

Example: Despite her disabilities, Candace has achieved some laudable achievements.

  • Laudatory

Definition: expressing praise

Example: Patients speak of Dr. Goertzen in laudatory terms.

  • Laughable

Definition: so ludicrous as to be amusing

Example: He was a laughable figure.

  • Lavish

Definition: large in quantity and expensive or impressive

Example: The evening was a lavish affair with glorious food and an endless supply of champagne.

  • Law-abiding

Definition: obedient to the laws of society

Example: Such actions against law-abiding citizens will not be tolerated.

  • Lawful

Definition: conforming to, permitted by, or recognized by law or rules

Example: it is an offence to carry a weapon in public without lawful authority.

  • Lawless

Definition: not controlled by laws, or illegal

Example: The film is set in a lawless city sometime in the future.

  • Lax

Definition: not severe or strong enough

Example: He took a gun through baggage control to highlight the lax security.

  • Laxative

Definition: (chiefly of a drug or medicine) tending to stimulate or facilitate evacuation of the bowels

Example: The artificial sweetener sorbitol has a laxative effect.

  • Lay

Definition: not trained in or not having a detailed knowledge of a particular object

Example: From a lay viewpoint the questionnaire is virtually incomprehensible.

  • Lazy

Definition: slow and relaxed

Example: We spent a lazy day on the beach sunbathing.

  • Lead

Definition: used to describe the main performance or part in a performance

Example: The lead guitarist was good.

  • Leaded

Definition: (of petrol) containing tetraethyl lead in order to improve combustion

Example: Japanese refiners stopped producing leaded petrol in December 1987.

  • Leaden

Definition: like lead in colour or weight, gray or heavy

Example: They said goodbye under a leaden sky.

  • Leading

Definition: first or most important

Example: She is a leading expert on the art of ancient Greece.

  • Leafless

Definition: having no leaves

Example: The trees were leafless and dead.

  • Leafy

Definition: having many leaves or much foliage

Example: People love the leafy streets and period houses of the area.

  • Lean

Definition: (of a person) thin and in good physical condition

Example: Her body is lean, taut, athletic.

  • Learnable

Definition: able to be learned

Example: Listening is a learnable and teachable skill, he said.

  • Least

Definition: less than anything or anyone else; (of) the smallest amount or number

Example: He gave the least amount of money of anyone.

  • Leatherlike

Definition: resembling leather

Example: The new ball is covered in Tacithane, a leatherlike synthetic material created by Spalding.

  • Leathery

Definition: with the look and feel of leather

Example: His skin was tough and leathery.

  • Lebanese

Definition: coming from or relating to Lebanon or its people

Example: They live in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

  • Lecherous

Definition: having or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire

Example: She ignored his lecherous gaze.

  • Leering

Definition: looking or gazing in a lascivious or unpleasant way

Example: Every leering eye in the room was on her.

  • Leery

Definition: not trusting someone or something and usually avoiding him, her, or it if possible

Example: I’ve always been a little leery of authority figures.

  • Left

Definition: on or towards the side of your body that is to the west when you are facing north

Example: His left eye was heavily bandaged.

  • Left-hand

Definition: On or to the left

Example: You’ll find the knives and forks in the left-hand drawer.

  • Left-handed

Definition: (of a person) using the left hand more naturally than the right

Example: There is a place in London that supplies practically everything for left-handed people.

  • Leftish

Definition: showing leftist tendencies or a moderately leftist character

Example: It took the same line as the leftish Guardian, advising scepticism over the US evidence.

  • Leftist

Definition: Supporting or relating to the political left

Example: The whole speech was infused with the leftist belief that the state knows best and must provide.

  • Leftmost

Definition: located furthest to the left

Example: Luc steered her to the leftmost shed.

  • Leftover

Definition: something that remains unused or unconsumed esp. food that serves at a later meal

Example: When they returned house, she warmed up some leftover spaghetti and sat down at the table to with them.

  • Legal

Definition: allowed by the law

Example: You have a legal obligation to ensure your child receives a proper education.

  • Legato

Definition: smooth and flowing in manner; without breaks between notes

Example: His legato approach seems to add tension to the hand and produce a heavier sound.

