60 Adjectives Starting with A Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

In the English language, nouns are words that are used to name something. To offer a more vivid or detailed image of the nouns, they are often modified by other words.

These words are called adjectives. To beautify or embellish your artistic writing, you can use adjectives and further improve the quality of your language.

For example, you can say, “The girl is wearing a dress.” Okay, but how does the dress look? How old is the girl? Is the dress good or bad?

But if you use a color adjective, like writing “She is wearing a black dress”, we can get a picture of the dress.

If you use the adjective “young” and say, “The young girl is wearing a black dress,” then we can imagine the age of the girl as well as the size of the dress.

Then if you say, “The young girl is wearing a pretty black dress,” the picture becomes even more clear. See the magic of adjectives?

The English alphabet begins with the letter A, which makes it a very important letter in the whole language. There are more than 1400 adjectives that start with A. So, by using some descriptive words starting with “A”, you may describe your noun properly.

So here is a list of both positive and negative adjectives starting with A that you can use to describe the nouns around you.

Positive Adjectives Starting with A to Describe a Person

1. Able

Definition: to have the skills or strength to do a task

Synonyms: adept, apt, proficient

Example: He is able to form opinions of his own, take the right decisions, and implement them confidently.

2. Adaptable

Definition: able or willing to change in order to suit different conditions

Synonyms: flexible, adjustable, changeable

Example: He’s pretty adaptable, and change doesn’t bother him.

3. Advanced

Definition: ahead in position, time, manner

Synonyms: foremost, progressive, ahead

Example: She is always advanced at everything she does, which is why others can’t easily compete with her.

4. Ambidextrous

Definition: being able to use both hands with aptitude

Synonyms: equal-handed

Example: He is ambidextrous, so he can work well with either of his hands. 

5. Angelic

Definition: Someone who is exceptionally kind or beautiful

Synonyms: otherworldly, heavenly, ethereal

Example: Her beauty is so angelic that no one can take her eyes off her.

6. Ardent

Definition: a deep level of enthusiasm or passion

Synonyms: passionate, fervent, zealous

Example: They are very ardent people, so you will never be disappointed with their enthusiasm

7. Artistic

Definition: someone or something that is rich in art

Synonyms: creative, appealing, alluring

Example: He had an artistic style of fashion everyone was attracted to.

8. Admirable

Definition: deserving of admiration

Synonyms: wonderful, marvelous, adorable

Example: She had many admirable qualities that drew everyone to her.

9. Agile

Definition: being quick or light in movement

Synonyms: speedy, fast, nimble

Example: She was chosen for the team because she was agile and strong.

10. Altruistic

Definition: regardful of the well-being of others

Synonyms: unselfish, caring, beneficent

Example: His altruistic personality made him more respectable as a person.

11. Ambitious

Definition: motivated by the strong desire of achieving something

Synonyms: desirous, eager, motivated

Example: She was ambitious only when it came to music, but the music was the only thing she couldn’t do.

12. Assuasive

Definition: something that is very soothing

Synonyms: tranquilizing, calming.

Example: Their assuasive voice made the whole room stunned to silence.

Positive Adjectives Starting with A to Describe an Event

1. Amazing

Definition: extremely surprising

Synonyms: awesome, incredible, stunning, marvelous

Example: It’s amazing that no one else has applied for the job.

2. Acceptable

Definition: satisfactory and able to be agreed to or approved of

Synonyms: reasonable, adequate

Example: Clearly, we need to come to an arrangement that is acceptable to both parties.

3. Annual

Definition: happening yearly

Synonyms: seasonal, yearly, yearlong

Example: They hold an annual get-together every year where they discuss their future business plans.

4. Applicable

Definition: Something appropriate or relevant

Synonyms: appropriate, apt, befitting

Example: This metaphor is very applicable to the current situation.

5. Available

Definition: ready for use

Synonyms: accessible, attainable, obtainable

Example: We still have a couple of rooms available for the guests.

6. Accurate

Definition: free from error

Synonyms: correct, authentic, precise

Example: The answer she gave was accurate, so she won the competition.

