Six Different Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Metal Appliances

Many old metal appliances can be recycled or contain parts that can be recycled. But even if you have an old metal appliance that cannot be recycled, with some creative thinking, you can reuse the item and prevent it going to landfill.

So, let’s take a look at six ways to reuse and recycle those metal appliances you no longer need.


First off, here are three creative ways to repurpose some common metal appliances.

1. Make Your Microwave into a Storage Solution

Reusing an old microwave oven by turning it into storage can be a fun and functional project.

Make sure it is completely safe to use by removing the plug and cleaning it. Then, fit a flat base inside the microwave and remove any unwanted features. The final step involves painting the microwave so that it looks like a new and stylish storage solution.

You can then use the item for storing office supplies, crafting materials, small tools, or anything else.

Why pay for storage solutions and increase the market demand for new products when you can turn existing items like microwave ovens into effective and sleek-looking storage?

2. Create a Refrigerator Tool Cabinet

You could think bigger when it comes to storage solutions. If you are remodeling your kitchen and need to remove your old refrigerator, you could transform it into a cabinet. Refrigerators particularly serve well as tool cabinets for the garage.

Firstly, you will need to completely clean and disinfect your fridge. Remember to remove all the shelves and drawers that you do not need. Cut the plug off, too.

Next, you can add any extra shelving or compartments to suit your unique storage needs. Consider using plywood or spare metal sheets for this task. Just fasten them securely to ensure the whole setup is stable before placing your tools.

For extra organization, plastic bins or boxes can be added to hold smaller items like screws, nails, or any other small tool accessories.

Lastly, give it a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that will help it blend into its surroundings in your garage or workshop.

3. Turn Your Toaster into a Stylish Lamp

Another cool idea for reusing an old metal appliance is this: turn your toaster into a chic lamp!

Unplug and clean it thoroughly before starting. Then, remove all the internal components, making sure the outer shell remains intact. Then, wire an LED light inside, routing the electric cable out from the bottom.

Hey presto, you have a toaster lamp that is sure to cause eyes to pop.

If you are not comfortable dealing with electronics, then hire a professional to ensure your safety.


Now that you know of three ways to reuse old metal appliances, it should be easier for you to put your thinking cap on and come up with other creative methods to repurpose the items you no longer need.

But you also have the option of recycling the components of many old metal appliances, such as these three.

1. Dismantle Your Dishwasher to Recycle as Many Parts as Possible

When it is time to retire your dishwasher, consider contacting a metal recycling facility. It will have the resources and knowledge needed to dismantle the machinery and separate all of the recyclable materials, thereby minimizing the environmental impact.

Alternatively, they could refurbish your dishwasher for resale or donation if it is still operational.

2. Sell Your Old Washing Machine’s Metal

Recycling your old washing machine through a reputable scrap metal dealer is a good option. Companies are always on the lookout for these appliances because they contain several types of metal, including copper, aluminum, and types of stainless steel.

So, you might be able to earn some cash while also ensuring all recyclable parts are extracted and leftover components are disposed of responsibly.

3. Recycle the Metal of Stoves and Ovens

Your old stove or oven is also a significant source of recyclable metal.

A professional recycling service can break it down into individual components, separate the metals for reuse, and safely dispose of non-recyclables.

Some metals can be purely recycled without losing their special properties. So, they might even become part of a new appliance someday!

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