  • Legendary

Definition: very famous and admired or spoken about

Example: He became editor of the legendary Irish journal “The Bell”.

  • Leggy

Definition: (of a plant) having an excessively long and straggly stem

Example: Tulips may grow tall and leggy.

  • Legible

Definition: (of handwriting or print0 clear enough to read

Example: The original typescript is scarcely legible.

  • Legion

Definition: very large in number

Example: The difficulties surrounding the court case are legion.

  • Legislative

Definition: relating to laws or the making of laws

Example: The European Parliaments will have greater legislative powers.

  • Legitimate

Definition: reasonable and acceptable

Example: He claimed that the restaurant bill was a legitimate business expense.

  • Legless

Definition: having no legs

Example: Caecilians are legless amphibians that resemble worms.

  • Leguminous

Definition: used to refer to a plant that has its seeds in a pod, such as the bean or pea

Example: The soybean seed is the most important leguminous food in the world.

  • Leisurely

Definition: used to describe an action that is done in a relaxed way, without hurrying

Example: We enjoyed a leisurely picnic lunch on the lawn.

  • Lemony

Definition: tasting or smelling of lemon

Example: Add the lemon juice and pour the lemony butter over the trout.

  • Lendable

Definition: available for lending

Example: With a reduction in Cash Reserve Ratio and the Statutory Liquidity Ratio, the lendable resources of the banks have increased.

  • Lengthy

Definition: continuing for a long time

Example: Many airline passengers face lengthy delays because of the strike.

  • Lenient

Definition: not as severe or strong in punishment or judgement as would be expected

Example: In view of the quantity of drugs involved, 16 years was the most lenient sentence (=punishment) the judge could impose.

  • Lenten

Definition: of, pertaining to, or suitable for lent

Example: In the morning, Margarethe is at her post preparing the modest Lenten breakfast.

  • Lentiginous

Definition: of or pertaining to a lentigo

Example: Histological findings were consistent with a diagnosis of acral lentiginous melanoma.

  • Lento

Definition: played slowly

Example: The slow lento movement highlights the quartet’s individual excellence.

  • Leonine

Definition: of, relating to, suggestive of, or resembling a lion

Example: The angry man’s leonine roar caused the workers to question if they were in an office or a jungle.

  • Leprous

Definition: of or likely leprosy

Example: The reddened skin on his brow and cheeks was peeling now, giving him a leprous look.

  • Lesbian

Definition: relating to a woman who is sexually attracted to other women

Example: They made history by becoming the first lesbian couple to be married in San Francisco.

  • Less

Definition: a smaller amount of something, to a smaller degree, or not as much

Example: We’ve got to spend less money.

  • Lethal

Definition: able to cause or causing death; extremely dangerous

Example: Three minutes after the fire started, the house was full of lethal fumes.

  • Lethargic

Definition: affected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic

Example: I blame myself for a lethargic performance.

  • Lettered

Definition: something that is covered or decorated with letters or words

Example: A violently lettered poster stuck to the glass commanded UNITE.

  • Level

Definition: having a flat, horizontal surface

Example: We had reached level ground.

  • Level-headed

Definition: calm and sensible even in difficult situation

Example: Simon is level-headed and practical.

  • Lewd

Definition: crude and offensive in a sexual way

Example: She began to gyrate to the music and sing a lewd song.

  • Lexical

Definition: relating to the words of a language

Example: We chose a few of the commonest lexical items in the language.

  • Libellous

Definition: making false or unfair statements that are likely to damage the reputation of a person or organization

Example: Bloggers should take care to avoid making libellous remarks.

  • Liberal

Definition: willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas

Example: They have liberal views on divorce.

  • Liberian

Definition: of or relating to Liberia or its inhabitants

Example: Nor does this consideration just apply to extreme cases, such as the trial referred to earlier involving the Liberian fishermen.

  • Libidinal

Definition: of the libido

Example: It never sloshes into melodrama in this production, and its libidinal undercurrents are particularly compelling.

  • Libidinous

Definition: showing excessive sexual drive; lustful

Example: Engaging in libidinous behaviour is a sure way to get kicked out of the school dance.

  • Licensed

Definition: having a license that gives you permission to own, do, or use something

Example: He is not a licensed mental health counselor.

