67 Adjectives Starting with H Commonly Used in Formal & Informal Letters and Conversation

In the very first step of learning English language, we come to know about the parts of speech having nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions…

Here we are going to discuss descriptive words starting with “H”. Descriptive words give a detailed meaning to a noun that must be a person, place or thing.

Those descriptive words are called adjectives. They describe someone or something in such a way that we can simply make a picture of that noun in our mind and in our writing.

For example, if we say “This is a room”, then the question comes to the mind, what type of room is this?

So if we use well-organized adjectives in the above sentence like “This is a well-organized room”, then it makes a good image of the room in our minds.

Hereby, let us discuss some positive and negative descriptive words starting with letter “H” given below:

Positive Adjectives Starting with H to Describe a Person

1. Healthy

Definition: in good condition

Synonyms: active, all right, fit, full of life

Example: They both grew up healthy, breathing on their own and most importantly strong enough to spend a good life.

2. Handsome

Definition: attractive appearance

Synonyms: admirable, comely, graceful, impressive

Example: He sounds like a handsome looking gentleman but not really…

3. Harmless

Definition: not injurious and dangerous

Synonyms: innocent, safe, gentle, trustworthy

Example: I didn’t know why but she’d looking harmless and beautiful.

4. Helpful

Definition: being serviced or useful

Synonyms: accessible, beneficial, caring

Example: Anna’s notes were very helpful to me for preparing for my exams.

5. Heuristic

Definition: enable someone to discover or learn something

Synonyms: interested, interrogative, searching

Example: Heuristic method adopted by teachers nowadays is really admirable.

6. Heroic

Definition: brave or champion

Synonyms: courageous, epic, fearless

Example: He really did a heroic effort but there was nothing to admire.

7. Humorous

Definition: to show good sense of humour

Synonyms: funny, comic, amusing

Example: I had a humorous and interesting conversation with her about E-commerce.

8. Honest

Definition: being genuine or faithful

Synonyms: authentic, sincere, respectable

Example: At least he deserved an honest answer about his humble request.

9. Honourable

Definition: bringing or having honour

Synonyms: moral, ethical, righteous

Example: You both done a great job, however, you both are honourable to the core.

10. Heartfelt

Definition: genuine

Synonyms: deep, ardent, cordial

Example: Her voice actually told everyone how heartfelt that simple words were; they didn’t take seriously at all.

11. Hygienic

Definition: maintaining health or preventing disease keeping yourself clean; germ-free

Synonyms: sanitary, disinfected, sterilized, dirt-free

Example: Sam has a hygienic institute along with a hospital to prevent people and give them awareness about it.

12. Hardy

Definition: to be able to survive in any situation

Synonyms: strong, sturdy, robust

Example: He is hardy enough to survive in a forest.

Positive Adjectives Starting with H to Describe an Event

1. Harmonic

Definition: having component elements of pleasure in state of accord; harmonious

Synonyms: accordant, in concert, consonant, rhythmical

Example: It’s been centuries of harmonic evolution on classical series.

2. Hesitant

Definition: unsure or uncertain

Synonyms: tentative, doubtful, undecided

Example: The customer was hesitant about buying a laptop for programming.

3. Hilarious

Definition: very funny or entertaining

Synonyms: joyful, gut-busting, happy, gleeful

Example: That comedy scene was hilarious but also there was a lesson in that scene too.

4. Horticultural

Definition: of or relating to the cultivation of plants

Synonyms: agricultural, gardening

Example: He is a professor of horticultural science.

5. Headstrong

Definition: energetic or determined

Synonyms: contrary, wilful, strong-willed

Example: you are the most headstrong person I ever met, nice to meet you.

6. Hastily

Definition: very good speed

Synonyms: rashly, impulsive, apace

Example: Peter does his assignments as hastily as he can so that he could also go on a trip with his colleagues coming weekend.

7. Hexagonal

Definition: related to hexagon; six straight sides and six angles

Synonyms: senary, semestral, hexadic

Example: There was a hexagonal tower between two buildings.

8. Hierarchical

Definition: arrange in order; nature of hierarchy

Synonyms: gradable, stratified, class-conscious

Example: It was developed under a hierarchical system.

