630 Adjectives That Start with E | List with Definitions and Examples

In this article, I will be sharing with you 630 adjectives that start with E, to make your everyday communication more easily. These adjectives starting with E will help you modify, compare and quantify the nouns or the naming words of the people, things and places that you are talking about.

The major role of these descriptive words starting with E is to allow the readers or the listeners of your speech to get it a deeper meaning of the information that you are conveying to them.

For example, if you add adjectives beginning with E like “easy-going” to the sentence “She is a girl” to make it “She is an easy-going girl”, readers will immediately have a clearer impression of the girl.

Scroll down to read adjectives that start with E we prepared for you.

Adjectives That Start with E – Full List (630 words)

For English language learners, keeping a list of letters in hand is necessary. And below is a large list of adjectives starting with E. It contains 630 E adjectives.

  • Eager
  • Early
  • Earnest
  • Earthy
  • East
  • Eastern
  • Easy
  • Easy-going
  • Eatable
  • Ebullient
  • Eccentric
  • Echoing
  • Ecological
  • Economic
  • Economical
  • Economy
  • Ecstatic
  • Edgy
  • Edible
  • Editable
  • Educated
  • Educational
  • Eerie
  • Effective
  • Effervescent
  • Efficacious
  • Efficient
  • Effortless
  • Effusive
  • Egalitarian
  • Egocentric
  • Egotistical
  • Egregious
  • Egyptian
  • Eight
  • Eighth
  • Elaborate
  • Elastic
  • Elated
  • Elderly
  • Electric
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Elegant
  • Elementary
  • Elevated
  • Elfish
  • Eligible
  • Elite
  • Eloquent
  • Elusive
  • Emaciated
  • Embarrassed
  • Embarrassing
  • Embattled
  • Embittered
  • Emblematic
  • Emboldened
  • Embroiled
  • Emergency
  • Eminent
  • Emotional
  • Emotionless
  • Empirical
  • Empty
  • Enamored
  • Enchanted
  • Enchanting
  • Encouraged
  • Encouraging
  • Encrusted
  • Endangered
  • Endearing
  • Endemic
  • Endless
  • Endurable
  • Enduring
  • Energetic
  • Energizing
  • Enforceable
  • Engaging
  • Engrossing
  • Enhanced
  • Enigmatic
  • Enjoyable
  • Enlarged
  • Enlightened
  • Enormous
  • Enraged
  • Ensuing
  • Entertaining
  • Enthralling
  • Enthused
  • Enthusiastic
  • Enticing
  • Entire
  • Entrancing
  • Enumerable
  • Enviable
  • Envious
  • Environmental
  • Episodic
  • Equable
  • Equal
  • Equanimous
  • Equidistant
  • Equitable
  • Equivalent
  • Erect
  • Eroding
  • Errant
  • Erratic
  • Erroneous
  • Eruptive
  • Escalating
  • Esoteric
  • Essential
  • Established
  • Estimated
  • Estranged
  • Eternal
  • Ethereal
  • Ethical
  • Ethnic
  • Euphemistic
  • Euphoric
  • European
  • Evasive
  • Even
  • Evenhanded
  • Even-tempered
  • Eventful
  • Eventual
  • Everlasting
  • Evil
  • Evocative
  • Exact
  • Exaggerated
  • Exalted
  • Excellent
  • Exceptional
  • Excessive
  • Excitable
  • Excited
  • Exciting
  • Exclusive
  • Excusable
  • Executable
  • Exemplary
  • Exhausted
  • Exhausting
  • Exhaustive
  • Existing
  • Exotic
  • Expandable
  • Expanded
  • Expanding
  • Expansive
  • Expectant
  • Expected
  • Expedient
  • Expendable
  • Expensive
  • Experimental
  • Expert
  • Expired
  • Expiring
  • Explainable
  • Explicit
  • Exploding
  • Exploitative
  • Exploited
  • Explosive
  • Exponential
  • Exposed
  • Express
  • Expressive
  • Exquisite
  • Extendable
  • Extended
  • Extensive
  • Exterior
  • External
  • Extra
  • Extra-large
  • Extraneous
  • Extraordinary
  • Extravagant
  • Extreme
  • Exuberant
  • Each
  • Eagle-eyed
  • Eared
  • Earless
  • Earlier
  • Earliest
  • Earlyish
  • Earned
  • Earsplitting
  • Earthborn
  • Earthbound
  • Earthen
  • Earthlike
  • Earthly
  • Easier
  • Easiest
  • Eastbound
  • Easterly
  • Easternmost
  • Eastmost
  • Eastside
  • Eastward
  • Easygoing
  • Ebionite
  • Ebon
  • Ebony
  • Ebracteate
  • Ecclesiastic
  • Eccrine
  • Ecdemic
  • Echoic
  • Echoless
  • Echolike
  • Echt
  • Eclectic
  • Ecologic
  • Econometric
  • Ectodermal
  • Ectodermic
  • Ectomorphic
  • Ectopic
  • Ectothermic
  • Ectozoan
  • Ecuadorian
  • Ecumenic
  • Ecumenical
  • Edacious
  • Edematous
  • Edental
  • Edentate
  • Edentulate
  • Edentulous
  • Edgeless
  • Editorial
  • Educative
  • Edwardian
  • Eellike
  • Eery
  • Effaceable
  • Effectual
  • Effeminate
  • Efferent
  • Effervescing
  • Effete
  • Efflorescent
  • Effluent
  • Effortful
  • Effulgent
  • Egg-shaped
  • Egoistical
  • Egotistic
  • Eidetic
  • Eighteen
  • Eighteenth
  • Eightfold
  • Eighties
  • Eightieth
  • Eightpenny
  • Eighty
  • Einsteinian
  • Elaborated
  • Elating
  • Elder
  • Eldest
  • Eldritch
  • Elect
  • Elected
  • Elective
  • Electoral
  • Electrochemical
  • Electrolytic
  • Elegiac
  • Elemental
  • Elementalism
  • Elephantine
  • Eleven
  • Eleventh
  • Elfin
  • Elflike
  • Elizabethan
  • Ellipsoid
  • Ellipsoidal
  • Elliptic