  • Licentious

Definition: lacking moral restraint, especially in sexual conduct

Example: His mask of veneration slowly turned into a licentious grin.

  • Licit

Definition: allowed by law

Example: Illicit and licit drugs are both dangerous to human health if abused or used incorrectly.

  • Lidded

Definition: covered with or as with a lid

Example: Place in a lidded pan with butter and cook gently, stirring with pinch of salt.

  • Lienal

Definition: of or relating to the spleen

Example: Positive correlation was observed between the lienal artery and spleen length with the rostrum-sacral length.

  • Life-giving

Definition: sustaining or revitalizing life

Example: Osiris represented the life-giving waters and the soil fertilized by the Nile.

  • Lifeless

Definition: dead or apparently dead

Example: His lifeless body was taken from the river.

  • Lifelike

Definition: very similar to the person or thing represented

Example: The artist had etched a lifelike horse.

  • Lifelong

Definition: lasting or remaining in a particular state through a person’s life

Example: The two men were to remain lifelong friends.

  • Life-size

Definition: of the natural size of an object, person, etc., in life, of the actual size of a living original

Example: He has a life-size sculpture of me in his garden.

  • Life-threatening

Definition: capable of causing death

Example: Caitlin was born with a life-threatening heart abnormality.

  • Light

Definition: (of a colour) pale

Example: Her eyes were light blue.

  • Light-armed

Definition: carrying light weapons

Example: Mounted archers were stationed, together with light-armed slingers, in front of main infantry line.

  • Light-blue

Definition: of a light shade of blue

Example: The light-blue dolphin had pulled him underneath the freezing cold waters.

  • Lighted

Definition: provided with light or lightening; illuminated

Example: He shifted his attention to the lighted street.

  • Light-fingered

Definition: having or showing delicate skill with the hands.

Example: It is played with an irresistibly light-fingered spontaneity.

  • Light-handed

Definition: having a light touch, handling things delicately and deftly

Example: It was a luxury item, like the icing on a cake. Bearable only when applied by a light-handed pastry cook.

  • Light-headed

Definition: frivolous in disposition or behaviour

Example: The taste was not enjoyable and again the light-headed sensation was instant.

  • Light-hearted

Definition: happy and not serious

Example: It was a fairly light-hearted discussion.

  • Light-minded

Definition: not having a serious attitude; frivolous

Example: They thought him easy-going and light-minded.

  • Lightproof

Definition: not penetrable by light

Example: For delivery, ten cells were stacked, wrapped in a lightproof plastic wrapper, and then placed in a box.

  • Lightsome

Definition: airy; nimble

Example: The lightsome path was lined with lanterns.

  • Lightweight

Definition: weighing only a little or less than average

Example: I need a lightweight jacket for the summer evenings.

  • Ligneous

Definition: made, consisting of, or resembling wood; woody

Example: All these ligneous plants are imported from Russia.

  • Like

Definition: (of a person or thing) having similar qualities or characteristics to another person or thing.

Example: I responded in like manner.

  • Likeable

Definition: (of a person) pleasant and easy to like

Example: He’s a very likeable sort of bloke.

  • Likely

Definition: such as well might happen or be true; probable

Example: What’s the likely outcome of this whole business?

  • Like-minded

Definition: having similar tastes or opinion

Example: A radio ham with like-minded friends all over the world.

  • Lilac

Definition: a pale pinkish-violet colour

Example: She selected an off-the-shoulder lilac coloured sun dress that Alex liked.

  • Liliaceous

Definition: of or relating to the family Liliaceae

Example: I have noticed the same fact with several liliaceous plants, which nevertheless grew vigorously.

  • Lilliputian

Definition: extremely small; tiny; diminutive

Example: She did want to see his view, as well as the layout of the Lilliputian rooftop house.

  • Lily-livered

Definition: weak and cowardly

Example: The hates lily-livered politicians and permissive judges.

  • Limber

Definition: able to bend and move easily

Example: Good posture makes your muscles more limber.

  • Limbic

Definition: of, relating to, or characterized by a limbus

Example: The limbic system plays an important part in regulation of human moods and emotions.

  • Limited

Definition: kept within a particular size, range, time, etc

Example: I only have a limited knowledge of Spanish.

