What to Look in a Gaming Laptop: A Checklist

Buying a new gaming laptop is a decision that can bring a huge change in your life. It can turn your life into new paths as it has done for several people. Getting a new laptop for the first time requires proper knowledge about what you want and what are the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled.

There are times when people fail to understand what is required and what is not. This happens because people fall for false advertisements and unnecessary feedback. They get pulled away by the harsh reality of the market and other ad campaigns.

Thus, it is very necessary to have a clear and robust mind when looking for a gaming laptop. Buying a laptop with a supportive OS at a great price is a good option. So, to help you more, below we have created a checklist that you need to prefer before you buy a gaming laptop.


The minimum RAM available for laptops is up to 4 GB that is considered good for most gaming users. The more RAM, the better is the performance of the gaming laptop.

So, it is advised to get a laptop with 8 GB RAM if you can extend your budget and buy a gaming laptop for a higher price than usual. To get the best gaming laptop with better RAM, you can check JW gaming PC’s and choose the laptop that suits your requirements.


Two main processors are often used in gaming laptops-AMD and Intel. Both the processors offer different variants and services that can be confusing sometimes for the users.

Thus, it is recommended to go for a processor that can be easily used and supports the gaming laptop you have bought. If budget is your issue while getting a new laptop, then opt to get an AMD APU processor.


The display size of a laptop starts from 11.6 inches to 17 inches. The maximum number of gaming laptops is available in the size 15.6 and is very suitable to use.

For a gaming laptop, it is advised to use a 13 or 14-inch size laptop as it provides a correct balance between portability and performance. If you need a laptop for multimedia and browsing, then choosing an 11.6-inch display size may work.

Graphics Card

Buying a gaming laptop requires a dedicated GPU interface. So, opting for AMD GPU and onboard Intel is good for gaming and doing basic heavy-duty video.

The graphic card for a gaming laptop should have at least 2 GB of memory that provides better performance to the laptop.


In today’s time, gaming laptops have a 500 GB to 1TB hard drive. It is necessary to know that there are almost 5,400rpm hard drives that are for day-to-day functions.

So, if you want a laptop that provides you with faster performance, then buy a laptop with SSD or hybrid flash storage for the operating system that stores a 5400rpm drive. 


There is almost every brand providing gaming laptops at a reasonable price. So, choose a brand that you are sure about and provides excellent value for money. The most preferred brands are Dell, Lenovo, and HP, but do check the other brands also such as Asus and Acer.

You might get good specifications at a low price from some brands and also they come under the category of good after-sales service.

Battery Life 

If the gaming laptop manufacturer has given you a warranty of battery back-up time of the laptop, then it is recommended to not take it for granted.

The battery life of every gaming laptop depends on its usage scenario as different users have different battery usage. So, choose a laptop with a battery life of one hour less than given by the company.


USB 3 port is considered as one of the best ports that can be chosen when buying a gaming laptop. Make sure that the laptop bought by you has at least 3 USB ports.

Ethernet, SD card and HDMI are the other necessary things that you need to consider while buying the laptop. You should also check a VGA port to connect the laptop with a projector. 

Final Words

Therefore, this is the checklist that one should keep in mind while they go to buy a new gaming laptop. This will help you buy the correct laptop in your budget offering you the best performance.

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