  • Elliptical
  • Elongate
  • Elongated
  • Elucidative
  • Elvish
  • Elysian
  • Emancipative
  • Emarginate
  • Emasculate
  • Emasculated
  • Embedded
  • Emblematical
  • Embodied
  • Embolic
  • Embonpoint
  • Embossed
  • Embryologic
  • Embryonal
  • Embryonic
  • Embryotic
  • Emended
  • Emergent
  • Emerging
  • Emeritus
  • Emmetropic
  • Emollient
  • Emotive
  • Empathetic
  • Empathic
  • Emphasised
  • Emphasized
  • Emphatic
  • Empiric
  • Employable
  • Employed
  • Empty-handed
  • Empurpled
  • Empyreal
  • Empyrean
  • Emulous
  • Enabling
  • Enate
  • Enatic
  • Enceinte
  • Enchained
  • Enclosed
  • Encomiastic
  • Encyclical
  • Encysted
  • Endemical
  • Endergonic
  • Endermatic
  • Endermic
  • Endocentric
  • Endocrinal
  • Endocrine
  • Endodontic
  • Endoergic
  • Endogenetic
  • Endogenic
  • Endogenous
  • Endometrial
  • Endomorphic
  • Endoparasitic
  • Endothelial
  • Endothermal
  • Endothermic
  • Endovenous
  • Endozoan
  • Endozoic
  • Energising
  • Enervating
  • Enfeebling
  • Enforced
  • Engaged
  • English
  • English-speaking
  • Engorged
  • Engraved
  • Engrossed
  • Enhancive
  • Enigmatical
  • Enkindled
  • Enmeshed
  • Enolic
  • Enough
  • Enraptured
  • Ensiform
  • Ensuant
  • Enteral
  • Enteric
  • Enthralled
  • Entomologic
  • Entozoan
  • Entozoic
  • Entrenched
  • Enured
  • Enwrapped
  • Enzootic
  • Enzymatic
  • Eolithic
  • Eolotropic
  • Eonian
  • Eparchial
  • Epenthetic
  • Ephemeral
  • Ephesian
  • Epic
  • Epical
  • Epicarpal
  • Epicene
  • Epicurean
  • Epicyclic
  • Epicyclical
  • Epideictic
  • Epidemic
  • Epidural
  • Epigastric
  • Epileptic
  • Epilithic
  • Epimorphic
  • Epiphyseal
  • Epiphysial
  • Epiphytic
  • Epiphytotic
  • Episcopal
  • Epistemic
  • Epistolary
  • Epithelial
  • Epizoan
  • Epizoic
  • Epizootic
  • Epochal
  • Eponymic
  • Eponymous
  • Equatorial
  • Equestrian
  • Equine
  • Equinoctial
  • Equipoised
  • Equipotent
  • Equipped
  • Equiprobable
  • Equipt
  • Equivocal
  • Eradicable
  • Erasable
  • Erasmian
  • Erectile
  • Eremitic
  • Eremitical
  • Ergodic
  • Ergonomic
  • Ergotic
  • Ergotropic
  • Eristic
  • Eristical
  • Eritrean
  • Erogenous
  • Erose
  • Erosive
  • Erotic
  • Errhine
  • Error-prone
  • Errorless
  • Ersatz
  • Erstwhile
  • Erudite
  • Erythroid
  • Escaped
  • Especial
  • Essene
  • Esthetic
  • Esthetical
  • Estimable
  • Estival
  • Estonian
  • Estranging
  • Estrous
  • Estuarial
  • Estuarine
  • Esurient
  • Ethiopian
  • Ethnical
  • Etiolate
  • Etiolated
  • Etiologic
  • Etiological
  • Eucaryotic
  • Euclidean
  • Euclidian
  • Eudaemonic
  • Eudemonic
  • Eugenic
  • Eukaryotic
  • Eulogistic
  • Euphonic
  • Euphonical
  • Euphonious
  • Euphonous
  • Euphoriant
  • Eupneic
  • Eupnoeic
  • Eurafrican
  • Eurasian
  • Eurasiatic
  • Eurocentric
  • Eutherian
  • Eutrophic
  • Evacuant
  • Evaluative
  • Evanescent
  • Evangelical
  • Evangelistic
  • Evaporable
  • Evaporative
  • Ever-changing
  • Ever-present
  • Evergreen
  • Every
  • Everyday
  • Evident
  • Evidential
  • Evidentiary
  • Evil-minded
  • Eviscerate
  • Evitable
  • Evolutionary
  • Exanimate
  • Exaugural
  • Exceeding
  • Exceptionable
  • Excess
  • Exchangeable
  • Excitant
  • Excitative
  • Excitatory
  • Exclamatory
  • Excogitative
  • Excrescent
  • Excretory
  • Exculpated
  • Excursive
  • Excusatory
  • Execrable
  • Executive
  • Exegetic
  • Exegetical
  • Exempt
  • Exergonic
  • Exhaustible
  • Exhibitionistic
  • Exhortative
  • Exhortatory
  • Exigent
  • Exiguous
  • Exilic
  • Existent
  • Existential
  • Existentialist
  • Exocentric
  • Exocrine
  • Exodontic
  • Exoergic
  • Exogamic
  • Exogamous
  • Exogenic
  • Exogenous
  • Exonerative
  • Exorbitant
  • Exoteric
  • Exothermal
  • Exothermic
  • Expandible
  • Expansible
  • Expansile
  • Expectable
  • Expectantly
  • Expeditionary
  • Experienced
  • Experient
  • Experiential
  • Expiable
  • Expiative
  • Expiatory
  • Expiratory
  • Explanatory
  • Explicable
  • Exploded
  • Exploitatory
  • Exploitive
  • Exportable
  • Expositive
  • Expository
  • Expressed
  • Expressible
  • Exsanguine
  • Exsanguinous
  • Extant
  • Extemporary
  • Extempore
  • Extendible
  • Extensible
  • Extensile
  • Extensional
  • Extenuating
  • Exterminable
  • Exteroceptive
  • Exterritorial
  • Extinct
  • Extinguishable
  • Extirpable
  • Extortionate
  • Extracellular
  • Extractable
  • Extractible
  • Extradural
  • Extralegal
  • Extramarital
  • Extramural
  • Extraversive
  • Extravert
  • Extraverted
  • Extremist
  • Extricable
  • Extrinsic
  • Extropic
  • Extrovert
  • Extroverted
  • Extrovertish
  • Extrovertive
  • Extrusive
  • Exultant
  • Exuvial
  • Eye-catching
  • Eye-popping
  • Eyeless

Adjectives That Start with E – with Definitions and Examples

If you want to completely understand the meanings of adjectives beginning with E and use them correctly, you have to learn their definitions and examples first.