  • Limitless

Definition: without end, limit, or boundary

Example: Our resources are not limitless.

  • Limp

Definition: not firm or stiff

Example: The lettuce in this salad is completely limp.

  • Limpid

Definition: (of a person’s eyes) unclouded; clear

Example: The limpid grey eyes gazed trustfully at her.

  • Limping

Definition: walking with difficulty, typically because of a damaged or stiff leg or foot

Example: The video clip shows a limping gunman.

  • Lineal

Definition: of or composed of lines; linear

Example: They are generally designated as 1.01, 1.25 or 1.33, referring to the weight in pounds per lineal foot.

  • Linear

Definition: involving a series of events or thoughts in which one follows another one directly

Example: These mental exercises are designed to break linear thinking habits and encourage creativity.

  • Lined

Definition: (of the skin on the face) having lines because of age

Example: His face was heavily lined.

  • Lingering

Definition: lasting for a long time or slow to end

Example: There are still some lingering doubts in my mind.

  • Lingual

Definition: relating to the tongue

Example: Lingual nerve damage will bring about loss of sensation to one half of the tongue.

  • Linguistic

Definition: connected with language or the study of language

Example: I’m particularly interested in the linguistic development of young children.

  • Lionhearted

Definition: brave and determined

Example: Winning captain Nasser Hussain complimented the lionhearted performance by Collingwood.

  • Lipophilic

Definition: having a strong affinity for lipids

Example: Cyclic imines are lipophilic marine toxins that bioaccumulate in seafood.

  • Liquid

Definition: in the form of money, rather than investments or property, or able to be changed into money easily

Example: She has very few liquid assets as most of her wealth is tied up in property.

  • Lissom

Definition: (of a person or their body) thin, supple, and graceful

Example: The lissom break dancers twisted and bent their bodies in a mesmerizing routine.

  • Listless

Definition: used to describe an economy, stock market, etc. in which there is not much activity or trade

Example: Stocks closed mixed in listless trading ahead of Saturday’s presidential elections.

  • Lit

Definition: very good, enjoyable, or exciting

Example: It was the most lit party ever.

  • Literal

Definition: the wording having its own original, basic meaning

Example: You will need to show more than just a literal understanding of the text.

  • Literary

Definition: connected with literature

Example: She has been described as the creative colossus of the literary world.

  • Literate

Definition: able to read or write

Example: The top priority must be ensuring young people are literate, numerate, and ready for work.

  • Lithe

Definition: (especially of a person’s body) thin, supple, and graceful

Example: She lay gazing up at his tall, lithe figure.

  • Lithesome

Definition: supple in the limbs or body; lithe; flexible

Example: He swings with authority, creates constantly, improvises as though he was born doing it, and all of this with a light and lithesome touch.

  • Litigious

Definition: too often taking arguments to a court of law for a decision

Example: The US is the most litigious society in the world.

  • Little

Definition: small in size or amount

Example: He gave a little smile.

  • Littoral

Definition: the part of a river, lake, or sea close to the land

Example: The littoral zone covers the region between high and low tide.

  • Liturgical

Definition: relating to the words, music, and actions used in ceremonies in some religions, especially Christianity

Example: He has taught classes on liturgical worship.

  • Livable

Definition: worth living

Example: Fatherhood makes life more livable.

  • Livelong

Definition: (of time) long or seemingly long, esp. In a tedious way; whole; entire

Example: He likes to sit and fish all the livelong day.

  • Lively

Definition: full of energy and enthusiasm; interesting and exciting

Example: It’s hard work teaching a class of lively children.

  • Liverish

Definition: resembling liver, esp. in color

Example: It was old, a liverish red worn almost to pink at its edges.

  • Livid

Definition: (esp. of marks on the skin) of a purple or dark blue color, usually caused by an injury

Example: There was a livid bruise on her upper arm where she had fallen.

  • Living

Definition: alive now

Example: He is probably the best-known living architect.

  • Loaded

Definition: full or covered with a layer of food

Example: I want to make loaded potatoes skin with bacon and cheese.

  • Loathsome

Definition: extremely unpleasant

Example: He’s a loathsome man.

