56 Adjectives Starting with N Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

Adjectives are one of the four major word classes, along with nouns, verbs and adverbs. They modify or describe features and qualities of people, animals and things. Examples of adjectives are: big, small, blue, old, rich and nice.


  • That’s a big house.
  • Look at the grey horse.
  • Some dogs have long tails.
  • She is tall.

The alphabet N holds 14th number in English alphabetical order and is the most prominent letter in English language. There are more than 580 adjectives that start with N. So, by using some descriptive words starting with N, you may describe your noun properly.

Here is a list of both positive and negative adjectives starting with N which you can use for perfect description of the nouns around you.

Positive Adjectives Starting with N to Describe a Person

1. Naive

Definition: unaffectedly, or sometimes foolishly simple; childlike

Synonyms: credulous, innocent, simple

Example: Carol is so naive that she doesn’t realize Ben is just using her.

2. Noble

Definition: having or showing high moral qualities or ideals, or greatness of character; having excellent qualities

Synonyms: aristocratic, patrician, righteous

Example: It’s very noble of you to spend all your weekends helping the old folk.

3. Needy

Definition: Poor enough to need help from others

Synonyms: poor, deprived, disadvantaged

Example: Unfortunately, Jackson realized too late that Cassandra was a crazy bitch, and needy as well.

4. Newborn

Definition: (of a child or animal) recently or just born

Synonyms: newly born

Example: She’s incapable of looking after a newborn.

5. Nice

Definition: giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractive

Synonyms: enjoyable, pleasant, satisfying

Example: We had a very nice time.

6. Noetic

Definition: of or relating to the intellect or mind

Synonyms: brainy, clever, rational

Example: In the debate between the two top teams, it became apparent of the leader’s noetic capabilities to describe the history and reasoning behind their debating topic.

7. Non-belligerent

Definition: not aggressive or hostile.

Synonyms: even handed, fair minded, unbiased

Example: Over time, such cooperation could gradually acclimate Arab peoples to a non-belligerent stance toward Israel.

8. Notable

Definition: worthy of notice or note; remarkable; characterized by distinction or excellence; memorable

Synonyms: outstanding, important, remarkable

Example:  No matter how strong you are how notable your attainments, you have enduring significance only in your relationship to others.

9. Nourished

Definition: being provided with nourishment; fed

Synonyms: sustain, feed, nutrify

Example: All the children were well nourished and in good physical condition.

Positive Adjectives Starting with N to Describe an Event

1. Negotiable

Definition: possible or easy to be negotiated or negotiate; open to change, modification or discussion

Synonyms: flexible, passable

Example: The bonds were negotiable, and afford us the earliest instance of the issue of government stock.

2. Nasal

Definition: of the nose.

Synonyms: ear-splitting, penetrating, sharp

Example: His singing voice is more nasal than his speaking voice.

3. Natural

Definition: of, or arising from, nature; in accordance with what is found or expected in nature; not artificial or manufactured

Synonyms: essential, innate, instinctive

Example: The amazing curls in Beth’s hair are natural.

4. Nifty

Definition: very good; great; first-rate

Synonyms: skillful, capable, agile

Example: What a nifty little gadget – you can use it for all kinds of things.

5. Novel

Definition: new and unusual; especially, being the first of its kind

Synonyms: original, unusual, unfamiliar

Example: Who first had the novel idea of putting peanut butter and jelly together?

6. Nutritious

Definition: nourishing; of value as food

Synonyms: nourishing, good food

Example: Berries are both nutritious and delicious.

7. Nonalcoholic

Definition:  a beverage usually containing less than 0.5% alcohol by volume

Synonyms: alcohol-free

Example: Coke is my favorite nonalcoholic drink.

8. National

Definition: relating to or characteristic of a nation; common to a whole nation

Synonyms: state, public, federal

Example: This policy may have been in the national interest.

9. Neat

Definition: arranged in a tidy way; in good order

Synonyms: tidy, fine

Example: The handwriting on the letter was neat and feminine.