  • Eager

Definition: having or showing desire or interest

Example: Lots of eager volunteers responded to the appeal for help.

  • Early

Definition: happening or done before the usual or expected time

Example: We ate an early lunch.

  • Earnest

Definition: serious and determined, especially too serious and unable to find your own action funny

Example: He was a very earnest young man.

  • Earthy

Definition: referring to sex and the human body in a direct way

Example: She has an earthy sense of humour.

  • East

Definition: in or forming the east part of something

Example: Cambridge is in East Anglia.

  • Eastern

Definition: in or from the east part of an area

Example: The eastern part of the country is very mountainous.

  • Easy

Definition: comfortable or charm; free from worry, pain etc

Example: They both retired and went off to lead an easy life in the Bahamas.

  • Easy-going

Definition: relaxed and not easily upset or worried

Example: She’s a generous and easy-going boss.

  • Eatable

Definition: fit to be consumed as food

Example: Lutein is a natural and efficient food additive as eatable pigment and also as nourishment.

  • Ebullient

Definition: very energetic, positive, and happy

Example: He wasn’t his usual ebullient self.

  • Eccentric

Definition: (of a person or their behaviour) unconventional and slightly strange

Example: He noted her eccentric appearance.

  • Echoing

Definition: repeated or reverberating after the original sound has stopped

Example: The sound of echoing footsteps slowed to a stop.

  • Ecological

Definition: relating to or concerned with the relation of living organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings

Example: Pollution is posing a serious threat to the ecological balance of the oceans.

  • Economical

Definition: not using a lot of fuel, money, space, etc

Example: Most printer software let you fit four pictures per sheet to make the most economical use of the space available.

  • Ecstatic

Definition: extremely happy

Example: The new president was greeted by an ecstatic crowd.

  • Edgy

Definition: nervous; not calm

Example: She is obviously in a state of edgy depression.

  • Edible

Definition: fit or suitable or to be eaten

Example: The shrub has small edible berries.

  • Editable

Definition: (of text or software) in a format that can be edited by the user

Example: The program will read an incoming fax and convert it into editable text.

  • Educated

Definition: having learned a lot at school or university and having a good level of knowledge

Example: She was probably the most highly educated prime minister of this century.

  • Educational

Definition: providing education or relating to education

Example: Reducing the size of classes may improve educational standards.

  • Effective

Definition: successful or achieving the results that you want

Example: The lightening for the production made a very effective use of shadow.

  • Effervescent

Definition: active, positive, and full of energy

Example: She’s one of those effervescent personalities that you often see hosting TV game shows.

  • Efficient

Definition: working well and quickly

Example: The lawyers working on the case were skilled, efficient and fair.

  • Effortless

Definition: requiring no physical or mental exertion

Example: I went up the steps in two effortless bounds.

  • Effusive

Definition: expressing welcome, approval, or pleasure in a way that shows very strong feeling

Example: They gave us such an effusive welcome it was quite embarrassing.

  • Egotistical

Definition: excessively conceited or absorbed in oneself; self-centered

Example: He’s selfish, egotistical and arrogant.

  • Egregious

Definition: extremely bad in a way that is very noticeable

Example: It was an egregious error for a statesman to show such ignorance.

  • Elaborate

Definition: containing a lot of careful detail or many detailed parts

Example: They’re making the most elaborate preparations for the wedding.

  • Elastic

Definition: (of a material) able to stretch and be returned to its original shape or size

Example: A lot of sportswear is made of very elastic material.

  • Elderly

Definition: old

Example: A large number of elderly people live alone.

  • Electric

Definition: relating to electricity

Example: Our electric bill for July was $115.

  • Electrical

Definition: relating to or using electricity

Example: Most electrical goods come with a one-year guarantee.

  • Electronic

Definition: involving a system of operation that involves the control of a flow of electrons esp. in various devices including computers

Example: The huge electronic scoreboard showed a replay of the last goal.

  • Elegant

Definition: graceful and stylish in appearance or manner

Example: She wore an elegant dove-grey jacket.

  • Elementary

Definition: basic

Example: I have an elementary knowledge of physics.

  • Elevated

Definition: situated or placed higher than the surrounding area

Example: This hotel has an elevated position above the village.

  • Elfish

Definition: lively and slightly mischievous; impish

Example: He always had an elfish twinkle in his eye when telling a story.

  • Eligible

Definition: allowed to do or receive something because you satisfy certain conditions

Example: The company will offer its 104,000 eligible employees a stock option scheme this year.

  • Elite

Definition: belonging to the richest, most powerful, best-educated, or best-trained group in a society

Example: Elite troops were airlifted to the trouble zone.

  • Eloquent

Definition: giving a clear, strong message

Example: The pictures were an eloquent reminder of the power of the volcano.

  • Emaciated

Definition: very thin and weak, usually because of illness or extreme hunger

Example: There were pictures of emaciated children on the cover of the magazine.

  • Embarrassed

Definition: feeling or showing embarrassment

Example: I felt quite embarrassed whenever I talked to her.

  • Embarrassing

Definition: making you feel embarrassed

Example: My most embarrassing moment was trying to introduce a woman whose name I couldn’t remember.

  • Embattled

Definition: (of a building or part of a building) having battlements

Example: The church has a low embattled tower.

  • Embittered

Definition: very angry about unfair things that have happened to you

Example: He died a disillusioned and embittered old man.

  • Emblematic

Definition: of, relating to, or constituting an emblem; symbolic, representative

Example: Waving to someone is an emblematic way to say goodbye.