  • Lobed

Definition: (of a leaf) having rounded or pointed parts that stick out from the main part

Example: Some varieties have more handsomely lobed foliage than others.

  • Local

Definition: from, existing in, serving, or responsible for a small area, especially of a country

Example: Our children all go to the local school.

  • Localized

Definition: happening only in specific areas

Example: External economic changes seem to have a specific and localized impact on business.

  • Locked

Definition: (of a mobile phone) able to operate only on the network of a particular carrier

Example: Locked phone can only be sold to people who have the same carrier.

  • Loco

Definition: crazy; demented

Example: I had spent years in loco parentis, and I probably was more loco than parental at this point.

  • Lofty

Definition: of imposing height

Example: The elegant square was shaded by lofty palms.

  • Logical

Definition: using reason

Example: Students need the ability to construct a logical argument.

  • Logistical

Definition: relating to the careful organization of a complicated activity

Example: Assigning an armed federal officer to every commercial flight would be a logistical nightmare.

  • Lone

Definition: having no companions; solitary or single

Example: I approached a lone drinker across the bar.

  • Lonely

Definition: a situation or period of time in which you feel unhappy because you are alone or do not have anyone to talk to

Example: I desperately needed something to occupy me during those long, lonely nights.

  • Lonesome

Definition: having or causing a lonely feeling

Example: It was a very lonesome place.

  • Long

Definition: being a distance between two points that is more than average or usual

Example: There was a long queue at the post office.

  • Long-distance

Definition: relating to services, especially telecommunications, that connect places long way from each other

Example: Some long-distance carriers are lobbying to gain equal access to mobile phone customers.

  • Longish

Definition: fairly long

Example: She had longish hair.

  • Longitudinal

Definition: placed or running lengthwise

Example: The insect’s back is black with yellow longitudinal stripes.

  • Long-life

Definition: long-lasting

Example: Mobile phones with long-life batteries give newcomers the edge in rural India.

  • Long-lived

Definition: living or lasting a long time

Example: We’re a long-lived family.

  • Long-range

Definition: travelling over a long distance

Example: The long-range jets are capable of flying about 14 hours non-stop.

  • Long-sighted

Definition: able to see things clearly that are far away but not things that are near you

Example: Long-sighted people are unable to see close objects clearly.

  • Longstanding

Definition: having existed for a long time

Example: It’s been our long-standing policy not to allow pets at the hotel.

  • Long-suffering

Definition: someone patiently puts up with a lot of trouble or unhappiness, especially when it is caused by someone else

Example: He went back to Yorkshire to join his loyal, long-suffering wife.

  • Long-term

Definition: continuing a long time into the future

Example: It’s too early to assess the long-term consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  • Loony

Definition: silly or stupid

Example: He had lots of loony ideas about education.

  • Loose

Definition: (of a garment) not fitting tightly or closely

Example: She slipped into a loose T-shirt.

  • Lopsided

Definition: with one side or part much bigger or higher than the other; uneven

Example: The Yankees won by the lopsided score of 17 to 2.

  • Loquacious

Definition: having the habit of talking a lot

Example: Once a loquacious politician, he now makes rarely grants interviews and read speeches from texts.

  • Lossless

Definition: not involving the loss of data or electrical energy

Example: Lossless compression algorithm reduce file size with no loss in image quality.

  • Lossy

Definition: involving the loss of data or of electrical energy

Example: Lossy file compression results in lost data and quality from the original version.

  • Lost

Definition: that has been taken away or cannot be recovered

Example: Mikey turned up with the lost book.

Positive Adjectives That Start with L to Describe a Person

Adjectives that start with L to describe a person have a magic power to uplift an ordinary sentence into an extraordinary one. Just have a try with L adjectives below!

1. Lanky

Definition: very tall and thin

Synonyms: slim, slender, lean

Example: A lanky boy in his late teens stood beside the bed.

2. Laudable

Definition: worthy of being praised

Synonyms: commendable, admirable, praiseworthy

Example: His noble ideas and polite behavior are laudable.

3. Laurelled

Definition: bestow an award or praise on (someone) in recognition of an achievement

Synonyms: commendation, award, glory

Example: She will be laurelled alongside politicians, historians, and other actors.