9. Hourly

Definition: every once a while

Synonyms: orbital, alternate, cyclical, serial

Example: I need hourly updates on regular bases.

10. Herbal

Definition: related to herbs

Synonyms: grassy, verdant, vegetative, herbaceous

Example: The second edition of Herbal having a number of variations and many more illustrations was published by Thomson.

Positive Adjectives Starting with H to Describe a Place

1. Heavenly

Definition: very pleasant, divine

Synonyms: adorable, beautiful, delightful

Example: The interior of Blue Mosque in turkey grabs the heart; as it has heavenly views.

2. Humble

Definition: down to earth nature

Synonyms: blushing, shy, courteous, backward

Example: it may be humble, but there is no place like home.

3. Humanitarian

Definition: being helpful

Synonyms: do-gooder, generous, merciful, unselfish

Example: Turkey is well-known country in all over the world for his humanitarian cultures and people.

4. Hospitable

Definition: having friendly nature

Synonyms: welcoming, sociable, obliging

Example: They are not only hospitable to the people of their own city, but also to other visitors.

5. Historical

Definition: concern about history

Synonyms: ancient, classical, old, authentic

Example: China was one of the earliest centres of human civilization and many has many historical buildings.

6. High

Definition: tall, at a great distance aloft

Synonyms: arial, big, elevated, giant

Example: Saudi Arabia ranks top for its high buildings and towers.

7. Holy

Definition: something religious

Synonyms: blessed, angelic, godly, glorified

Example: Makkah and Madinah are holy cities for Muslims.

8. Hunnish

Definition: related to Huns

Synonyms: bouche, kraut

Example: The design of this tower was discovered a hunnish king, but never had been revealed or known by any single person.

Positive adjectives Starting with H to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Happy

Definition: feeling blissful or having high spirits

Synonyms: blessed, contented, cheerful

Example: I am very happy to have an outing with my friends after a long time.

2. Hungry

Definition: feeling uncomfortable because of a lack of food

Synonyms: starving, covetous, craving, famished

Example: I’m hungry, let’s go for lunch in my favourite restaurant.

3. Humane

Definition: having sympathy and care for others  

Synonyms: compassionate, kindly, civilized, lenient

Example: God forbid that everyone should be humane, should love or pity on others; especially on lower class people who needs you.

4. Hydrous

Definition: containing water; water of hydration

Synonyms: hydrated, sulfidic, hydroxy

Example: Hydrous phase takes place and can be categorized by various science techniques.

5. Honeyed

Definition: something sugary or sweetened

Synonyms: candied, sugar-coated, flattering, cajoling

Example: We have not seen your wedding pictures yet; they said in a honeyed voice.

Negative Adjectives Starting with H to Describe a Person

1. Humourless

Definition: lack of humour or not able to appreciate

Synonyms: gloomy, grave, serious

Example: John is such a humourless person.

2. Harsh

Definition: having rough behaviour; crude

Synonyms: asperous, bitter, cracked, clashing

Example: His harsh voice and expressions hurt his mother a lot.

3. Hysterical

Definition: behaving in an uncontrolled way; out of control

Synonyms: frantic, wild, emotional

Example: I don’t know the reason behind his hysterical behaviour, but everyone there gets emotional.

4. Horrific

Definition: causing fear

Synonyms: awful, horror, dreadful, terrible

Example: Recently, he had a horrific accident that made him internally sick.

5. Homeless

Definition: person without home

Synonyms: vagrant, destitute, on the streets

Example: Unfortunately, he loses his home in the flood; now he is homeless.

6. Heated

Definition: angry

Synonyms: avid, bitter, violent

Example: He became heated on her ignorance.

7. Hoarse

Definition: (of a voice or a person) having a rough voice, often because of a sore throat or a cold

Synonyms: cracked, croaking, husky, uneven

Example: You’ll make yourself hoarse if you keep shouting like that!

8. Homely

Definition: being simple, ordinary or comfortable

Synonyms: comfy, domestic, modest, familiar

Example: Wow! He is such a homely kid.

9. Hooked

Definition: having or showing addiction

Synonyms: absorbed, captivated, obsessed, devoted

Example: She hooked up with a nice hearted and caring man.