  • Emergency

Definition: a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action

Example: The pilot of the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Lake Geneva.

  • Eminent

Definition: famous and important

Example: The commission consisted of fifteen eminent political figures.

  • Emotional

Definition: relating to the emotions

Example: Amnesia can be caused by emotional trauma.

  • Emotionless

Definition: not showing any emotion; unemotional

Example: Her voice was flat and emotionless.

  • Empirical

Definition: based on what is experienced or seen rather than on theory

Example: This theory needs to be backed up with solid empirical evidence.

  • Empty

Definition: containing nothing; not filled or occupied

Example: She put down her empty cup.

  • Enchanted

Definition: filled with delight; charmed

Example: The orchestra played classical favourites to an enchanted audience.

  • Enchanting

Definition: very pleasant or charming

Example: Belgium is an enchanting country.

  • Encouraging

Definition: giving someone support or confidence; supportive

Example: She gave me an encouraging smile.

  • Endangered

Definition: in danger of being harmed, lost, unsuccessful, etc

Example: Social workers who look after abused or endangered children often have stressful days at work.

  • Endemic

Definition: especially of a disease or a condition, regularly found and very common among a particular group or in a particular area

Example: There is endemic violence in many of the country’s cities.

  • Endless

Definition: countless; innumerable

Example: We smoked endless cigarettes.

  • Enduring

Definition: lasting over a period of time; durable

Example: He formed a number of enduring relationships with women.

  • Energetic

Definition: having or involving a lot of energy

Example: See how the artist has applied the paint using big, swirling, energetic brushstrokes.

  • Energizing

Definition: that energizes someone

Example: Acupuncture has a harmonizing and energizing effect on mind and body.

  • Enforceable

Definition: (of a law or rule) possible to make people obey, or possible to make happen or be accepted

Example: We need enforceable environmental and safety laws.

  • Engaging

Definition: pleasant, attractive, and charming

Example: He is a very engaging conversationalist.

  • Engrossing

Definition: taking all your attention; very interesting

Example: She had written an engrossing and moving story.

  • Enigmatic

Definition: difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious

Example: He took the money with an enigmatic smile.

  • Enjoyable

Definition: (of an activity or occasion) giving delight or pleasure

Example: They had an enjoyable afternoon.

  • Enlarged

Definition: having become or been made larger

Example: Root-hairs give an enlarged superficial area to the roots of plants, and thus are related to the procuring of water.

  • Enlightened

Definition: showing understanding, acting in a positive way, and not following old-fashioned or false beliefs

Example: The school has an enlightened policy of teaching boys to cook.

  • Enormous

Definition: extremely large or great

Example: He earns an enormous salary.

  • Enraged

Definition: filled with rage; anger

Example: I have to admit, I got kind of mad at Jeni because she really wasn’t taking my enraged rants very seriously.

  • Ensuing

Definition: occurring afterwards or as a result

Example: There were repeated clashes in the ensuing days.

  • Entertaining

Definition: funny and enjoyable

Example: It’s a very entertaining play with a hilarious final act.

  • Enthralling

Definition: causing and holding one’s attention; fascinating

Example: Tag Heuer presents an enthralling combination of strength and seduction.

  • Enthusiastic

Definition: feeling or showing intense and eager excitement, interest, or approval

Example: Their enthusiastic whispering was audible to those three rows away.

  • Enticing

Definition: attractive or tempting; alluring

Example: The diamond called out to the thief, an enticing display that was hard to ignore.

  • Entire

Definition: with no part left out; whole

Example: My plans are to travel the entire world.

  • Entrancing

Definition: beautiful or interesting in a way that means you cannot stop listening to or watching someone or something

Example: She has created an entrancing theatre piece.

  • Enumerable

Definition: capable of being calculated or estimated

Example: Decidable sets and languages are a strict subclass of the class of recursively enumerable sets.

  • Enviable

Definition: arousing or likely to arouse envy

Example: The firm is in the enviable position of having a full order book.

  • Environmental

Definition: relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition

Example: Acid rain may have caused major environmental damage.

  • Episodic

Definition: (of a programme or story) broadcast or published as a series of instalments

Example: Episodic television is a difficult medium to write for.

  • Equable

Definition: not changing suddenly

Example: The south of the country enjoys an equable climate.

  • Equal

Definition: the same in importance and deserving the same treatment

Example: They’ve got a long way to go before they achieve equal status for men and women.

  • Equitable

Definition: treating everyone equally; fair

Example: She charged that women are being denied equitable pay.

  • Equivalent

Definition: having the same amount, value, purpose, qualities, etc

Example: She’s doing the equivalent job in the new company but for more money.

  • Errant

Definition: not correctly done or not behaving well

Example: Teachers dislike errant spelling and misused words. 

  • Erratic

Definition: moving or behaving in a way that is not regular, certain, or expected

Example: He drove in an erratic course down the road.

  • Erroneous

Definition: wrong or false

Example: No one could explain how the erroneous information had got into the report.

  • Escalating

Definition: becoming more intense or serious

Example: The authorities grew anxious about the escalating situation.

  • Esoteric

Definition: very unusual and understood or liked by only a small number of people, especially those with special knowledge

Example: He has an esoteric collection of old toys and games.

  • Essential

Definition: necessary or needed

Example: There is essential work to be done before the building can be reoccupied.

  • Established

Definition: (of a church or religion) recognized by the state as the national Church or religion

Example: America had no established Church.

  • Estimated

Definition: roughly calculated or approximated

Example: The bridge was begun five years ago and the estimated cost has already doubled.

  • Eternal

Definition: lasting forever or for a very long time

Example: The company is engaged in the eternal search for a product that will lead the market.

  • Ethereal

Definition: (of a solution) having diethyl ether as a solvent

Example: Sodium is dissolved in ethereal solutions of aromatic ketones.

  • Ethical

Definition: morally right

Example: The awards recognize companies, individuals, and nonprofit organizations for ethical behavior.

  • Ethnic

Definition: relating to a particular race of people

Example: A question on ethnic origin was included in the census.

  • European

Definition: of or from Europe or the European Union

Example: A slowdown in European growth has prompted investors to switch away from the euro.