4. Lucky

Definition:  positive outcome that occurs by chance

Synonyms: fortunate, blessed, favored

Example: She is a lucky girl who won the car in a lucky draw.

6. Lowly

Definition: humble

Synonyms: plebeian, proletarian

Example: “You do not normally demean yourself by talking to someone as lowly as I am,”

he replied, turning.

7. Literate

Definition: having the ability to read and write

Synonyms: educated, brainy, cultivated

Example: Kids on the edge of adolescence are more and more computer literate.

8. Likable

Definition: having a pleasant demeanor that people find easy to like

Synonyms: pleasant, fine, nice

Example: Taking control of your stress will make you a more productive, likable and happier person.

9. Ladylike

Definition: proper behavior, exhibiting manners suitable for a lady

Synonyms: genteel, polite, refined

Example: Laura is very ladylike and elegant, but also very acrobatic and agile.

11. Legendary

Definition: extremely popular; famous; fabled

Synonyms: heroic, fabled, ancient

Example: He became editor of the legendary Irish journal ‘The Bell’.

Positive Adjectives That Start with L to Describe an Event

If you want your writing looks more fascinating, try to use some descriptive words that start with L and you’ll find it could be this easy!

1. Lucid

Definition: understandable, information that is expressed clearly

Synonyms: cogent, coherent, comprehensible

Example: Lucid explanations have been most helpful to my understanding.

2. Logical

Definition: conclusion derived via sound reasoning, fact-based reasoning

Synonyms: rational, objective, thinking

Example: Since she helped us before, it’s logical to assume that she’ll help us again.

3. Lawful

Definition: legal, consistent with what is allowed under the law

Synonyms: legitimate, licit, permitted

Example: By the law of God and man you should have subsistence and lawful to take it.

4. Lifelong

Definition: remaining throughout the entirety of someone’s life

Synonyms: lasting, long lasting, long standing

Example: The four men became lifelong friends and fellow-workers.

5. Lenient

Definition:  someone or something that’s not harsh or strict

Synonyms: Clement, forbearing, sparing

Example: As a first offender, he received a lenient sentence.

6. Lengthy

Definition: taking a long time, protracted

Synonyms: long, long lasting

Example: With a deep and long-drawn sigh she seemed to be prepared for a lengthy talk.

7. Legitimate

Definition: something that is obtained or owned in an appropriate or legal manner 

Synonyms: legal, lawful, licit

Example: You must have a legitimate excuse for missing an exam.

8. Languid

Definition: without energy, enthusiasm, slow

Synonyms: relaxed, unhurried, slow

Example: A slow, languid smile crossed his features, one that made her body flush and ache for him.

9. Legible

Definition: text that is sufficiently clear to be read

Synonyms: readable

Example: The summer is almost nightless, print being legible at midnight, but in winter the days are only six hours long, though the nights are frequently illuminated with brilliant displays of the aurora borealis.

10. Loaded

Definition: filled completely; having an excessive amount or an abundance of something

Synonyms: laden, packed, crammed

Example: These ships were loaded with corn.

11. Latent

Definition: something present within someone or something but rarely used

Synonyms: dormant, quiescent, unused

Example: The latent heat of vaporization of mercury was found by Marignac to be 103 to 106.

12. Latter

Definition: the second of two; closer to the end than the beginning

Synonyms: final, end, concluding

Example: He’ll go to school in the latter part of the year.

13. Legislative

Definition: of or relating to or created by legislation

Synonyms: law making, judicial, senatorial

Example:  Clear legislative reform is needed to overcome the inadequacies of the current situation.

Positive Adjectives That Start with L to Describe a Place

In order to make your writing more compelling, utilize some of these adjectives that start with the letter L and you’ll find they are a great boost.

1. Luxuriant

Definition: relating to richness and extravagance; lush, fertile

Synonyms: lush, rich, profuse

Example: In circuit, and of suburbs containing luxuriant gardens.

2. Large

Definition: marked by intense physical force, big

Synonyms: huge, considerable, sizeable. 

Example: He is living in a large and well furnished house.

3. Leaflike

Definition: resembling a leaf in shape or appearance

Synonyms: like a leaf in shape

Example: Early and middle delta was leaflike delta, at this sedimentary period, lake shoreline was comparatively steady-going, the lake and the river both had some energy.