7. Advantageous

Definition: being in or creating favorable circumstances

Synonyms: beneficial, gainful, profitable

Example: His being a Jew was very advantageous in this situation.

8. Advisable

Definition: worthy of being recommended

Synonyms: recommendable, desirable, expedient

Example: It was not an advisable option for him to choose an Arts subject.

9. Alright

Definition: something that is acceptable and okay

Synonyms: agreeable, correct, safe

Example: Everything became alright after the truth was confessed.

10. Amicable

Definition: something characterized by friendliness and goodwill

Synonyms: peaceable, friendly

Example: An amicable proposal was given to satisfy both parties.

11. Arranged

Definition: planned in advance or placed in order

Synonyms: pre-planned, orderly

Example: A party was arranged to congratulate her for making it to Harvard.

12. Astonishing

Definition: something that is very impressive and surprising

Synonyms: wonderful, overwhelming

Example: The turn of events was astonishing.

13. Auspicious

Definition: something that brings good luck

Synonyms: favorable, lucky, fortunate

Example: An auspicious day was chosen for the wedding ceremony.

Positive Adjectives Starting with A to Describe a Place

1. Accessible

Definition: able to be reached or easily got

Synonyms: convenient, handy, nearby

Example: The resort is easily accessible by road, rail, and air.

2. Ancient

Definition: having had an existence of many years

Synonyms: aged, antique, old

Example: The Great Forest is an ancient, vast, and very varied woodland.

3. Attractive

Definition: appealing, drawing attention

Synonyms: alluring, beautiful, appealing

Example: The scenery of Niagara Falls is very attractive and captivating.

4. Azure

Definition: having a light purplish-blue color

Synonyms: ultramarine, cyanic, cerulean

Example: An azure hue spread over the place owing to the blue lanterns.

5. Ancestral

Definition: of or belonging to, inherited from or denoting an ancestor

Synonyms: inherited, familial, lineal, hereditary

Example: They have an ancestral home in Louisiana where they go for a vacation every year.

6. Aglow

Definition: something that is glowing

Synonyms: glowing, radiant, luminous

Example: The whole place was aglow with fireworks.

7. Alacritous

Definition: something that is lively

Synonyms: brisk, cheerful, lively

Example: I found myself in an alacritous park filled with giggling kids and affectionate couples.

8. Aquatic

Definition: relating to water

Synonyms: maritime, natatory, watery

Example: The aquatic environment is getting destroyed because of humans’ plastic and garbage into the water bodies.

Positive Adjectives Starting with A to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Active

Definition: having or engaging in movement

Synonyms: agile, mobile, dynamic

Example: He is generally an active person, so it’s no surprise he is good at sports.

2. Appreciative

Definition: Feeling or showing gratitude or appreciation

Synonyms: supportive, grateful, encouraging

Example: He becomes very appreciative of others when he is drunk.

3. Aspirant

Definition: strong want and desire of being recognized or advanced

Synonyms: hopeful, expectant, striver

Example: Her aspirant mindset was already a sign that she would get what she wants for sure.

Negative Adjectives Starting with A to Describe a Person

1. Acrimonious

Definition: being bitter or harsh in manner or speech

Synonyms: sharp, rancorous, caustic

Example: The teacher started displaying acrimonious behavior after being asked a question she couldn’t answer.

2. Adamant

Definition: showing refusal to change

Synonyms: inflexible, resolute, fixed

Example: She was very adamant about becoming the next Class President.

3. Aggressive

Definition: behaving in a forceful way, showing a tendency to attack or confront

Synonyms: hostile, belligerent, contentious

Example: He became very aggressive as soon as he heard the news.

4. Agoraphobic

Definition: fear of open, crowded, or public places

Synonyms: fearful, anxious, afraid

Example: She is agoraphobic, which is why she refused to hang out with you.

5. Avaricious

Definition: being extremely greedy

Synonyms: covetous, mercenary, grasping

Example: His actions easily declare the fact that he is avaricious.