  • Evasive

Definition: directed towards avoidance or escape

Example: They decided to take evasive action.

  • Even

Definition: equal or equally balanced

Example: Both sides played well – it was a very even contest.

  • Evenhanded

Definition: treating everyone fairly and equally

Example: Several broadcasters have been criticized for failing to give evenhanded treatment to all the parties during the election campaign.

  • Even-tempered

Definition: not easily annoyed or made angry

Example: He was a gentle and even-tempered man.

  • Eventful

Definition: full of interesting or important events

Example: Her time at college was the most eventful period of her life.

  • Eventual

Definition: occurring or existing at the end of or as a result of a process or period of time

Example: It’s impossible to predict the eventual outcome of the competition.

  • Everlasting

Definition: lasting forever or for a long time

Example: I wish someone would invent an everlasting light bulb.

  • Evil

Definition: morally bad, cruel, or very unpleasant

Example: He was an evil dictator who murdered his own people.

  • Exact

Definition: in great detail, or complete, correct, or true in every way

Example: The exact time of the accident was 2.43 p.m.

  • Exaggerated

Definition: enlarged or altered beyond normal proportions

Example: Comic book characters are drawn with exaggerated features so you will remember them.

  • Exalted

Definition: (of a person or their rank or status) at a high or powerful level

Example: It had taken her years of infighting to reach her present exalted rank.

  • Excellent

Definition: extremely good; outstanding

Example: The lorry was in excellent condition.

  • Exceptional

Definition: much greater than usual, especially in skill, intelligence, quality, etc

Example: The company has shown exceptional growth over the past two years.

  • Excessive

Definition: too much

Example: Excessive exercise can sometimes cause health problems.

  • Excited

Definition: feeling very happy and enthusiastic

Example: An excited crowd waited for the singer to arrive.

  • Exciting

Definition: making you feel excited

Example: It was a really exciting match.

  • Exclusive

Definition: limited to only one person or group of people

Example: This room is for the exclusive use of guests.

  • Excusable

Definition: able to be justified or forgiven; forgivable

Example: The error is excusable.

  • Executable

Definition: a file that contains a program

Example: Beware of unsolicited emails with executable attachments.

  • Exemplary

Definition: (of a punishment) serving as a warning or deterrent

Example: The judge awarded exemplary damages.

  • Exhausting

Definition: making you feel extremely tired

Example: I’ve had an exhausting day.

  • Exhaustive

Definition: including or considering all elements or aspects; fully comprehensive

Example: The guide outlines every bus route in exhaustive detail.

  • Existing

Definition: used to refer to something that exists now

Example: The existing laws covering libel in this country are thought by many to be inadequate.

  • Expandable

Definition: able to increase in size

Example: This printer has expandable memory to meet the needs of the most demanding work environment.

  • Expansive

Definition: (of a person or their manner) relaxed and genially frank and communicative

Example: He is in an expansive mood.

  • Expected

Definition: believed to be going to happen or arrive

Example: The painting sold for three times the expected price.

  • Expedient

Definition: helpful or useful in a particular situation, but sometimes not morally acceptable

Example: The management has taken a series of expedient measures to improve the company’s financial situation.

  • Expendable

Definition: not completely necessary for success or continuing in business

Example: It seems he has become an expendable asset at the company.

  • Expensive

Definition: costing a lot of money

Example: He was looking for insurance to cover the expensive equipment in his home office.

  • Experimental

Definition: relating to tests, especially scientific ones

Example: The drug is still at the experimental stage.

  • Expert

Definition: having or showing a lot of knowledge or skill

Example: The centre provides expert advice for people with financial problems.

  • Explicit

Definition: clear and exact

Example: I gave her very explicit directions how to get here.

  • Exploding

Definition: very loud and sudden, like an explosion

Example: There was an explosive clap of thunder overhead.

  • Exponential

Definition: (of an increase) becoming more and more rapid

Example: The society budget was rising at an exponential rate.

  • Exposed

Definition: not covered or hidden; visible

Example: The venue featured beautiful hardwood floors and exposed brick walls.

  • Express

Definition: moving or being sent fast

Example: The dry cleaners offer a normal or an express service.

  • Expressive

Definition: effectively conveying thought or feeling

Example: She has big expressive eyes.

  • Exquisite

Definition: very beautiful and delicate

Example: Look at this exquisite painting.

  • Extendable

Definition: able to be made longer or larger

Example: The rolling bag comes with an extendable handle.

  • Extensive

Definition: covering a large area; having a great range

Example: The wedding received extensive coverage in the newspaper.

  • Exterior

Definition: on or from the outside

Example: In some of the villages the exterior walls of the houses are painted pink.

  • Extra

Definition: added to what is normal

Example: If you need any extra help, just call me.

  • Extraneous

Definition: of external origin

Example: When the transmitter pack is turned off no extraneous noise is heard.

  • Extraordinary

Definition: very unusual, special, unexpected, or strange

Example: He told the extraordinary story of his escape.

  • Extravagant

Definition: extreme and unreasonable

Example: The product does not live up to the extravagant claims of the advertisers.

  • Extreme

Definition: very large in amount or degree

Example: They live in extreme poverty.

  • Exuberant

Definition: (esp. of people and their behavior) very energetic, and showing the happiness of being alive

Example: She is an exuberant dancer.

  • Eagle-eyed

Definition: quick to notice things; observant

Example: An eagle-eyed reader spotted the error in last week’s column.

  • Earthly

Definition: used for emphasis

Example: There was no earthly reason why she should not come too.

  • Easterly

Definition: lying or moving in an eastward position or direction

Example: The captain ordered an easterly course.

  • Echt

Definition: authentic and typical

Example: Bart was an echt baseball fan.

  • Eclectic

Definition: consisting of different types, methods, styles, etc

Example: It was an eclectic mix of our ethnic foods and traditional Thanksgiving food.

  • Edacious

Definition: very eager for something, especially a lot of food

Example: Paul has an edacious appetite.

  • Edgeless

Definition: not sharp; blunt; obtuse; unfit to cut or penetrate

Example: It also prints edgeless pictures which is nice.