4. Lavender

Definition: light purple in color

Synonyms: lilac, bluish red, violet

Example: The Portsmouth Road from the south-west is well marked as far as Lambeth, under the names of Wandsworth, High Street, St John’s Hill, Lavender Hill and Wandsworth Road.

5. Leafy

Definition: having quite a few leaves

Synonyms: green, leaf-covered, lush

Example: Farther back beyond the dark trees a roof glittered with dew, to the right was a leafy tree with brilliantly white trunk and branches, and above it shone the moon, nearly at its full, in a pale, almost starless, spring sky.

6. Licensed

Definition: given official approval to act

Synonyms: permit, allow, authorize

Example: His liquor bar is licensed and regulated by the state board.

7. Livable

Definition: fit or suitable to live in or with

Synonyms: homey, habitable, bearable

Example: Although John’s home is not so lavish but yet quite livable.

8. Lively

Definition: somewhere with lots of things going on

Synonyms: vibrant, full of life

Example: Newcastle is a lively city with lots of things to do and see.

9. Luxurious

Definition: extremely comfortable or elegant, especially when involving great expense.

Synonyms: opulent, affluent, expensive

Example: Blue Moon Hotel is the island’s most luxurious hotel.

10. Lush

Definition: (of vegetation, especially grass) growing luxuriantly.

Synonyms: rich abundant, profuse

Example: Protected from the harsh winter storms, the valley was already lush and green.

Adjectives That Start with L to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

Following are some adjectives with letter L that you can use to describe emotions, personalities and feelings. If you know more, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section area.

1. Lavish

Definition: generous or liberal in giving; elaborate, luxurious

Synonyms: sumptuous, opulent, luxurious

Example: He was at all times addicted to lavish hospitality, and according to the testimony of contemporaries was too fond of burgundy.

2. Limber

Definition: able to move smoothly, flexible

Synonyms: lithe, supple, nimble

Example: It might make you appreciate how limber you were as a child.

3. Laden

Definition: burdened psychologically or mentally

Synonyms: burdened, oppressed, hampered

Example: Instantly he released her arm and his voice was laden with concern.

4. Leaden

Definition: to feel sluggish, slow, or lacking in energy

Synonyms: full, inert, inactive

Example: She stumbled forward, her legs leaden

5. Lustrous

Definition: having lustre; shining

Synonyms: shiny, glassy, gleaming

Example: Her fur was lustrous and her nose looked like black velvet.

Negative Adjectives That Start with L to Describe a Person

Similar to nouns and verbs, adjectives sometimes also carry positive or negative connotation. And below are some adjective words that start with L to describe a person from a negative point of view.

1. Lax

Definition: someone or something that’s not strict or firm; loose, slack

Synonyms: careless, neglectful, slipshod

Example: Never let go of that privacy or be lax with your security.

2. Lazy

Definition: lacking effort or energy; without a drive to work or accomplish tasks.

Synonyms: idle, indolent, slothful

Example: John is a lazy boy.

3. Lugubrious

Definition: sad, dismal, gloomy, especially in an exaggerated way

Synonyms: mournful, doleful, unhappy

Example: In his first novel, the mysterious postman is the perfect example of a lugubrious character.

4. Loquacious

Definition: very talkative

Synonyms: garrulous, voluble

Example: He sipped it with relish and soon became somewhat loquacious.

5. Loopy

Definition: slightly crazy, confused, eccentric

Synonyms: insane, silly, absurd

Example: He must have gone completely loopy to give up a job like that.

6. Lackadaisical

Definition: showing absolutely no interest or enthusiasm

Synonyms: half-hearted, lazy, unenthusiastic

Example: The theory encourages parents to work as a guide with their children rather than taking a controlling or lackadaisical approach.

7. Lame

Definition: weak or unconvincing; having an injured leg or foot

Synonyms: limping, hobbling, incapacitated

Example: He muttered some lame excuse, feigning making an error.

8. Lascivious

Definition: expressing lust or desire

Synonyms: lecherous, lewd, lustful

Example: Williams private character was detestable: he was cruel, lascivious, greedy of gain, a habitual breaker of oaths and promises, ungrateful and irreligious.

