5 Ways to Make Your Room Look Better

The bedroom is one of the most intimate and private places for anyone. All of us are the rawest versions of ourselves in our bedroom. So, it’s natural to want it to radiate our personality and style.

The interior designing industry is a whopping 20 billion dollars industry. And every year this figure keeps rising. This figure already tells us how people are looking to invest in their houses to look comforting, beautiful, and trendy. Eventually, after a long day of work, the one thing a person looks forward to is sleeping on the bed.

But that doesn’t mean you need to spend huge bucks just for someone else to decide how your bedroom is going to look like. It’s your safe place, all you need to do is get creative enough to pull that vision to reality.

Still confused? Then let’s take a look at these simple ways to give you a good idea of what will be good for you.

1. Buy good furniture

Adding good furniture is the key to an elegant, comfy, and spacious bedroom. If your bedroom is small then consider not having enough furniture as you are already going to have a big bed and a stand.

Putting any other pieces will restrict movement and will also make the room feel clustered. Instead, before shopping take a full scan of the bedroom and decide what furniture you really need and how it will get organized.

When you get an idea, check out the website for https://www.ivoryanddeene.com.au/, their comfy and beautiful home decor pieces are affordable and fit into any type of home decor, giving them a minimalist look.

2. Add a mirror

Want to take a quick look before you head out? Mirrors got you covered. A bright big mirror can enhance the whole look of the bedroom. The best way to put together this look is by attaching the mirror adjacent to the window.

This will make the light reflect inside the room to a larger extent, making any kinds of small shadows disappear and creating an illusion of a bigger room. If you have beautiful scenery outside your window, mirrors will also act alive as a live portrait for your bedroom.

3. Use a bedhead

Using a bedhead can make any simple bedroom beautiful. Framing the bed with the right bedhead will add detail to your bedroom by just the right amount.

Depending on the colour of your bedroom, choose an appropriate bed frame to shift the focus on it. You can opt for a natural-looking timer, iron bedhead, or fabric bedhead.

If you are going with the fabric bedhead, incorporate the colours in your bed, and pillows. The matching colours will catch instant attention while stepping inside.

4. Use curtains

Using curtains can do more than what you can imagine. Apart from bringing privacy to the person, it creates an element of fun and drama inside the bedroom.

White, pastel colours are best to go for in this case than dark colours. If you want a more vintage effect, choose white-gold or golden colours with prints. While hanging, make sure the curtains touch the floor (almost).

It doesn’t matter if the window is small, adding curtains that exceed the height of the windows creates an illusion of a bigger room and the folds soften down the colours, giving a calming vibe.

5. Choose an aesthetic

Avoid making your room look straight from a catalogue. Yes, it does look appealing while turning the pages but to be very honest, is that the vibe you want to radiate from your bedroom? It is your comfort space so craft it according to your style. Keep these pages as references to be stylish and trendy but put together your own unique space.

Also, never keep your room cluttered. A messy, disorganized room looks very unattractive even if you keep it decorated.

So, get the bed ready every day, keep your cupboards organized, keep the curtains clean and dust the decorative pieces, and spray room fresheners regularly. This keeps your room pretty, healthy and gets you the comfort you’ve been seeking all day long.

Over to you…

So, as we can see, decorating a room really isn’t that expensive, it only needs a little bit of time and effort. After all, the satisfaction of seeing your room decorated by yourself is immense. So, get your things ready, and let’s do a complete room makeover, now!

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