  • Editorial

Definition: relating to editors or editing, or to the editor of a newspaper or magazine

Example: Editorial decisions are generally made by senior editors.

  • Educative

Definition: providing education

Example: Very few activities at this age have no educative value at all.

  • Effectual

Definition: effective and successful

Example: They wish to promote a real and effectual understanding between the two countries.

  • Effeminate

Definition: behaving or looking similar to a woman

Example: He’s got a very effeminate voice.

  • Efferent

Definition: away from a central organ or part

Example: An efferent nerve carries signals away from the brain and spinal cord.

  • Effete

Definition: having lost character, vitality, or strength

Example: The huge wrestler made fun of the effete man who entered the ring to challenge him.

  • Effulgent

Definition: (of a person or their expression) emanating joy or goodness

Example: Standing there was my father with the most effulgent smile on his face.

  • Egg-shaped

Definition: round like an egg

Example: Rugby is played with an egg-shaped ball.

  • Eidetic

Definition: ability to remember things in exact detail, as if you can see them in your mind

Example: He was a brilliant student with an eidetic memory.

  • Eighty

Definition: the number 80

Example: I bought a package of eighty plastic cups.

  • Elaborated

Definition: (rhetoric) expanded

Example: This is the absorption of elaborated compounds from their environment by whose decomposition the potential energy expended in their construction can be liberated.

  • Eldritch

Definition: strange and frightening

Example: The fox let out an eldritch screech.

  • Elected

Definition: opt for or choose to do something

Example: She was elected Chair of the Board of Governors.

  • Elective

Definition: chosen or filled by popular election

Example: There is also an elective general council.

  • Electoral

Definition: relating to an election or voting

Example: The committee endorses electoral reforms for fairer elections.

  • Electrolytic

Definition: relating to the way electricity goes through a substance, usually a liquid, or the separation of a substance into its parts

Example: Pure copper is refined from the solution through an electrolytic process.

  • Elemental

Definition: relating to or embodying the powers of nature

Example: A thunderstorm is the inevitable outcome of battling elemental forces.

  • Elephantine

Definition: large and clumsy

Example: His legs were elephantine.

  • Elfin

Definition: (of a person or their face) small and delicate, typically with a mischievous charm

Example: Her black hair suited her elfin face.

  • Elliptic

Definition: relating to or resulting from ellipsis

Example: Indeed, air-traffic control uses codes based on elliptic curves to keep information about flight paths secure from hackers.

  • Elliptical

Definition: difficult to understand

Example: His message was written in a deliberately elliptical style.

  • Elongate

Definition: having a shape that is much longer than it is wide

Example: Acanthoclinus are elongate fishes.

  • Elongated

Definition: long in relation to width, especially unusually so

Example: The males are smaller and have more elongated bodies.

  • Elysian

Definition: relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise

Example: Homer represents him as dwelling in the Elysian fields.

  • Emasculated

Definition: deprived of or lacking virility, strength or vigor

Example: He was a boy split in allegiance between a snobbish, devouring mother and an emasculated father.

  • Embedded

Definition: (of a journalist) attached to a military unit during a conflict

Example: Embedded journalists were scrutinized for their ability to report with independence.

  • Embodied

Definition: possessing or existing in bodily form

Example: The duty of watching over one another for good was insisted on by the early Friends, and has been embodied in a system of discipline.

  • Embolic

Definition: of or relating to an embolus or embolism

Example: The majority of these cases presented with embolic complications or syncope.

  • Embossed

Definition: (of a design) carved, moulded, or stamped on a surface or object

Example: A magnetic disk with an embossed pattern is provided.

  • Embryonic

Definition: (of a system, idea, or organization) in a rudimentary stage with potential for development

Example: The plan is still in its embryonic stages.

  • Emended

Definition: make corrections and revisions to (a text)

Example: These studies show him collating manuscripts and emending texts.

  • Emergent

Definition: in the process of coming into being or becoming prominent.

Example: Blockchains are still an emergent technology.

  • Emerging

Definition: becoming apparent or prominent

Example: He walked through the halls quickly, the emerging thoughts in his head baffling him.

  • Emeritus

Definition: no longer having a position, especially in a college or university, but keeping the title of the position

Example: She became Emeritus Professor of Linguistics when she retired.

  • Emollient

Definition: having to avoid confrontation; calming

Example: The central character is a deceptively emollient senior figure in a conservative government.

  • Emotive

Definition: causing strong feelings

Example: Animal experimentation is a highly emotive issue.

  • Empathetic

Definition: showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another

Example: The book helps us realize that the autistic world is emotive, empathetic and beautiful.

  • Empathic

Definition: of, relating to, or characterized by empathy

Example: Emotions are close to the surface and this sign is very compassionate because of his or her empathic abilities.

  • Emphatic

Definition: done or said in a strong way and without any doubt

Example: The minister has issued an emphatic rejection of the accusation.

  • Employable

Definition: suitable for paid work

Example: They will emerge as highly employable graduates.

  • Employed

Definition: having a job working for a company or another person

Example: In April the number of employed people in the region dropped by 1,900 to 637,500.

  • Empty-handed

Definition: having failed to obtain or achieve what one wanted

Example: The burglars fled empty-handed.

  • Emulous

Definition: who tries to imitate or copy another person

Example: An emulous student might both admire and feel jealous of the teacher he imitates.

  • Enabling

Definition: making something possible or easier

Example: The government has lowered corporate tax to create an enabling business environment.

  • Enchained

Definition: to bind or hold with or as if with chains

Example: Enchained prisoners languished in dank, dark dungeons.

  • Enclosed

Definition:included along with something else in a parcel or envelope

Example: You may be interested in the enclosed clipping from today’s paper.

  • Endocrine

Definition: of, relating to, affecting, or resembling an endocrine gland or secretion

Example: Everolimus is used in combination with endocrine therapy to treat other forms of breast cancer and on its own to treat kidney cancer.

  • Enforced

Definition: happening because of a situation that you cannot control or prevent

Example: Wyatt blamed injury for his enforced absence from the game.

  • English-speaking

Definition: able to speak English through having learned it

Example: We had an English-speaking guide.