10. Necessary

Definition: needed to be done, achieved, or present; essential

Synonyms: obligatory, requisite, imperative

Example: Nothing is so necessary for travelers as languages.

Positive Adjectives Starting with N to Describe a Place

1. Narrow

Definition: not wide; limited in meaning, size, amount, or extent

Synonyms: small, tapered, strait

Example: The hallway may be narrow, but the rooms are very large.

2. Native

Definition: belonging to a locality or country by birth, production, or growth

Synonyms: home-grown, vernacular, local

Example: The movie deals with injustices suffered by Native Americans.

3. Noteworthy

Definition: worthy of note; deserving notice; outstanding; remarkable

Synonyms: notable, interesting, significant

Example: There are many noteworthy restaurants in New York City.

4. Nameless

Definition: being or having an unknown or unnamed source

Synonyms: unspeakable, unutterable, inexpressible

Example: The nameless height is located in the belarusian forests.

5. Nariel

Definition: Of or relating to or near the nares

Synonyms: perta, opening

Example: Its position is not indicative of a nariel opening either.

6. Navigable

Definition: able to be sailed on or through safely

Synonyms: passable, negotiable

Example: Such commerce on the national scale was made possible by China’s system of navigable waterways, partly natural and partly man-made.

7. Nearby

Definition: not far away, close

Synonyms: close by, near,

Example: She darted behind the nearby rocks.

8. Nobby

Definition: elegant; stylish; chic; smart; aristocratic.

Synonyms: ritzy, chichi, spry

Example: Quite a nobby place it is, in fact.

Adjectives Starting with N to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Normal

Definition: conforming with or constituting an accepted standard, model, or pattern; natural

Synonyms: usual; standard; regular

Example: John exhibits self composure and normal behavior in every situation.

2. Nostalgic

Definition: of or related to a longing for something far away or long ago, or for former happy circumstances

Synonyms:  wistful, evocative, sentimental

Example: Claire always feels nostalgic when she listens to Jimmy Buffet because it reminds her of childhood summers.

3. Nosey

Definition: showing too much curiosity about other people’s affairs.

Synonyms: prying, inquisitive, probing

Example: Sorry if I seem nosey, I don’t mean to, I’m just curious.

4. Numb

Definition: not showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive

Synonyms: insensible, insensate, senseless

Example: Jackpots once topping $1 billion have tumbled during the coronavirus pandemic, and the public has become numb to what once seemed to be astonishingly large prizes.

Negative Adjectives Starting with N to Describe a Person

1. Nasty

Definition: very dirty, filthy; offensive in taste or smell; morally offensive; very unpleasant

Synonyms: malicious; ill-humored, mean

Example: Mr. Scrooge was a nasty man with a nasty temper who liked to eat nasty foods like haggis and liverwurst.

2. Nearsighted

Definition: having better vision for near objects than for distant ones; myopic

Synonyms: purblind, short-sighted, myopic

Example: Sallie is nearsighted, so she needs glasses when she drives to see the road signs clearly.

3. Naughty

Definition: not behaving properly; mischievous or disobedient.

Synonyms: indecent, bawdy, rude

Example: Kyle isn’t naughty; he has ADHD and finds it hard to sit still in class.

4. Negligent

Definition: habitually failing to do the required thing; neglectful

Synonyms: careless, lax, remiss

Example: Social Services can take children away from parents who are negligent.

5. Nerdy

Definition: describing a person regarded as socially dull, unsophisticated, awkward, etc., especially one who is preoccupied with academics, intellectual hobbies, etc

Synonyms: geeky, egg headed, highbrow

Example: Have you ever noticed how many nerdy guys there are with really beautiful women?

6. Noisy

Definition: making, or accompanied by noise; making more sound than is expected or customary; full of noise.

Synonyms: rowdy, clamorous, boisterous

Example: My roommates are so noisy in the mornings, I can never sleep in.

7. Nude

Definition: completely unclothed or uncovered

Synonyms: bare, stripped, stark naked

Example: She looks at me rather askance when I suggest a swim in the nude.

8. Notorious

Definition: widely but unfavorably known or talked about

Synonyms: infamous, ill-famed

Example: The professor was notorious for giving impossible tests.

