CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know

As a pet owner, you may already be aware of the various products regarding CBD or cannabidiol. Others discover that the oil extracts and treats infused with CBD are effective in decreasing anxiety in dogs. It’s incredibly effective in alleviating various symptoms like arthritis, anxiety, and chronic pain, and it’s not surprising that many also want to get these for their pets.

Know that not all products were created equal, and you need to do your research when it comes to CBD. When you choose the right CBD for dogs, this means getting the tincture from legitimate manufacturers. You need to check the ingredients carefully and see if they are all dog-friendly. Another essential thing to remember is to check the THC content of the products every single time.

A few products are out there in the market today. However, your pet canine doesn’t like to take any kind of medicine, especially if you’re going to administer it under their tongue. This is why it can be too difficult. You can consider mixing the oil extracts into their food, but many dogs start with small amounts first. When they begin to feel comfortable with the taste, you can add treats infused with cannabidiol so they can live healthier lives.

Is the Oil Effective and Safe?

Know that there are a lot of articles and opinions about the therapeutic use of cannabidiol products. If you’re going to get the right products, they will be able to help your canine alleviate their anxiety during fireworks or thunderstorms. The best products out there are transparent with their ingredients and extraction methods so that you can be sure of their safety and efficacy. Here are other things to know.

How CBD is Different from THC

Even if CBD was extracted from hemp plants, it’s still different from mari###na. CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect on its end users, and it only contains 0.3% THC or less. On the other hand, mari###na can make its smokers high because it has over 30% THC compound. Read more about the THC compound in this page.

Manufacturers grow hemp plants that don’t contain any THC so they can be safe for dog consumption. Cannabidiol extracts are even used in the medical field because they have considerable potential in curing rare forms of epilepsy and anxiety.

CBD oil is one of the popular forms of cannabis made for dogs. The liquid was extracted with the help of CO2, butane, ethanol, and other methods to ensure its purity. However, know that not all products contain 99.9% pure CBD oil as they claim to be, and others don’t even contain any CBD at all. You should always check before purchasing any products that don’t have any ingredients list or certificates of analysis.

Uses of Cannabidiol for Canines

At present, owners have a lot of anecdotal evidence and testimonials about CBD. They were able to administer the oil for their canines with lots of issues like arthritis, epilepsy, cancer, nausea, and osteoarthritis. However, without the science-backed research from scientists, many veterinarians won’t be able to determine the safe dose of the oil for dogs. Without approval from the Food and Drug Administration, it can be difficult to know a solution’s potency.

New Studies about the Use of Cannabidiol for Canines

Recently, studies done by universities and laboratories are announcing that they are beginning clinical trials for cannabidiol and dogs with osteoarthritis. In particular, the University of Colorado has said that it’s starting to study the effects of the oil for canines with epilepsy. Cannabidiol might not be a cure-all, but it can be an organic alternative in some treatments for dogs.

The Stance of Other Vets

Since these products lack proper regulations and studies, vets don’t usually recommend them to owners. Instead, they tend to prescribe traditional painkillers and medicines for specific ailments. However, many of them are hoping that the clinical trials being done today will have promising results. Fortunately, many of the vets have shared about how CBD, especially the older ones, helped their pets.

Don’t Give Marijuana Leaves to your Canine

It’s essential not to give your dogs mari###na leaves and other edibles that have high THC. With the legalization of mari###na, many vets are regularly getting toxicity cases, so make sure only to get the bottled oil. More about dog toxicity and poisons in this link: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/top-10-dog-poisons.

Mari###na poisoning may occur resulting from oral ingestion. Many canines may enjoy the taste of mari###na, and they may want to eat the buds, leaves, baggies, and joints. This may include baked goods like brownies and cookies. While you may find your pets look like inebriated human beings, know that they don’t necessarily enjoy this experience, and it’s not fun at all. They are essentially neurologically impaired and anxious. If your pet eats a mari###na product, you should look for medical treatment as soon as possible.

Mari###na is CBD oil is different, and CBD oil has therapeutic effects. Research the company carefully and look for feedback from other customers. It’s best to look for a certificate of analysis and look for products extracted from supercritical CO2 methods. This way, you’ll know that there are no other impurities involved as well.

If in doubt, always consult your pet’s veterinarian to ensure that the oil extracts won’t intervene with the medicines that your pets may be currently taking. Cannabidiol oil is beneficial as long as you follow the manufacturers’ instructions and get the premium ones from the market.

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