  • Enough

Definition: as much or as many as required

Example: There’s too much work and not enough people to do it.

  • Enraptured

Definition: filled with great pleasure or extremely pleased by something

Example: The audience was enraptured by the young soloist’s performance.

Positive Adjectives That Start with E to Describe a Person

What is the first adjective that comes to your mind? Mine is “Elegant”. Positive adjectives that start with E to describe a person are abundant. Please check and see if you can add more E adjectives to list below.

1. Educated

Definition: a person who has been trained and taught intellectual, ethical, social and moral standards

Synonyms: improved, informed

Example: It is the policy of our company to recruit highly educated people.

2. Energetic

Definition: a person who has extraordinary vitality and activity

Synonyms: high-spirited, vibrant, lively

Example: He is pretty energetic, so he would not complain even if he had to do the work of two people.

3. Efficient

Definition: a person who has the capability to achieve maximum productivity without wasting any time, expenses or effort

Synonyms: systematic, well-organized

Example: She is always efficient at everything she does, which is why others can’t easily compete with her.

4. Eager

Definition: a person who has a strong want to perform a task or have something

Synonyms: longing, yearning

Example: I was eager to please my professors with my best results.

5. Extraordinary

Definition: someone who is exceptionally remarkable and unusual

Synonyms: exceptional, heavenly, wonderful

Example: The extraordinary powerful man pulled a truck by his hair.

6. Exceptional

Definition: a person who has a deep level of uniqueness

Synonyms: uncommon, rare

Example: They are very exceptional people, so you will never be disappointed with their enthusiasm.

7. Elegant

Definition: someone who is very stylish, pleasant and graceful in manners and appearance

Synonyms: appealing, alluring

Example: He had an elegant style of fashion everyone was attracted to.

8. Ecstatic

Definition: a person who expresses and feels extreme excitement, joy and happiness

Synonyms: elated, thrilled, jubilant

Example: As soon as the movie started, the ecstatic audience gave out a shrill of joy.

9. Ethical

Definition: a person who practices the moral principles of the society he is living in

Synonyms: behavioural, social

Example: Our society is full of ethical churchgoing men.

10. Extrospective

Definition: a person who has the habit of examining everything that is outside of himself  and is regardful of the well-being of others

Synonyms: unselfish, extrovert

Example: His extrospective personality made him more respectable as a person.

11. Erudite

Definition: a person who has a great deal of knowledge and information about something

Synonyms: scholarly, knowledgeable

Example: Our erudite professor has the talent to convert even a joke into a lecture.

12. Eloquent

Definition: a person who has fluency in writing and speaking

Synonyms: expressive, persuasive, articulate

Example: William Shakespeare was an eloquent poet whose works are enjoyed all over the world till today.

Positive Adjectives That Start with E to Describe an Event

When describing an event, “exciting” immediately jumps out in my head. What about you? Anyway you can find more descriptive words that start with E below.

1. Everlasting

Definition: an event which will last for an extremely long time

Synonyms: never-ending, constant, timeless

Example: This novel has everlasting beauty.

2. Eonian

Definition: an event which continues indefinitely, an event which is longer than an era

Synonyms: aeonian, ageless, unending, unceasing

Example: Greek mythology is full of eonion beauty.

3. Exciting

Definition: an event which causes great eagerness and enthusiasm

Synonyms: stirring, thrilling

Example: The ride on the roller coaster was so exciting, that I could not stop laughing.

4. Expressive

Definition: something which can effectively and completely convey the emotions, feelings and thoughts

Synonyms: meaningful, suggestive

Example: The expressive documentary upheld a mirror to society.

5. Embellished

Definition: an event which is made more attractive and decorative by adding more features and details to it

Synonyms: adorned, enhanced

Example: I embellished my birthday party with balloons, candles and lights.

6. Entertaining

Definition: an event which provides a lot of enjoyment and amusement

Synonyms: delightful, enjoyable

Example: It is an entertaining drama.

7. Enthralling

Definition: an event which can captivate and capture one’s interest, imagination and attention

Synonyms: bewitch, charm

Example: This video game is enthralling.

8. Entrancing

Definition: an event which can attract and hold somebody

Synonyms: wonderful, beguile

Example: I got lost by his entrancing smile.

9. Empowering

Definition: an event which can overpower one’s senses

Synonyms: sceptring, sceptering

Example: This song is empowering.

10. Electronic

Definition: something which operates using electricity

Synonyms: electric, machinery

Example: The invention of electronic machines has simplified our life.

11. Easygoing

Definition: an event which is relaxing and tolerable in manner and approach

Synonyms: mellow, even-tempered

Example: The party was easygoing despite the bitter cold outside.

12. Energizing

Definition: an event which provides a great deal of enthusiasm and vitality to the people attending it

Synonyms: wonderful, overwhelming

Example: The turn of events was energizing.

13. Ebullient

Definition: an event which is full of cheerfulness

Synonyms: merry, exuberant

Example: An ebullient day was chosen for the wedding ceremony.

Positive Adjectives That Start with E to Describe a Place

Time always flies when we are in a pleasant place and sometimes we feel no word is good enough to describe how much we’ve enjoyed the place. Anyway below adjectives that start with the letter E may help a little.

1. Enterprising

Definition: a place that is resourceful

Synonyms: entrepreneurial, businesslike

Example: Some enterprising offices have started their own recycling programs.

2. Enwrapping

Definition: a place that can cover or hide someone

Synonyms: enveloping

Example: The branches of the tree were enwrapping the nests of the birds.

3. Exemplary

Definition: a place that has an ideal construction, location and design

Synonyms: model, perfect

Example: The palace of the king is an exemplary building and everyone desires to live in such a place.

4. Enchanting

Definition: a place that is attractive and charming

Synonyms: irresistible, captivating

Example: This cave is an enchanting place.

5. Endearing

Definition: a place that inspires love

Synonyms: winsome, engaging

Example: Our hometown is very endearing for us.

6. Enticing

Definition: a place that is tempting

Synonyms: alluring, attracting

Example: The show was enticing huge audience.

