295 Verbs That Start with N [with Definitions and Examples]

Some of the verbs that start with N are mostly used as a noun and that’s why, in this list, we will see how these words can be used as verbs to make your writing style compelling and riveting. Just reading through these verbs starting with N might not enable you to use these professionally but the definitions, synonyms, and simple examples will help you develop a basic understanding of where and when to use these verbs beginning with N.

Good writers and speakers always have a great number of ways to fabricate their breathtaking statements. Their toolkit houses the words that help them capture the beauty of anything in this world. We know a picture is worth a thousand words, but this list of verbs that start with N will help you paint a picture in someone’s mind by utilizing only a few words.You can use verbs that start with N to describe a person, inspire and encourage people, and much more. So, let’s start with this list of verbs that start with N.

Verbs That Start with N You Always Use

Let’s jump-start with the list which encompasses the verbs that start with N and are a part of our daily conversations.

1. Nab

●  Definition: to catch or seize in arrest

●  Synonyms: catch, capture, apprehend

●  Example: The officer nabbed the criminal before he could escape.

 2. Nail

●  Definition: to fasten with a nail or nails

●  Synonyms: fasten, attach, fix

●  Example: She had nailed a small shelf to the wall.

3. Name

●  Definition: give a name to (something or someone)

●  Synonyms: call, dub, label

●  Example: He named his child after a movie star.

4. Nap

●  Definition: sleep lightly or briefly, especially during the day

●  Synonyms: doze, catnap, rest

●  Example: He likes to nap for an hour when he gets home from work.

5. Narrow

●  Definition: become or make less wide

●  Synonyms: taper, diminish, make smaller

●  Example: They have narrowed the focus of the investigation, to concentrate on old adults.

6. Nationalize

●  Definition: transfer (a major branch of industry or commerce) from private to state ownership or control

●  Synonyms: municipalize, nationalise

●  Example: The Bank of India was nationalized in the winter of 1946.

7. Navigate

●  Definition: plan and direct the course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transport, especially by using instruments or maps

●  Synonyms: steer, helm, plot a route

●  Example: In old times people navigated with the help of stars.

8. Need

●  Definition: require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable

●  Synonyms: require, want, demand

●  Example: I don’t need your help but thanks for your concern.

9. Needle

●  Definition: provoke or annoy (someone) by continual criticism or questioning

●  Synonyms: provoke, taunt, bait

●  Example: His mother was always needling him about getting good grades.

 10. Neglect  

●  Definition: fail to care for properly

●  Synonyms: fail to look after, abandon, forsaken

●  Example: The old Mosque has been sadly neglected.

Verbs That Start with N You Usually Use

Remember the last time you were sure about something but eventually found out that you were wrong. Well, that’s because humans forget and that’s why it is important to go through verbs starting with N that we typically use.

1. Negotiate

●  Definition: obtain or bring about by discussion

●  Synonyms: arrange, workout, thrash out

●  Example: He negotiated a new contract with the project manager.

2. Nest

●  Definition: to fit compactly together or within one another

●  Synonyms: embed, inset, plant

●  Example: The set of four chairs can nest into one stack.

 3. Network

●  Definition: interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts

●  Synonyms: interconnect, link

●  Example: It is very important to network when starting a new business.

4. Neutralize

●  Definition: to make (something) ineffective by applying an opposite force or effect

●  Synonyms: counteract, offset, counterbalance

●  Example: This medicine can neutralize the effect of poison.

5. Normalize

●  Definition: bring or return to a normal or standard condition or state

●  Synonyms: conventionalize, homogenize

●  Example: Husband and wife normalized their relationship after the therapy.

6. Note

●  Definition: to record (something) in writing

●  Synonyms: write down, put down, take down

●  Example: He noted down all the major topics of the lecture.

7. Number

●  Definition: amount to (a specified figure or quantity)

●  Synonyms: add up to, total, come to

●  Example:  The loss faced by our company was numbered more than one million dollars.

8. Notify

●  Definition: to inform (someone) of something, typically in a formal or official manner

●  Synonyms: inform, tell, advise

●  Example: You will be notified about the result as soon as possible.

9. Numb

●  Definition: deprive of feeling or responsiveness

●  Synonyms: paralyze, freeze

●  Example: The cold had numbed her senses.

