Is Jamie Dimon Coming in Touch with Blockchain?

Out of all the financial players in the world, Jamie Dimon is one of the most prominent names. He is an American businessman who is known for serving as chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase. His name has a significant weight when it comes to banking and financial services sector. He has also been on top of Forbes’ list of highest paid bankers for quite a while now. He may seem like a traditionalist, but he seems to be quite open to modern technologies and their applications in real life. This becomes evident from his recent statements about blockchain Home Page.

In his latest speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he said that “blockchains will take much longer than everyone thinks” to be adopted by the mass market. However, he also called blockchain “real” and “something that needs to be explored”. Blockchain has been described as the most revolutionary technology since the internet was first developed. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, agrees that blockchain is the future, and believes that it will have a huge impact on everyday working. So what’s so special about blockchain in the bitcoin era?

Points to consider

It is always a matter of fact to ponder on the unique skill and abilities of the investors that are deep rooted in the bitcoin era competing with thousands of other investors. But, what is more thrilling is to see a contradictory aspect of a crypto hater getting converted into a blockchain admirer. So, across the same validity following points have been noted down:

  1. The first thing to understand is that blockchain can be used for more than just cryptocurrencies – it can be used in all aspects of life, from business to healthcare. The second thing to understand is how it works. Blockchain technology is a decentralised ledger system where every transaction ever made with that currency is recorded and stored on a global network of computers. This means that every transaction can be traced back to its source and there’s no way for hackers or cybercriminals to get access to your data. It also means that banks won’t have control over your money – which means you’ll have more control over it!
  1. Blockchain can improve everyday working by reducing the amount of time we spend online shopping or paying bills. Because it’s so secure, you won’t need to worry about credit card fraud or identity theft when using this technology to make purchases online or pay bills at home: everything will be recorded on an immutable ledger for all time.
  1. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, a global financial services company, has been vocally critical of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He has said that it is a fraud and that governments will shut it down. But he is investing in blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency. His company is developing its own blockchain-based coin as well as an enterprise version of the Ethereum platform.

Why? Because blockchain is not just about cryptocurrency. It is about a new way of doing business using decentralized ledgers for transactions across multiple users, even those who don’t trust each other completely. Blockchain has the power to change how we do everything from banking to voting to paying taxes. Blockchain can help with supply chain management, peer-to-peer lending, and fundraising for startups—and this is just the beginning!

Imagine being able to purchase something on eBay without worrying about fraud; track how much money you spend on food at restaurants or groceries every month; knowing where your clothes come from and whether they were made in sweatshops or not; voting for your favorite candidate without fearing that someone will hack into election results; or even playing video games online with your friends without worrying about someone stealing your password! Blockchain will change all these things—and more!


The underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies has been described as revolutionary by many analysts who believe it could radically alter the way people conduct financial transactions, while also disrupting traditional models of banking and finance. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger technology which records information in a permanent form without the need for a trusted third party authority such as banks or governments to verify transactions and secure the network.

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