9. Liable

Definition: being accountable or responsible for something

Synonyms: accountable, answerable, responsible

Example: Failure to provide insurance rendered him liable to prosecution.

Negative Adjectives That Start with L to Describe an Event

Some of the describing words beginning with L may be unfamiliar to you or even the first time to see. The best to learn such words is to incorporate them into daily conversations.

1. Lackluster

Definition: boring or without much energy; dull

Synonyms: uninspired, unimaginative, full

Example: She gave the illusion of efficiency but was unable to build up a staff she trusted, and her fundraising was lackluster.

2.  Lamentable

Definition: bad or unsatisfactory

Synonyms: regrettable, tragic, horrible

Example: The institution had fallen into a state of lamentable inefficiency.

3 Lethal

Definition: harmful, destructive, causing (or likely to cause) death

Synonyms: deadly, life threatening, homicidal

Example: Hydrocyanic acid is a protoplasmic poison, directly lethal to all living tissues, whether in a plant or an animal.

4. Lecherous

Definition:- given to excessive, offensive desire

Synonyms: lustful, licentious, lascivious

Example: Demented woman who has murdered her lecherous father now roams the streets of Los Angeles looking for prey.

5. Late

Definition: after expected or allowed; just before the end of something

Synonyms: behind time, behind hand, behind schedule

Example: It’s not too late to change your mind.

6. Leftover

Definition: surplus amount, quantity remaining after original use

Synonyms: residue, survivor, legacy

Example: If your child has a backpack from last year that he can use for the first few weeks of school, many retailers discount leftover merchandise by 25%, 50% and even 75% or more after the season for those items has passed.

7. Laggard

Definition: wasting time

Synonyms: straggler, snug, snail

Example: I hate being stuck behind laggard motorists on the freeway.

Negative Adjectives That Start with L to Describe a Place

To get hold of these adjectives that start with L faster, practice them regularly and 5 times a day. Soon they’ll be part of your vocabulary.

1. Leafless

Definition: without any leaves

Synonyms: defoliated, scapose, aphyllous

Example: The garden looked gaunt and somehow lonely with these leafless trees.

2. Lawless

Definition: not legal, done without consideration for what the law requires

Synonyms: unruly, anarchic, ungovernable

Example: These border areas are among the most lawless regions in the world.

3.  Lifeless

Definition: lacking animation or excitement or activity

Synonyms: dead, extinct, perished

Example: Lacking the basic amenities, the city seemed lifeless and boring place to visit.

Negative Adjectives That Start with L to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

Has your list of adjectives that start with L been larger already? I am sure you’ve learnt some new words. Keep up the good work and all your efforts will pay off.

1. Lonely

Definition: sad because one has no friends or company.

Synonyms: alone, friendless, isolated

Example: She stared into the pool, remembering a lonely childhood.

2. Loathsome

Definition: causing hatred or disgust; repulsive.

Synonyms: hateful, detestable, repulsive

Example: She frequently walks a dog, a loathsome animal who fails to warm to my affection.

3. Loony

Definition: informal or slang terms for mentally irregular.

Synonyms: mad, insane, lunatic

Example: What’s she up to? She is as loony as her brother.

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with L

Congratulations on reading till the end of adjectives that start with L. We’ll end with a few words about adjectives and style. It’s one thing to know how to use an adjective; it’s another to know when using one is a good idea.

Good writing is precise and concise. Sometimes, you need an adjective to convey exactly what you mean. It’s hard to describe a red sports car without the word “red”. But, often, choosing the right noun eliminates the need to tack on an adjective. Is it a big house, or is it a mansion? A large crowd, or a throng? A mixed-breed dog, or a mutt? A dark night, or just . . . night?

Always remember to make every word count in your writing. If you need an adjective, use it. But if it’s not pulling its weight, delete it. What is important is to use the accurate adjective in the right place. As adjectives tell more about a noun, it may present the noun in the wrong way if we use a wrong adjective.

So, we should be careful about using an adjective.  After understanding the proper meaning of an adjective, it should be placed before or after a noun.

So, be sure to use the above adjectives that start with the letter L where it is appropriate.

Ps. See also positive words that start with L, nouns that start with L and verbs that start with L.

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