10. Nurse

●  Definition: to give medical and other attention to (a sick person)

●  Synonyms: take care of, look after, tend

●  Example: He was nursed back to health with the help of doctors.

Verbs That Start with N You Often Use

Next is the list of verbs starting with N that we routinely use while communicating. Some of these might come as a surprise for you.

1. Nickname   

●  Definition: give a nickname to someone

●  Synonyms: byname, tag, label

●  Example: Jimmy is nicknamed Jim by his office workers.

2. Negate

●  Definition: to make something ineffective

●  Synonyms: invalidate, nullify

●  Example: Alcohol negates the effects of the drug.

3. Necessitate 

●  Definition: make (something) necessary as a result or consequence

●  Synonyms: entail, involve, demand

●  Example: Growing business necessitated the recruitment of new employees.

4. Narrate 

●  Definition: give a spoken or written account of

●  Synonyms: tell, relate, recount

●  Example: I love narrating stories to children.

5. Nag

●  Definition: harass (someone) constantly to do something that they are averse to

●  Synonyms: keep on at, go on at, harass

●  Example: She constantly nags her son to work harder.

6. Nucleate   

●  Definition: to form a nucleus

●  Synonyms: turn or become the nucleus

●  Example: Ice crystals nucleate high in the atmosphere.

7. Nix

●  Definition: put an end to

●  Synonyms: cancel, decline, deny

●  Example: They nixed a million-dollar deal yesterday.


●  Definition: affect with or as if with a narcotic drug

●  Synonyms: anesthetize, dope up

●  Example: They wanted to narcotize you so you wouldn’t be sensitive to them.

 9. Neighbour

●  Definition: (of a place or object) be situated next to or very near (another)

●  Synonyms: adjacent, next door, closest

●  Example: The emporium mall neighbours the city plaza.

10. Nickel

●  Definition: to coat with nickel

●  Synonyms: cover, overlay, laminate with nickel

●  Example: It is easier to nickel an article than to copper it.

Verbs That Start with N You Sometimes Use

It’s time to move towards the verbs beginning with N that we only use sometimes. We hope you find something new in this section.

1. Namedrop

●  Definition: to casually mention (the name of a famous person one knows or claims to know) in order to impress others

●  Synonyms: advert, mention

●  Example: The manager was name-dropping all of the celebrities who had dined at the tables right next to us.

2. Neaten

●  Definition: make (something) tidy

●  Synonyms: tidy up, make neat, straighten up

●  Example: She made an attempt to neaten her hair.

 3. Neigh

●  Definition: (of a horse) utter a neigh

●  Synonyms: whinny, bray, nicker

●  Example: The horse began to neigh when he saw a snake.

4. Nibble

●  Definition: take small bites out of

●  Synonyms: gnaw, pick

●  Example: He nibbled a bar of chocolate.

5. Notarize

●  Definition: have (the signature on a document) attested to by a notary

●  Synonyms: countersign, cosign

●  Example: These documents have been notarized.

6. Novelize

●  Definition: convert (a story, typically one in the form of a film or screenplay) into a novel

●  Synonyms: fictionalize, retell, restate

●  Example: I love to novelize different plays.

7. Nullify 

●  Definition: to make legally null and void

●  Synonyms: invalidate, void, annul

●  Example: I believe the court is not going to nullify its previous decision.

8. Nosh

●  Definition: eat food enthusiastically or greedily

●  Synonyms: eat, consume, ingest

●  Example: You can nosh to your heart’s content.

9. Neck

●  Definition: (of two people) kiss and caress amorously

●  Synonyms: kiss, caress, smooch

●  Example: They started necking on the sofa.

 10. Noise

●  Definition: to talk loudly

●  Synonyms: yell, yelp, shout

●  Example: Stop noising, I need to concentrate on my work.

Verbs That Start with N You Occasionally Use

There are exceptions in everything, and the same is true for verbs. Not all the verbs are used frequently. Here is a list of verb words that start with N which are used now and again.

1.  Nose

●  Definition: (of an animal) thrust its nose against or into something

●  Synonyms: nuzzle, nudge, push

●  Example: The pony nosed at the straw.

2. Notch    

●  Definition: score or achieve (something)

●  Synonyms: score, secure, attain

●  Example: He notched his first international award today.