6. Abusive

Definition: being violent and/or cruel, being offensive and insulating

Synonyms: violent, hostile, vulgar

Example: I heard she grew up in an abusive family, so she is always very withdrawn from others.

Negative Adjectives Starting with A to Describe an Event

1. Abrupt

Definition: something that happens very suddenly or in an unexpected way

Synonyms: sudden, unexpected, startling, surprising

Example: There was an abrupt pause halfway through the sentence, during which a chilly silence hovered over the room.

2. Awry

Definition: To become deviated from the plan or expectation

Synonyms: amiss, wrong

Example: His feelings went awry at the sight of that man.

3. Absurd

Definition: without any justifiable reason

Synonyms: unreasonable, nonsensical, peculiar

Example: The whole situation was so absurd that it was actually entertaining to be a part of it.

4. Ablaze

Definition: lit up by fire or flames

Synonyms: aflame, alight, blazing

Example: A wildfire broke out, and the forests were set ablaze within a few days.

5. Abnormal

Definition: something that is not normal or goes against the norms

Synonyms: unnatural, unusual, unconventional

Example: The weather has been very abnormal lately, ’cause why in the world would it snow in summer?

6. Adverse

Definition: something that is not in favor of your welfare

Synonyms: unfavorable, inauspicious, disadvantageous, unfortunate

Example: An adverse situation prevailed in the whole town because of that cyclone.

Negative Adjectives Starting with A to Describe a Place

1. Abysmal

Definition: very deep, resembling an abyss

Synonyms: bottomless, endless, deep, unfathomable

Example: Even the small pond felt abysmal because of the pitch-black darkness.

2. Abandoned

Definition: something that has been left deserted or uninhibited

Synonyms: deserted, uninhibited, empty

Example: The abandoned house at the corner of the street was not as abandoned as it looked.

3. Apocalyptic

Definition: something that describes or displays the end of the world

Synonyms: destructive, catastrophic, ominous

Example: The ruins of the earthquake looked apocalyptic.

4. Artificial

Definition: made or produced by human beings as a copy of the natural, but not natural.

Synonyms: fake, false, imitation

Example: We went to an artificial zoo, where all the animals were made of stone and earth.

5. Abject

Definition: without pride or dignity

Synonyms: wretched, hopeless, miserable

Example: The news made her fall into abject misery.

6. Arid

Definition: lack of moisture

Synonyms: dry, parched, desiccated

Example: The climate of this place is very arid.

Negative Adjectives Starting with A to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Afraid

Definition: to be filled with fear or regret

Synonyms: apprehensive, fearful, cowardly

Example: The darker the night got, the more she felt afraid of being alone.

2. Ambivalent

Definition: mixed or contradictory ideas about someone or something

Synonyms: irresolute, uncertain, conflicted

Example: One moment he says this, another moment he says that — what an ambivalent person he is!

3. Aquiver

Definition: trembling or shaking out of strong excitement and emotions.

Synonyms: trembly, tremulous, wobbly

Example: The unexpected news left him aquiver.

4.  Annoyed

Definition: to feel impatient or angry

Synonyms: irritated, pissed, steamed, angered

Example: Everyone was very annoyed at the racist speaker.

5. Apologetic

Definition: feeling guilty or sorry about something

Synonyms: excusatory, sorry

Example: He was feeling very apologetic for what he said to her that day.

6. Aroused

Definition: excessively affected by emotion

Synonyms: emotional, excited

Example: He was aroused by the message from the movie.


People also point to adjectives as describing words. And that’s what adjectives do – they describe something or anyone.

Here are some arranged adjectives starting with the letter “A,” which we use for formal letters and everyday conversation. Apart from these, there are many more adjectives that begin with the letter “A.”

What is important is to use the accurate adjective in the right place. As adjectives tell more about a noun, it may present the noun in the wrong way if we use a wrong adjective.

So, we should be careful about using an adjective.  After understanding the proper meaning of an adjective, it should be placed before or after a noun.

So, you can use the above 60 descriptive words starting with A, where it is appropriate to use.

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