23 Adjectives Starting with Z Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

Here I will discuss with you three different types of adjectives used commonly in the English language.

  • Compound adjective is also known as compound modifier and phrasal adjective. This type of adjective is created by the combination of two words that together describe a noun. This type of adjective always appears before the noun, and the words are joint using hyphens. For example, full-time job, part-time job, high-spirited man, heat-stricken land, etc.
  • Conditional adjectives describe the physical condition and emotions of a person or thing. For example, wet room, zealous man, etc.
  • Past principle adjectives end with “ed”. These words can be used both as adjectives and adverbs because they are always used in a passive sentence. For example, he was annoyed; I was entertained, she is a married woman, he is a well-dressed man; in this specific example, the adjective is both compound and past principled at the same time.

Scroll down to read the examples of descriptive words starting with the letter Z.

1. Zany

Definition: a person who is amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic

Synonyms: nutty, comical, clownish

Example: She is a zany person.

2. Zealous

Definition: a person who is able or willing to show zeal

Synonyms: ardent, fervent, passionate

Example: He is pretty zealous in the application of rules and laws.

3. Zestful

Definition: a person who is characterized by great energy and enthusiasm

Synonyms: energetic, vigorous

Example: She is always zestful at everything she does, which is why others can’t easily compete with her.

4. Zippy

Definition: a person who is bright, fresh, and lively

Synonyms: active, dynamic, spirited

Example: He is zippy so that he can work well with either of his offices.

5. Zaftig

Definition: someone who is (especially a woman) exceptionally full and round-figured

Synonyms: plump, healthy, beautiful, fact

Example: Her beauty is so zaftig that no one can take his eyes off her.

6. Zoftig

Definition: an alternate spelling for zaftig

Synonyms: curvaceous, rounded

Example: She is a zoftig lady.

7. Zenithal

Definition: a place that is located at or near the zenith

Synonyms: parallel, above

Example: The resort is zenithal by the road.

8. Zeroth

Definition: a place that is preceding even the first one in a specific series

Example: The zeroth building on this street is a warehouse.

9. Zigzag

Definition: a place that is having the abrupt alternate right and left turns and twists

Synonyms: winding, curvy

Example: When the predator is trying to attack, the prey takes a zigzag path to escape.

10. Zoological

Definition: a place that is related to the study of animal or experiments on animals

Synonyms: zoo, sanctuary, reserve

Example: The zoological park in our town is crowded on the weekends

11. Zodiacal

Definition: about a small inflatable boat powered by an outboard motor or a place related to the zodiac, which is a belt of the heavens within about 8° on either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and most familiar planets. It is divided into twelve equal divisions or signs

Synonyms: heavenly

Example: We are planning to go for a zodiacal ride today.

12. Zonal

Definition: Divided into zones

Synonyms: regional, territorial

Example: The BDA plans to display large maps and zonal regulations contained in this CDP at a central location for public viewing.

13. Zonary

Definition: something or a place related to the nature of zones

Synonyms: zonal, departmental

Example: We have to follow the zonary restrictions when parking a car.

14. Zygomorphic

Definition: a flower having bilaterally symmetrical planes

Synonyms: regular, uniform, consistent, equal, balanced

Example: I like to take pictures of zygomorphic plants.

15. Zillion

Definition: an extremely large number of people or things

Synonyms: gazillion

Example: He is capable of looking after zillions of birds.

16. Zoic

Definition: something that is relating to a particular geologic era or a particular manner of animal existence

Synonyms: Cryptozoic

Example: The library is full of books related to zoic history.

17. Zolaesque

Definition: something that in the manner of Emile Zola

Synonyms: Zolaistic

Example: This is a zolaesque French novel.

18. Zygomatic

Definition: something that is related to the cheek region of the face

Synonyms: facial

Example: People who have sensitive skin must protect their zygomatic part against cosmetics

19. Zoophagous

Definition: an animal that feeds on the flesh of the other animals

Synonyms: carnivorous

Example: The tourist is busy staring at zoophagous animals

20. Zygote

Definition: something that produced after the fertilization of sperm with an egg

Synonyms: embryo, fetus

Example: I am really excited to look at my zygote’s image on the screen of the ultrasound machine.

21. Zymoid

Definition: something that resembles an enzyme

Synonyms: biochemical, bio-substance

Example: I have been taking medication for zymoid for a long time now.

22. Zymotic

Definition: something that causes fermentation

Synonyms: zymolytic, yeast

Example: The chemistry students are studying zymotic reactions.

23. Zoonotic

Definition: a person who is related to zoonosis, a person suffering from a disease transmitted from animals such as anthrax or rabies

Synonyms: diseased, ill

Example: There are vaccination and treatment for most of the zoonotic viruses.


At the beginning of this article, I have explained the difference between three different types of common adjectives in a very simple and conversational tone. The above-given (a compound adjective) descriptive words starting with the letter Z, which is the last alphabet of the English language, will further elaborate your understanding of adjectives.

By reading and understanding such articles, the learning and teaching of the English language especially for foreign students both at school and college level, become really easy. It is essential to practice them in your daily verbal communication and written formal letters.

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