3. Nustle

●  Definition: to take care of, to nurse

●  Synonyms: look after, tend, take care of

●  Example: School has to nustle and nurse its students.

4. Nitrogenize

●  Definition: to combine with nitrogen and its compounds

●  Synonyms: nitrogenise, nitrify

●  Example: Nitrogenizing agricultural land can increase crop production.

5. Nick

●  Definition: make a nick or nicks in

●  Synonyms: cut, scratch, abrade

●  Example: He had nicked himself while playing football.

6. Near     

●  Definition: come near to something or someone

●  Synonyms: approach, draw near, get closer

●  Example: Soon the cab would be nearing Oxford street.

7. Nerve

●  Definition: brace oneself mentally to face a demanding situation

●  Synonyms: brace oneself, steel oneself, prepare oneself

●  Example: She nerved herself to overcome the fear of public speaking.

8. Net

●  Definition: to catch something using a net

●  Synonyms: capture, seize, grab

●  Example: He was able to net two fishes in just a few minutes.

9. Necrose

●  Definition: (with reference to cells) die or cause to die owing to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply

●  Synonyms: gangrene, mortify

●  Example: The knee became painful when the overlying skin necrosed under pressure.

10. Nettle

●  Definition: to irritate or annoy (someone)

●  Synonyms: irritate, annoy, anger

●  Example: Don’t nettle him, he is already very frustrated from all the work.

Verbs That Start with N You Seldom Use

This section will enlighten you with the verbs that are almost unheard of. So, let’s have a look at verbs that start with the letter N but are scarcely used.

1. Negative

●  Definition: refuse to accept

●  Synonyms: refuse, reject, turn down

●  Example: We strongly negatived the idea of playing baseball again.

2. Neeze     

●  Definition: to sneeze

●  Synonyms: sternutation, rasp

●  Example: Neezing is not a common symptom of fever.

3. Nuzzle 

●  Definition: rub or push against gently with the nose and mouth

●  Synonyms: nudge, nose, push

●  Example: He loves to nuzzle her hair.

4. Nauseate 

●  Definition: affect with nausea

●  Synonyms: sickening, stomach turning, stomach churning

●  Example: The thought of food nauseated her.

5. Neuter 

●  Definition: to castrate or spay (a domestic animal)

●  Synonyms: castrate, emasculate, geld

●  Example: All pit bulls must be registered and neutered.

6. Niggle 

●  Definition: cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety

●  Synonyms: irritate, annoy, worry

●  Example: Jimmy doesn’t want to discuss matters that niggled at her mind.

7. Nitrify

●  Definition: to convert (ammonia or another nitrogen compound) into nitrites or nitrates

●  Synonyms: nitrogenize, transmute into a nitrogen compound

●  Example: A considerable amount of ammonia is nitrified to produce cheap nitrates.

8. Notate

●  Definition: to write (something, typically music) in notation

●  Synonyms: put down, write down, get down in notation

●  Example: Recorded music can be notated and played back.

9. Nonconcur

●  Definition: to not be of the same opinion

●  Synonyms: disagree, oppose, contradict

●  Example: One nonconcuring judge issued his own opinion.

10. Nounize

●  Definition: to change (an adjective, verb, etc.) into a noun

●  Synonyms: nominalize

●  Example: It will not make grammatical sense to nounize the word “play”.

Verbs That Start with N You Rarely Use

These N-verbs are the ones that we rarely use while writing and speaking, so pay close attention to examples in order to understand them truly.

1. Nip

●  Definition: bite or pinch sharply

●  Synonyms: bite, nibble, peck

●  Example: A stray dog nipped him on the leg.

2. Nivellate

●  Definition: to level

●  Synonyms: make even, equalize, level out

●  Example: We need to nivellate the ground before further construction.

3. Nim

●  Definition: to steal

●  Synonyms: thieve, take, loot

●  Example: He was nimming from the company for three years.

4. Nasalize

●  Definition: to pronounce or utter (a speech sound) with the breath resonating in the nose

●  Synonyms: purr, buzz, whirr

●  Example: Singers must learn to avoid nasalizing vowels.

5. Nonplus

●  Definition: to surprise and confuse (someone) so much that they are unsure how to react

●  Synonyms: bewildered, puzzled, baffled

●  Example: Magician nonplussed everyone with his amazing tricks.

