10 Things to Do Right After Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog can be overwhelming. But bringing home your pup and having fun might sound exciting, but is definitely not enough. The dog is moving into a new habitat and there are several things that you need to do to ensure that they have a smooth transition.

Needless to say, after adopting or buying a new dog, you need to do a few immediate tasks. These are related to the health, wellness, and safety of your dog.

Still, confused? Here’s a list of 10 things that you can begin with.

1. Gather all the pet supplies

This is the most basic thing that you should start with and hence tops the list. The pet supplies can be your dog’s food, collar, leash, and anything else that you think your furry friend needs for daily survival.

Alongside that, you may also need food and water bowls. Further, make sure you have a space dedicated in your home for the dog’s bed, toys, treats, and grooming supplies.

2. Preparing your house

Just like before a baby arrives, you prepare your home by storing away items that are small and might be harmful or hurtful to the baby in any way, you need to know that dogs can be really overly curious and they can chew on items you do not want.

So, just like for babies, you need to prepare your house for your furry baby too.

3. Dedicate a private space for your pup

Not that your dog asks for it, but a private space dedicated to your dog can be really helpful while you are still introducing your pup to its new home. This will help your dog to adapt to the new surroundings and make them feel safe.

4. Show him around the house

Dogs love to explore, and this curiosity only increases once they are in a new environment. Feed on this curiosity and let them explore and sniff around their new house.

Show them around their neighborhood. Show them their food, bed, and toys. Also, it is important you also show them what is off-limits.

5. Designated potty space

Well, there is no guarantee that your dog will only stick to that place, but, if you have a specific area where you want him to poop, be it in your yard, or around the neighborhood, show it to the dog.

Further make sure that every time they use that area, you reward them with some treats.

6. Introduce him to the other dogs and other family members

If you have other dogs around the neighborhood, there is no better time than now, to introduce them to this new family member of yours. But it is always a good thing to ensure that all the dogs are on their leashes, just in case.

7. Switching dog’s food slowly

Food and nutrition are very important, for any being, but the need and importance only multiply when we talk about dogs. Trust me, I have seen people losing their pups just because of poor nutrition.

Ask the shelter or breeder they were previously in, about their food habits. Serve him regularly to avoid all kinds of digestion issues. Also, if there is a switch that you intend to make, in their food, do it slowly.

8. Train him, daily

A lot of dog owners think that they should let their dogs grow up before they start training. Most times they are proved wrong and it is too late before they start training. In most cases, you should start training right away.

9. Get a vet appointment

Probably one of the most important tips on the list: visit a veterinarian for a health check-up every once in a while. Make sure all the vaccinations of your pup are done. Also, taking an appointment is important because the vet can guide you with all the other dos and don’ts about the dog.

10. Don’t forget to have fun

No matter how saddening and depressing it sounds, the lifespan of a dog is pretty small. So, make the most of every moment spent with your pup. Cuddle with it, play with it, take it out for walks and runs, and give it all the love in the world.

Well, the best days of your life are just ahead of you. The best part is now you have your pup to share your joy with! Just remember to take care of your dog and of yourself. 

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