Top 5 Roulette Hacks

Users are looking for tips on how to start gambling. For example, on the page blackjack online casino there is a description of the classics. Fans of this card game claim that special skills are not needed. The only peculiarity is that it is desirable to start with a demo version. It is available in most virtual halls.

One of the advantages of the site with reviews is legality. Experts have collected information on casinos that operate legally. Secrets are published to facilitate independent selection of the site. There are rules and tricks that allow you to keep costs to a minimum.

Financial strategies and other tips can be used when playing roulette. They only allow you to properly allocate the money on your balance. They can not provide a positive result of 100%. The game itself is described on the page.

Five Recommendations to Improve the Game

The ancestor of roulette is Blaise Pascal. It is noteworthy that the French mathematician tried to invent the perpetual motion machine. By applying strategies, players increase their chances of success. They do not guarantee victory, but they allow you to distribute the pot correctly. There are five recommendations, which are listed in the table.

1Make the minimum bets
2Allocate money taking into account your financial capabilities
3Choose the European version of roulette
4Look for a game with the prison rule
5Test the demo versions

The First Tip – Make the Minimum Bets

When choosing a variety of games on the casino site, you should pay attention to the limits. It is important to make the smallest possible bets to stretch the bank for a long time. It is preferable outside (on equal odds):

  • small/large;
  • red/black;
  • even/odd.

In the case of luck, winnings will be minimal (will exceed the bet by half), but also the risk is minimized. The odds are less than 50/50. This is due to the presence of the green sector. 

Another option for outside bets is columns or dozens. Each covers 12 numbers that are arranged in sequence. If it is successful, the winnings are paid with the odds of 2: 1. In this case, the bet is multiplied twice.

The Second Tip – Allocate Your Money Well

Money should be allocated properly, so that the bank will be enough for a long time. Professionals recommend making two outside bets at once. One is placed on a column or a dozen, the second – on equal odds. In the case of wins, the bank will grow, though slowly, but surely. You can use the Martingale strategy, in which the amount at stake is doubled after each win. Keep in mind that it can be very risky.

The Third Tip – Choose the European Version

European roulette is considered to be preferable to American roulette because of the single green sector. The casino advantage is reduced to 2.63%. With the right approach it can be reduced to 1.4%. The latter option is possible with a roll of zeros.

The French version is based on the rules of European roulette, but with some additions. Its followers take into account five recommendations to reduce costs to a minimum.

  1. Martingale system. This is a popular technique in which bets are made on equal odds. A red or black number is chosen (always the same). If the bet is not played, the amount is doubled. This continues until the first win. When it is received, you need to withdraw the money and stop the game.
  2. System numbers. This recommendation is based on probability theory, so preliminary calculations are required. It is necessary to pay attention to the number that falls first. Then the observation continues for an hour. The regularity is revealed, and then you can bet on a particular group.
  3. Mirror numbers. It takes assiduity, since miscalculations will have to be performed for a long time. It is desirable to pay attention to paired numbers. This point is called a “mirror”. When such a number falls out, it is recommended to bet on its pair. Such advice is valid up to the twentieth bet.
  4. Unpopular numbers. Bets are made on numbers that are not chosen by other users.
  5. Chances. Columns, dozens or colors are selected. For example, on a roll of the last dozen chips are placed on the previous two. 

The benefits and opportunities of French roulette are not limited to this. Each advanced player develops his own strategy.

The Fourth Tip – Look for Roulette with the Prison Rule

Most often the prison rule is provided in the French version. It is not available in all casinos. This addition is popular because with its help you can reduce the advantage of the hall up to 1.35%. This applies only to situations where bets are made on equal odds.

The rule is valid in case of zeros. In this case, the bet will not be lost or won. The dealer (real or virtual) puts special tokens on the chips. Tokens remain in their places and are blocked at the moment of a new spin of the roulette wheel. It turns out that the players unwittingly repeat the previous bet..

If it works after that, the chips are unblocked. Players do not receive additional payments. Users only get back the blocked amount. When zero is repeated, the money most often goes to the casino fund. The bet may also be blocked again or winning. This nuance should be clarified in advance with the administration of the casino. Each site has its own rules.

The Fifth Tip – Test the Free Version

Professionals start with free versions to get acquainted. In this case, effective strategies are tested in practice without real costs. You can familiarize yourself with the roulette wheel, observe the movement of the ball, take a good look at the gaming table. The first step is to find a casino with an extensive collection, where each game can be tested in demo. In this case, you do not need to register and log in with your credentials. There are a number of steps to take.

  1. Choose the appropriate version of roulette, taking into account personal preferences.
  2. Hover your cursor over the background image.
  3. Click on “Demo” and wait for the download.
  4. Choose a type of bet and place chips in cells.
  5. Start the roulette wheel and wait for it to stop.

Chips are transferred to the selected cells with a computer mouse. Users should pay attention to the minimum limit. If it is below the limit, the roulette wheel will not start. All other actions are performed using the keys that are on the control panel.

Instead of money, credits are used for betting. If desired, the balance can be restored. It is enough to refresh the page. But in the latter case, all previously adjusted settings are reset. 

It is recommended to test the American and European versions separately. In this case, the difference between the two versions of roulette becomes apparent without any monetary costs.

If everything fits, you can move on to the real betting after getting acquainted. The first step is to register at the casino by filling out a user form. It is recommended to enter only the correct data, because otherwise the winnings will not be withdrawn. At the second stage, you fill out boxes with personal information in a personal cabinet. On the third – make a deposit in the appropriate currency.

Conclusion: How to Play Roulette with Profit for Yourself

Adhering to the tips, you can play roulette profitably. The article describes simple tips that do not cause difficulties even for beginners. Readers will learn how the game came into use in the seventeenth century. It caused a sensation among the inhabitants of cities and villages. Now it is popular among beginners and experienced players.

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