Ebooks or Paperbacks- Top 5 Advantages of Ebook

Before we start, here is a fair disclaimer for anyone who is an ardent reader. From one ardent reader to another, this article is not to shame physical books. Yes, there is nothing more special than having your own mini library.

However, ebooks do have some advantages over physical copies, and if you embrace them, you will be able to read more books. Do not feel guilty about reading ebooks. Yes, you can be a literature enthusiast, have hardbound book ornament shelves, and still carry a Kindle.

1. Compact & Easy to Carry

If you are an avid reader, just carrying one book in your handbag at the airport is never enough. You will want a bunch because who wants to dive into just one alternate reality when we have other fiction to get through a twelve-hour flight! So, would you prefer carrying all your hardbound books in your tiny backpack, letting it go off the airport permissible limit, or just carrying your tablet or kindle with you?

You can download reading applications and even get a kindle which will give you the digital paperback feeling. It is also not healthy to carry too many books, and generally, bookworms are never reading one book at a time. They are always engrossed in too many plotlines and twists, and they are not ready to miss out on any.

Plus, with these reading applications, it is much easier to bookmark pages, understand meanings, and open search engines to comprehend concepts easier. You do not have to switch from the physical copy to the internet. 

2. More Varieties

How many times have you been excited about a brand new book launch, and then you rush to the bookstore and find that the book is not there? What a bummer! This is why you need ebooks.

The digital world sees no geographical boundary. This means you could be an avid reader in one country but cannot find a physical copy of the book, which is not launched there exclusively; you will always have the support of e-books.

If you cannot find a particular book and have been ‘dying’ to read it because the plotline looks intriguing, then download it for free from…..

3. Forget Reading in Low Lights

Imagine this!

This is your night of self-care. You are planning to have a relaxing bath, take care of your skin, put a face mask on, and light a candle, but when it comes to reading a book in that candlelight, we are almost running our eyes. Trying to strain your eyes to make sense of the blurry words.

Yes, you can easily switch off the light, but that disrupts the mood. However, with ebooks, you can forget to read in low light. You can change the brightness as per your comfort and read in candlelight.

4. Share Your Experience

Ebooks are something you can share with your friends, family, and members of the book club without having the anxiety that anyone can wreck your book, break the spine differently, or fold the pages as bookmark (actual blasphemy!). Once you download the ebooks, they belong to you, and you can share them with anyone you wish to.

This will help you create a digital book club better and share the experience of how you loved the plotline and how the characters have changed your perspective.

5. The Read Aloud Feature

Do you have a small attention span and find it difficult to make it through just one chapter, let alone an entire book? You will find free versions of read-aloud applications from this website as well. They will help you retain your attention, as it is easier to concentrate when someone is reading it aloud to you.

This is a special feature that can also help someone with ADHD read their favorite books. Plus, you can have the digital text in front of you, as it can help you follow through the story better.

It Is Time to Download Some!

Now that you know some of the mind-blowing benefits of reading ebooks, you should start downloading some ebooks now. Make this Saturday afternoon all about reading every book you thought you would never get.

It is high time you stop with the ebook shaming!

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