7 Books to Help You Understand Yourself Better

People have been living for a long time already, but many aspects of human nature still remain a secret. We don’t understand the root causes of certain reactions and fears, so everything we can do is to guess. However, how can you become happy if you don’t understand yourself? It is a mistake to compare yourself to other people you come across because each of us is unique, simple, and complicated in our way.

The modern world is quite challenging and demanding. It involves a wide range of stress factors that clog our minds and don’t even allow us to listen to our true thoughts. That’s why you may not understand why you feel jealous, what you want and why you make such choices. How can you understand yourself better and sort things out? Well, you can start small. If you study in college, first read a we take classes review to find a reliable writing service that will help free up your schedule for reading the books mentioned below. All other people can proceed to examine them right away.

Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

When the time has come to get to know yourself better, you cannot do without one of the most inspiring books of all time. In fact, you can examine all other works created by Daniel Goleman since each of them may provide you with a clue on how to understand yourself and those in your social surroundings. Many critics have claimed that this stunning book has reconsidered the concept of intelligence and what it means to be smart. Thus, if you feel that you have issues with your emotional state, it is worth reading this masterpiece.

Emma Loveridge – The Cambridge Code

People are used to focusing on the conscious mind, while its subconscious twin brother remains in the shadows. However, the latter guides you in many cases and dictates who you are and the decisions you take in life. The main problem is that you don’t have access to this hidden part, so it is like the bottom part of an iceberg that stays invisible yet still dangerous for a ship. The good news is that researchers have come up with a few ways to get to know this hidden side of your personality. They stay beyond classic psychotherapy, so you will see a completely different approach.

Guy Finley – The Secret Of Letting Go

One of the key problems of many people is the inability to let go of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been formed for past years. You understand that the previous rules and patterns don’t work out anymore, but you don’t know how to leave this vicious circle. This book may become your guideline in this regard and helps break free from the emotional burden that pulls you down. Thus, if you suffer from negative self-talk and destructive conduct, this book may help make a difference.

Oprah Winfrey – What Happened to You?

Self-searching is one of the favorite activities of many people. They want to understand why they are the way they are and whether it is possible to do something about it. As you might have heard, many personal issues are rooted in childhood, so it seems reasonable to look for answers there. This book will reveal the essence of different childhood traumas and provide you with a clue on how you can change their influence on your current life. It helps you understand that nothing is wrong with you, but certain events in childhood have affected your self-perception and emotional and physical health.

Michael Bond – Wayfinding

If it seems to you that you run in circles and nothing changes despite all your efforts, it is time to ask yourself how your surroundings impact who you are and where you move on. It is not just about events that happened to you but rather whether you have found a place under the sun. The book will help get the essence of many life aspects and explain the fundamentals that make us human. Thus, if you cannot find your haven, it is worth reading the book to understand the concept of “home” and how your surroundings affect your behavior and feelings.

Bertrand Russell – The Conquest Of Happiness

If you are looking for a well-crafted recipe for good living and a positive mindset, this book may provide you with a hint on how you can make your dreams come true. First, it will explain the root causes of your unhappiness and make you reflect on what you do wrong daily. After that, you will find out how you can change the situation for the better and live the life you have always been dreaming of. It is a great book for millennials and younger generations who are constantly dissatisfied with their lives.

Steven Pinker – How The Mind Works

This book was written by one of the top-notch cognitive scientists on the globe. He explains many things about our mind, including its evolution and capabilities to affect our perception. After all, your mind defines how you think, feel, and respond to events. Just bear in mind that the book is not as easy to read as you may think. It involves many scientific facts to reveal the essence of the issues, but if you manage to finish it, you will surely get to know yourself better.

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