Five Ways That Make Your Child Happy

Happiness is like a boomerang; if you give it to other people, it bounces back to you. Happiness is also essential for kids to grow as when you’re happy, you learn more. If you want your children to be the best they can be, whether academic or otherwise, we teach them that happiness might mean different things to different people. That way, they can be proud of who they’re and who they’re becoming from a very young age.

One child might be good at math while the other might be a great football player. So it would be best if you supported both of them, and acceptance is the way towards happiness because most children seek their parent’s approval and satisfaction before accepting themselves. The process starts at a very young age; after a few months, a child is born. So there are certain things you can do to make your child happy.

Five simple things that can make your child happy 

1. Outings

As you know, it is vital to spend quality time with your child, and the best way to do it is by going on different outings. Just like adults, even children need a change of pace and environment. Being cooped up in a place or routine every day can hamper their mental and physical growth. So whether it be a visit to a petting zoo to watch the kid’s favourite animal, or a small trek, take at least one outing every weekend with your kid.

2. Playtime

The children’s playtime becomes a part of a child’s routine as soon as they are born. After all, who enjoys all work and no play? It has been proven that children especially learn a lot during the play hour as they are more open towards things because they’re happy. You should try and become a part of that time some days a week, if not every day. Also, there are innumerable toys we can get, which helps the child enjoy and learn simultaneously. You can find a wide selection of such toys and other kinds of stuff at My Happy Helpers, which can become your kid’s best friend.

3. Expression

When the kids are in their infancy, all they do is mostly cry to express everything. So it’s mentally easy to convey their message to their parents or people surrounding them. But it gets difficult for them to do the same after they start talking and understanding. This is usually because they don’t know the right or wrong thing to say. So it would be best if you encourage your child to be comfortable and express whatever they feel and however they feel.

You can address the incorrect issues in other ways, but the expression is fundamental. Suppose a boy likes pink, that’s okay. If he wants to hit somebody, make him comfortable enough to accept it before you, and then explain why it isn’t a good thing to do.

4. Desserts and Sweets

Most people today are very health conscious and want to feed only healthy stuff to their kids. And that is entirely fair. But remember, you kid should have the opportunity to enjoy the sweetness of cakes and pastries and even junk food in intervals of time. Also, sweetness induces energy which in turn increases creativity. Also, it is okay to cheat now and then. It will all be worth it when you see the toothless grin that appears on your child’s face. Just make sure to visit the dentist in ballantyne once in a while to make sure you’re not having “too much fun” with sweets!

5. Dirty

Hygiene and cleanliness are important for everybody, not just children. But, it is okay if your child wants to be dirty with bright colours, paint, mud, bubbles, sand, or even glue. They need to enjoy every experience, whether jumping in potholes, making a piece of art, or even dancing in the rain.


Your child needs your company, your attention, respect, confidence, and security to be happy. Your mood will be reflected in your child’s mood. So after a bad day, all you can do is read to your child or play with them to fix both you and your child’s spirit. Making your child happy can be both simple and challenging. They get happy from the simplest of things. The same can be said for sadness. So you must keep track of it.

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