Negative Adjectives Starting with H to Describe an Event

1. Hostile

Definition: unfriendly or mean

Synonyms: hateful, opposed, adverse, allergic

Example: He gave a very good performance but he had to blow up with a hostile audience.

2. Hellion

Definition: trouble maker, demon

Synonyms: evildoer, instigator

Example: After some relax reading, she felt herself like a swimming hellion.

3. Haggle

Definition: quarrel

Synonyms: argue, beat down, dispute, barter

Example: It is not good to haggle over the price of small things.

4. Hokey

Definition: feeble or commonplace

Synonyms: old hat, trite, stale

Example: They found an old-fashioned decoration and the restaurant to be a bit hokey.

5. Heedful

Definition: attentive or observant

Synonyms: careful, thoughtful, mindful

Example: While your father is giving you any advice, you should be more heedful.

6. Hormonal

Definition: related to hormones; containing hormones

Synonyms: hormone, germinal, nominal, hormones

Example: Her feet swell because of hormonal issues in her body.

7. Hulking:

Definition: immense or massive

Synonyms: clumsy, bulky, tremendous

Example: There were three hulking men to decorate the house for wedding ceremony.

8. Hurried

Definition: rushing, quickly

Synonyms: sudden, abrupt, brief, hasty

Example: Jonson hurried off to the science class because they are going to do an experiment today; he doesn’t want to miss.

Negative Adjectives Starting with H to Describe a Place

1. Hilly

Definition: mountainous or sloppy area

Synonyms: broken, inclined, rugged, rough

Example: The northern areas of Pakistan are generally hilly, cold and rocky.

2. Haunted

Definition: being disturbed; frequented

Synonyms: obsessed, preyed upon

Examples: The haunted scenes of the movie forefront in his mind since he was a child.

3. Hated

Definition: strong feeling or dislike about someone or something

Synonyms: cursed, disliked, avoided, offensive

Example: She hated his idea and mad as hell at him.

4. Hellish

Definition: unpleasant

Synonyms: cruel, accursed

Example: They reserved room in a hotel that was hellish expansive.

5. Hazardous

Definition: dangerous, insecure

Synonyms: unpredictable, chancy, wicked, uncertain

Example: You are going to do a magic trick? It is very hazardous without practice.

6. Horrendous

Definition: terrible

Synonyms: atrocious, awful, dangerous, beastly

Example: The game has horrendous scenes but awesome features.

Negative Adjectives Starting with H to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Hypnotised

Definition: having your attention fixated as though by a spell

Synonyms: fascinated, mesmerised

Example: Hypnosis is used in medicine, patients have been hypnotised and not needed anaesthetic for operations.

2. Hopeless

Definition: pessimist, downhearted

Synonyms: bad, dejected, demoralized

Example: I feel so hopeless because I’m not able to help you because of my illness.

3. Hateful

Definition: obnoxious or disgusting

Example: blasted, awful, nasty, damnable

Example: I don’t know why she reacted like that; there was nothing hateful.

4. Hectic

Definition: furious or frantic

Synonyms: busy, confused, fevered

Example: Last Sunday, I had a hectic fever.

5. Hideous

Definition: horrible or dreadful

Synonyms: monstrous, awful, ghastly, abominable

Example: He looked up to find the hideous beasts that were staring at all of them.

6. Howling

Definition: very painful

Synonyms: bark, bawl, keen, shriek

Example: Why you all are howling? Even it’s not that much scary.

7. Hueless

Definition: colourless; having no shade

Synonyms: untinged, achromatic, uncoloured

Example: There were so many hueless rocks but looked interesting.

8. Hurtful

Definition: make someone feel distressed; upsetting

Synonyms: distressing, wounding, painful, unkind

Example: It might be hurtful for her sister to refuse her for wedding.

9. Huffy

Definition: having bad mood

Synonyms: angry, annoyed, crusty, grumpy

Example: He is getting huffy and loses his patience.


We have discussed 67 descriptive words (adjectives) starting with “H” in the above lists along with their meaning synonyms and examples.

The detail of the above adjectives will more properly clarify the correct use of them at the correct place. You can use them where it is appropriate.

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