6. Natter

●  Definition: to talk casually, especially on unimportant matters

●  Synonyms: chat, gossip, jibber-jabber

●  Example: We used to natter away for hours but things have changed now.

7. Naturalize         

●  Definition: admit (a foreigner) to the citizenship of a country

●  Synonyms: make a citizen, grant citizenship to

●  Example: The government refused to naturalize them without a thorough background check.

8. Nosel

●  Definition: to lead or teach

●  Synonyms: guide, conduct, direct

●  Example: Don’t try to nosel a group of apathetic people.

9. Nut

●  Definition: to butt (someone) with one’s head

●  Synonyms: headbutt, bunt, bump

●  Example: Why are you trying to nut me in the face?

10. Nebulize

●  Definition: convert (a liquid) to a fine spray

●  Synonyms: atomize, spray

●  Example: We should never use nebulized anesthetics for the treatment of breathlessness.

Positive Verbs That Start with N

There are many types of verbs and positive verbs hold a special place among those. So, let’s go through some positive verbs that start with N.

1. Nestle 

●  Definition: to settle or lie comfortably within or against something

●  Synonyms: snuggle, huddle, settle

●  Example: She nestled her head against his shoulder.

2. Nectarize

●  Definition: to infuse or mingle with nectar

●  Synonyms: sweeten, add sugar to

●  Example: He nectarized his cereal a little.

3. Netify

●  Definition: to clean

●  Synonyms: wash, sponge, mop

●  Example: We have to netify all the dishes before midnight.

4. Nictate     

●  Definition: to blink

●  Synonyms: nictitate, flicker

●  Example: The lid of her left eye began to nictate.

5. Nod               

●   Definition: lower and raise one’s head slightly and briefly, especially in greeting, or understanding, or to give someone a signal

●   Synonyms: incline, bob, bow

●   Example: Only a few people in the audience nodded in agreement.

6. Nominate               

●  Definition: propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or honor or award

●  Synonyms: present, recommend, put forward

●  Example: Robert was nominated for several Oscars.

7. Nourish            

●  Definition: to keep (a feeling or belief) in one’s mind, typically for a long time

●  Synonyms: cherish, nurture, nurse

●  Example: He has long nourished an ambition to become a football star.

8. Notice

●    Definition: to become aware of

●    Synonyms: observe, perceive, note

●    Example: Did you notice anything odd about the new student?

9. Nudge           

●  Definition: to prod (someone) gently with one’s elbow in order to attract attention

●  Synonyms: poke, elbow, dig

●  Example: The children were nudging and giggling at each other.

10. Nurture         

●  Definition: to care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing

●  Synonyms: bring up, take care of, look after

●  Example: Jarrett was nurtured by his parents in a close-knit family.

Verbs That Start with N – Full List (295 words)