9. Nonchalant

Definition: without warmth or enthusiasm; not showing interest

Synonyms: calm, cool, unconcerned

Example: He seemed so nonchalant about the financial crisis; we had no idea he was going bankrupt.

10. Nefarious

Definition: Extremely wicked

Synonyms: evil, sinful, villainous

Example: I know the list of nefarious uses of the Internet—but on balance, we are building it for good purposes.

Negative Adjectives Starting with N to Describe an Event

1. Nauseous

Definition: causing nausea; sickening, disgusting.

Synonyms: sick, queasy, bilious

Example: His warm breath on her neck and the added heat of his body made her feel nauseous again.

2. Nebulous

Definition: unclear; vague; indefinite.

Synonyms: indistinct, indefinite, vague

Example: We spent so much time together without defining our relationship. It just became a rather nebulous and confusing thing.

3. Noxious

Definition: harmful to the health; corrupting

Synonyms: poisonous, toxic, deadly

Example: You should always paint in a well-ventilated area because paint fumes are noxious.

4. Nonsensical

Definition: unintelligible, foolish, silly, absurd, etc.

Synonyms: meaningless, illogical, senseless

Example: Dr. Seuss books are nonsensical in a way, but they also teach children valuable lessons about all kinds of things.

5. Nuisance

Definition: a person or thing causing inconvenience or annoyance

Synonyms: irritant, annoyance, trouble

Example: The dogs next door are a real nuisance.

6. Nonsensical

Definition: (of words or language) having little or no meaning; making little or no sense

Synonyms: ridiculous, senseless

Example: A baby’s babbling is appealingly nonsensical.

Negative Adjectives Starting with N to Describe a Place

1. Noisy

Definition: making or given to making a lot of noise.

Synonyms: rowdy, clamorous

Example: Deep rivers move in silence, shallow brooks are noisy.

2. Nonhuman

Definition: refer to existence of no human

Synonyms: without human,

Example: The house which was long way nonhuman looked horrific.

3. Nightmarish

Definition: resembling a bad dream

Synonyms: unearthly, ghostly, horrific

Example: Mostly within grey, barren cell-like structures, nightmarish scenarios, which are unspecific in their narrative, are enacted.

4. Non-existent

Definition: not existing or not real or present.

Synonyms: imaginary, unreal, fictional

Example: The hotel turned out to be completely non-existent.

Negative Adjectives Starting with N to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Nauseated

Definition: feeling nausea

Synonyms: sickening, stomach-churning, stomach-turning

Example: I feel nauseated when I smell beef cooking.

2. Nervous

Definition: easily agitated or alarmed

Synonyms: anxious, edgy, tense

Example: I get very nervous before a big race.

3. Numb

Definition: weakened in or deprived of the power of feeling or moving; deadened; insensible

Synonyms: benumbed, dead

Example: He was numb to the cries for mercy.

4. Negated

Definition: make ineffective; nullify

Synonyms: invalidate, nullify, refute

Example: There emerged a tacit agreement between the two men that Dean’s position negated his direct involvement in officially pursuing the investigation.

5. Neutral

Definition: not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial

Synonyms: impartial, unbiased

Example: Journalists are supposed to be politically neutral.


It would take a linguistic philosopher to explain why we say “little brown house” and not “brown little house” or why we say “red Italian sports car” and not “Italian red sports car.” The order in which adjectives in a series sort themselves out is perplexing for people learning English as a second language. Most other languages dictate a similar order, but not necessarily the same order. It takes a lot of practice with a language before this order becomes instinctive, because the order often seems quite arbitrary (if not downright capricious). It is definitely important to learn the pattern of adjective order if it is not part of what you naturally bring to the language. Always remember to make every word count in your writing. If you need an adjective, use it. But if it’s not pulling its weight, delete it. What is important is to use accurate adjective in the right place. As adjectives tell more about a noun, it may present the noun in the wrong way if we use a wrong adjective.

So, you can use the above descriptive words starting with N, where it is appropriate to use.

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