Alternative Practices to Support Your Health

Pursuing health is an ongoing journey. There is not really a finish line since you cannot stop working toward wellness once you reach your goals. Otherwise, your body and mind will fall back to the place you started.

Staying healthy is a constant battle, even if you have great genetics. The key is to maintain practices that support your health. Most people understand the basics of what can lead to positive wellness. Eat a balanced diet that avoids too many sugars and unhealthy fats. Get regular exercise for the benefit of your muscles, bones, and heart. Get consistent sleep and drink plenty of water.

Sometimes, you may need to take some other paths to support your health if these are not enough. Maybe you simply have higher goals for focusing on wellness. Here are some alternative practices you can engage with to better support your health goals.

Meal Planning

Meal planning is a practice that can save you time, money, and stress. It often promotes better health as well. The idea is that you prepare multiple meals for the week at one time, maybe on the weekend. Then, you either freeze or store the meal in separate containers that are portioned out for each meal.

First, it lets you prepare a healthy meal when you have a lot of time that can be eaten throughout the week, saving you time on those busy days with less food prep. Second, you can choose meals that provide a good balance of nutrients ahead of time so you aren’t stuck with unhealthy takeout when you have less time during the week. Third, you can lower your stress levels by having more time during the week since you won’t be spending much in the kitchen.

IV Therapy

IV therapy injects fluids directly into the bloodstream with a syringe or infusion method. It is one of the fastest ways to deliver medications to the body or fluids for dehydrated patients. However, it can also be useful for athletes. If you lead a very active lifestyle or play a lot of sports, then IV therapy can be very beneficial. IV therapy for athletes has multiple uses.

First, it can deliver nutrients to the body very quickly. It can also provide energy and enhanced performance. Once you have engaged with IV therapy, you can experience faster recovery and less stress on your cells. However, speak to your doctor before adopting this practice, as there can be some risks involved as well.


Maybe there is a particular vitamin or mineral that you want your body to have more of. Perhaps you have a balanced diet but would like to have a greater supply of calcium or magnesium without eating more food to get it. Supplements are designed for this exact purpose.

For example, if you want to support bone health and you already have a balanced diet, taking calcium supplements can enhance your nutritional efforts. You must resist the temptation to use supplements as a substitute for a good diet, however, as food is a much better delivery system for the nutrients you need.


Muscle soreness is a common issue whether you are an athlete, an office worker, a parent, or an elderly individual. The stress that your muscles experience each day can start to cause short and long-term damage if you do not consider how to care for them. A massage may seem like primarily a leisure activity, but the benefit to your muscles can be very healthy.

The activity is relaxing as well, so your mental health can be supported at the same time as your physical health. Your muscles, meanwhile, will experience improved circulation, reduced tension, faster injury recovery, and greater mobility.

Brisk Walking

Some people simply find it difficult to enjoy exercise. Maybe they never experience the “runner’s high” that can occur after a great workout, or they simply dislike the discomfort of intense exercise. Either way, it is important that you do not forego all activity for whatever reason.

Maybe you just need to find something lighter that still gets you moving. Going for fast-paced walks is a good middle ground for you to occupy. It still gets your heart rate up and works your leg muscles a bit, but it is not so intense that the discomfort level is high. Plus, it is an activity that lets you enjoy the outdoors.

Start Now, Reap the Benefits with Time

Often, people give up on their health goals because they are not seeing enough progress. They have made changes to their diet but are not losing pounds as fast as they would like. Maybe they started jogging but have not improved their mile times very much. Sticking with health practices is difficult, but consistency and time can yield the results you are looking for.

Some of the practices above can benefit you immediately, such as IV therapy or a massage, but others may take some time to yield big improvements. Start one or more of these practices now and be consistent to enjoy the benefits later.

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