  • Nab
  • Nack
  • Nadir
  • Nag
  • Nail
  • Nait
  • Nake
  • Naken
  • Namaste
  • Name
  • Namecheck
  • Namedrop
  • Namefag
  • Namesake
  • Namespace
  • Nammus
  • Namous
  • Nance
  • Nangry
  • Nanny
  • Nanofabricate
  • Nanoimprint
  • Nantle
  • Nap
  • Napalm
  • Nape
  • Naphthalize
  • Napoo
  • Nappe
  • Nappy
  • Narc
  • Narcissize
  • Narcose
  • Narcoticize
  • Narcotize
  • Nark
  • Narrate
  • Narrativize
  • Narrow
  • Narrowcast
  • Nasalize
  • Nash
  • Nationalize
  • Naturalize
  • Naturize
  • Nauseate
  • Navigate
  • Navvy
  • Nay
  • Naysay
  • Nazify
  • Neal
  • Neap
  • Near
  • Neaten
  • Neatify
  • Nebulize
  • Necessitate
  • Necro
  • Necrobump
  • Necromance
  • Necropost
  • Necropsy
  • Necrose
  • Necrotize
  • Nectar
  • Nectarize
  • Need
  • Neeze
  • Neg
  • Negate
  • Negative
  • Negativize
  • Neglect
  • Negotiate
  • Negrify
  • Negrofy
  • Negroize
  • Neigh
  • Neighbour
  • Nemmine
  • Neocolonialize
  • Neologize
  • Neotenize
  • Neoterize
  • Neovascularize
  • Nephrectomize
  • Nerdify
  • Nerf
  • Nerve
  • Nesh
  • Neshen
  • Nesslerize
  • Nest
  • Nestle
  • Net
  • Netflix
  • Nether
  • Netify
  • Netsplit
  • Netsurf
  • Nett
  • Nettle
  • Network
  • Neuralize
  • Neuroimage
  • Neuromodulate
  • Neuroticize
  • Neurotize
  • Neurotransmit
  • Neutralize
  • Neven
  • New
  • Newcast
  • Newcoin
  • Newcreate
  • Newfangle
  • Newfashion
  • Newform
  • Newfront
  • Newgroup
  • Newmake
  • Newmodel
  • Newmodelize
  • Newmould
  • Newset
  • Newvamp
  • Neyghbour
  • Nib
  • Nibble
  • Niblick
  • Nice
  • Nicen
  • Nick
  • Nickel
  • Nickelize
  • Nicker
  • Nickname
  • Nicodemus
  • Nictate
  • Nictitate
  • Nidate
  • Nidder
  • Nidge
  • Nidificate
  • Nidify
  • Nidulate
  • Niello
  • Niff
  • Nifong
  • Nig
  • Nigerianize
  • Niggard
  • Nigger
  • Niggerize
  • Niggle
  • Nigh
  • Nighen
  • Nigrify
  • Nihilate
  • Nill
  • Nim
  • Ninja
  • Nip
  • Nipponize
  • Nither
  • Nitpick
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrify
  • Nitrilate
  • Nitrocarburize
  • Nitrogenate
  • Nitrogenize
  • Nitrosate
  • Nitrosylate
  • Nivellate
  • Nix
  • Nixtamalize
  • Nob
  • Nobble
  • Nobblerize
  • Nobilify
  • Nobilitate
  • Nock
  • Noclip
  • Noctambulate
  • Noctivagate
  • Nod
  • Nodalize
  • Noddle
  • Nodulate
  • Nodulize
  • Nog
  • Noint
  • Noise
  • Noiseproof
  • Nom
  • Nomadize
  • Nomenclate
  • Nominalize
  • Nominate
  • Nommus
  • Nonconcur
  • Nonconform
  • Noncuple
  • Nondimensionalize
  • Nonlinearize
  • Nonplus
  • Nonsense
  • Nonsensify
  • Nonsuit
  • Nontender
  • Noodge
  • Noodle
  • Noogie
  • Noose
  • Norm
  • Normalize
  • Normativize
  • Norn
  • North
  • Norther
  • Norwegianize
  • Nose
  • Nosedive
  • Nosegrind
  • Nosel
  • Nose-Pick
  • Noseprint
  • Noseride
  • Noseslide
  • Nosh
  • Nostalgize
  • Nostrificate
  • Nostrify
  • Notarize
  • Notate
  • Notch
  • Note
  • Notice
  • Notify
  • Nott
  • Nought
  • Noun
  • Nounize
  • Nourish
  • Nourisht
  • Noursle
  • Nousle
  • Novate
  • Novelize
  • Noy
  • Nroff
  • Nuance
  • Nub
  • Nubble
  • Nubilate
  • Nuclearize
  • Nucleate
  • Nucleoporate
  • Nuddle
  • Nudge
  • Nudle
  • Nudzh
  • Nuke
  • Null
  • Nullify
  • Numb
  • Number
  • Numerate
  • Numericalize
  • Numericize
  • Nuncle
  • Nuncupate
  • Nurdle
  • Nurl
  • Nurn
  • Nurse
  • Nursemaid
  • Nursle
  • Nurstle
  • Nurture
  • Nuss
  • Nustle
  • Nut
  • Nutate
  • Nutcrack
  • Nutmeg
  • Nutriate
  • Nutrify
  • Nutshell
  • Nutshot
  • Nuzzle
  • Nympho
  • Nymshift

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with N

A list of all verbs that start with N and their use in different scenarios is not something that we could cover in just one article. But we have tried to compile a comprehensive list of verbs that will not only help beginners but also professionals to craft statements with strong and unique verbs beginning with N to make their writing style stand out.

Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity. So, if you are familiar with verbs starting with N that can help people improve their communication, then please share them with everyone in the comment section.

Ps. See also positive words that start with N, adjectives that start with N and nouns that start with N.

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