Dealing with Insomnia and Stress with a Gorilla Glue CBD Strain

Stress and insomnia are pretty much part of our society. They are so rooted in our daily lives that they are suffered by more than 50% of the world’s population. It is known that stress and insomnia can greatly affect someone’s physical and mental health but, of course, it depends entirely on how severe the problem is and whether the person is doing something about it.

Those who ignore the symptoms caused by insomnia and stress for too much time without fighting it at all, frequently end up getting sick or having their quality of life reduced to the point of affecting their performance in several areas, including studies and work.

In fact, stress can increase the chances of us suffering from certain diseases, so to a point, it can be considered a fatal problem. Insomnia, sadly, is a condition that greatly increases stress levels, so they are both deeply linked.

When it comes to dealing with insomnia and stress, you have multiple options. Traditionally speaking, people would use sleeping pills to fight insomnia, and there are certain medications that could help people face stress. However, it is known that sleeping pills can cause several health problems, including depression, lack of focus and motivation as well as mood swings.

That is why some people are starting to rely on other forms of treatment. These alternative forms of treatments are usually capable of providing great benefits when it comes to fighting insomnia and stress, but there are two options that are becoming fairly popular: Medicinal cannabis and CBD, a short name for cannabidiol.

Medicinal Cannabis and Indica Strains

To understand cannabidiol as a form of treatment, we must first talk about medicinal cannabis. Back in the day, medicinal cannabis was an ancient form of treatment that was mainly used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Of course, its uses have evolved over the years, and considering that medicinal cannabis has been legalized in several places all around the world because of its level of utility, it is to no surprise that new methods of consumption were introduced as well.

Usually, medicinal cannabis would be smoked, but nowadays you can find a great variety of products, from ointments to lotions, and even edibles. Still, smoking a cannabis strain (also commonly referred to as a mari###na strain) is one of the most common ways of consuming it.

Now, cannabis is known for having three types of strains: Sativa, Indica, and Mixed. Sativa strains are the ones that cause invigorating results, in which people feel energized and more creative while doing certain activities, so it is the one used when we need to be proactive and boost our performance in specific situations.

You can get more detailed information about this over here.

Indica, however, is the one we should be paying attention to. An Indica strain is pretty much the opposite of a Sativa strain since it is well known for its relaxing effects. It is capable of not only relaxing our minds and bodies but also improving our quality of sleep, stimulating our appetite, and reducing both inflammation and pain.

There’s a problem with medicinal cannabis, however, and that is a chemical compound known as THC. This compound is psychoactive, so it is capable of getting people high, which can greatly affect our performance at certain activities.

For most people wanting to deal with stress and insomnia, however, this shouldn’t be a problem, but for those who want a non-psychoactive alternative, a CBD strain might be their best choice. But what is cannabidiol, first of all?

CBD and the Hemp Plant

Cannabidiol is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant, in lower levels than THC. Thing is, CBD is non-psychoactive, so it doesn’t affect the body as aggressively as THC. Of course, consuming CBD won’t get you high at all, and it is capable providing the same benefits as Indica strains.

The great thing about CBD products, however, is that they are not actually made from cannabis but from the hemp plant. This plant is familiar with the cannabis plant that contains higher levels of CBD and much lower levels of THC, so products created using this plant are also non-psychoactive and great alternatives to Indica strains!

Common CBD Products

There are many ways of consuming CBD, as showcased over Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, and since CBD products work similarly to cannabis-based products, you can expect the same results.

Edibles and oils are the most popular inside of the community, because of their versatility as well as affordability. The problem with both is that they take some time to kick in and their effects are moderate.

On the other hand, smoking cannabidiol is just like smoking mari###na instead of consuming edibles, a much faster and stronger method of relying on it. Some people prefer vaping oils, but you can also find CBD strains that work wonderfully.

The Gorilla Glue CBD Strain

The reason why some people prefer smoking over anything else is that it providers a much stronger effect, which might be necessary for people who suffer from really severe cases of insomnia and stress.

Among the many options of smokeable CBD strains, the gorilla glue CBD strain is especially good for dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as problems related to pain and inflammation. Considering that it is a rather premium form of strain, it can be a little costly, but its efficiency is completely guaranteed.

Thankfully, since you need little amounts of this CBD strain, it can be a very long-lasting investment. Even more, if you ration it properly and use it every now and then to fight your insomnia and fix your sleeping schedule. There are many ways to smoke a strain. Some people use pipes while others use grinders and rolling papers. Some people even use bongs! If you are a beginner, however, you should stick to simple methods: pipes are probably the best for beginners, but if you learn to make blunts out of a strain, you’ll be more than fine.

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