How Can CBD Oil Help Your Dog Deal with Noise Sensitivity

Loud and sudden sounds like thunder, fireworks, gunshots, or construction machines’ sounds can trigger anxiety and paranoia in dogs. Unexpected, heavy noises can even startle humans. The sight of your dog shaking uncontrollably or hiding under the table may break your heart as a pet parent. 

These issues may be even more severe with rescues and adopted dogs. Your dog may also have a genetic predisposition to noise sensitivity issues. Recent studies show that CBD products for dogs can help dogs deal with noise sensitivity issues.

CBD has a calming effect on canines and offers a range of other health benefits. However, it’s vital to choose a reputed CBD brand that prioritizes quality.

What are Noise Sensitivity Issues?

To fully comprehend how CBD products can help with canine noise sensitivity issues, you must first understand what they entail, how they work, and their underlying causes. Noise sensitivity issues include fear, anxiety, and other fear-based responses. 

Most dogs show at least one sign of noise sensitivity. Some vets assert that dogs who exhibit frequent noise sensitivity issues should be routinely assessed for pain or other problems. Sometimes, no amount of consoling will calm your dog down. Petting, cuddling, and fondling can worsen the issue and disturb your pet even more. 

Research shows that the auditory cortex and subcortical regions of the brain control noise sensitivity. CBD primarily interacts with C1 and C2 receptors of the brain. The endocannabinoid systems of dogs and humans are very similar.

How CBD Products Help with Noise Sensitivity Issues in Dogs

Several temporary solutions may work when your dog has noise sensitivity issues. For example, your pet may calm down if you change the environment or turn on soft sounds for distraction. However, these steps can only help reduce the symptoms and are not necessarily “cures” for the problem. 

Helps Manage Anxiety

Medical research suggests that the root cause of noise-sensitivity problems is usually anxiety. CBD products for dogs work by reducing anxiety and consequently noise sensitivity problems in your pet.

Chemical imbalances in the dog’s brain can trigger anxiety. CBD essentially changes the brain’s response to serotonin to manage anxiety. It helps your dog feel calm and more relaxed. Administering CBD long-term can even help minimize noise sensitivity problems to a good extent.

No Psychoactive Reactions

CBD products do not cause psychoactive reactions in dogs. Products like CBD oils and salves are manufactured using CBD from hemp. Unlike CBD from mari###na, CBD from hemp does not have any psychoactive properties.  

Before buying CBD for your dog, ensure that there is no THC in the product or that the THC content is less than 0.3%. Choosing a brand that only uses high-grade, locally sourced CBD to manufacture products is also essential. 

Natural Solution

Studies show that CBD products are safer and more effective than other harsh antidepressants or anxiety medication. These products are also known to have fewer side effects (if any). Find a CBD brand that uses all-natural ingredients to manufacture CBD products. 

Oil, tinctures, and other full-spectrum cannabinoid blends can have immediate effects on your dog. However, it’s best to cross-check the dosage and other related information with your vet to avoid overdosing and other problems. Start with a low CBD dosage and see how it impacts your pet. 

Offers Other Health Benefits

Besides helping manage noise sensitivity issues in dogs, CBD products can also improve your dog’s overall health. For example, CBD products can help improve your dog’s joint and muscular health and prevent mobility issues. It also helps combat other health problems like sleep disorders and hyperactivity.

CBD products can effectively improve your dog’s health and wellness. However, it’s vital to note that these products do not cure or eliminate health conditions.

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