7. Eternal

Definition: a place that is existing or lasting forever

Synonyms: endless, deathless

Example: Muslims believe that heaven and hell are eternal.

8. Expansive

Definition: a place that is covering a large area of land

Synonyms: extensive, wide

Example: The old castle is expansive.

Positive adjectives That Start with E to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

People, especially girls are easily affected by surroundings and switch emotions so fast. Sometimes boys don’t even know what happened at all. Below adjectives with letter E are some examples.

1. Extrovert

Definition: someone who is overtly expressive

Synonyms: socializer, mixer

Example: He is generally an extrovert person, so it is no surprise he is our honourable guest this evening.

2. Extreme

Definition: feeling or showing the highest or the greatest degree

Synonyms: maximum, uttermost

Example: He could not control his extreme joy.

3. Endmost

Definition: nearest to the end

Synonyms: uttermost, extreme

Example: At the time of childbirth, she faced endmost pain.

Negative Adjectives That Start with E to Describe a Person

If any of adjective words that start with E below made you think of someone in your life, then you should definitely keep away from them. Because they’ll bring you negativity.

1. Envious

Definition: a person who is showing and feeling extreme envy of other people’s happiness

Synonyms: jealous, malicious

Example: When I saw my ex-husband with his lover I became envious.

2. Extravagant

Definition: a person who spends and wastes a lot of resources and money

Synonyms: spendthrift, thriftless, wasteful

Example: He is rather extravagant because he bought two cars for his small family.

3. Exasperating

Definition: a person who is behaving in an intensely frustrating and irritating way

Synonyms:  annoying, maddening

Example: When my son failed in the maths exam for the third time his behaviour towards studies became exasperating.

4. Egocentric

Definition: a person who is always thinking about his own feelings and desires only without any considerations for others

Synonyms: egotistic, vain

Example: She is egocentric, which is why everyone refuses to hang out with her.

5. Egregious

Definition: a person who is extremely shocking and bad

Synonyms: horrific, awful

Example: It is necessary to punish the egregious people.

6. Emptyheaded

Definition: a person who is foolish and lacking intelligence and smartness

Synonyms: stupid, idiot

Example: Everyone was complaining and objecting at the promotion of the empty-headed employee.

Negative Adjectives That Start with E to Describe an Event

If you heard describing words beginning with E below for events, be prepared, because probably it is bad news.

1. Embarrassing

Definition: an event which is a shameful

Synonyms: humiliating, upsetting

Example: It was an embarrassing situation when I broke the cup in the cafe.

2. Entrapping

Definition: an event which can trap people

Synonyms: entangle, ensnare

Example: The environment of the disco was so entrapping that I could not escape it before midnight.

3. Earsplitting

Definition: an event which is extremely noisy

Synonyms: ear-piercing, ear-shattering

Example: The whole situation was so ear-splitting that the neighbours had to complain to the police.

4. Earthbound

Definition: something which cannot make any progress or development

Synonyms: backward, slow

Example: The villages located on the southern boundary of our country are earthbound.

5. Earthshaking

Definition: a musical event which is extremely loud and throbbing

Synonyms: drilling, shattering

Example: The earthshaking music at the birthday party was so deafening that we could not talk to the guests.

Negative Adjectives That Start with E to Describe a Place

If someone describes a place using any of adjectives that start with E below, then you won’t want to go there. Because it won’t bring a pleasant experience.

1. Eccentric

Definition: a place that has no centre and does not have its axis or other part placed centrally

Synonyms: bottomless, unfathomable

Example: I saw a servo driving an eccentric cam.

2. Extraneous

Definition: a place that has no relation or relevance to the subject being dealt with

Synonyms: inappropriate, inapplicable

Example: The weak patient was bound to wade through many extraneous departments in the hospital.

3. Evil

Definition: a place that is cursed by a saint

Synonyms: destructive, catastrophic, ominous

Example: The ruins of the earthquake looked evil.

4. Empty

Definition: a place that contains nothing.

Synonyms: unfilled, vacant

Example: My room was empty of furniture.

5. Elusive

Definition: a place that is difficult to reach or find

Synonyms: evasive, shifty

Example: The house will become even more elusive without having its correct address.

6. Eerie

Definition: a place that is frightening and strange

Synonyms: unnatural, uncanny, sinister, scaring

Example: The climate of this place is very eerie.

7. Echoless

Definition: a narrow place or room where sound cannot transfer from one part to the other

Synonyms: soundless, airless

Example: There should be no meetings held in a place that is fully echoless.

Negative Adjectives That Start with E to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

It is normal to feel negative sometimes, because people are all emotional. Just you need to learn to dispel it by talking to your friends and get comforted. Use list of adjectives that start with E below and your friends will definitely understand your feeling.

1. Expensive

Definition: something that costs a lot of money

Synonyms: costly, demanding, high-priced, pricey

Example: Not everybody can afford expensive toys for children nowadays.

2. Erotic

Definition: something that can arouse unbearable and uncontrollable sexual excitement and desire about someone or something

Synonyms: indecent, bawdy, steamy

Example: When the young man was left alone for the entire weekend, he did nothing but watched erotic movies.

3. Eroding

Definition: something that can slowly wear away other things coming in its contact

Synonyms: harming, wearing

Example: The engine of my old lawnmower has been eroded by rust, dust, bird droppings and webs.

4. Expressionless

Definition: a person who is unemotional

Synonyms: unreadable, dull, lifeless, flat

Example: The racist speaker delivered an expressionless speech.

5. Emaciated

Definition: something or someone who is very weak and ill

Synonyms: bony, scrawny, thin

Example: He was feeling very emaciated after starving for a week

6. Edgy

Definition: someone who is tense

Synonyms: jittery, uptight

Example: He was edgy about the arrival of the new movie.

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with E

Congratulations on reading all the way to the end of adjectives that start with the letter E. I believe you’ve found yourself with a larger vocabulary now.

I have listed and explained with detail descriptive words starting with E, which is the fifth alphabet of the English language.

The best way to learn a language is to practise and use it frequently in daily life. So, try your best to use the above adjectives that start with E where appropriate.

Ps. See also positive words that start with E, nouns that start with E and verbs that start with E.

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