Folks’ Perception of ‘Dick Pics’ in Modern-Day Dating

Almost all men are ego-driven meaning at one point and dick pics are always on top of the list. It means as men always need assurance they are indeed meeting manly standards. If a woman cannot stroke the male ego and make them feel good about their manhood, they are doing him an injustice. When women receive dick picks it is not surprisingly unsolicited. When men send these pictures the message is very clear.

To Send or Not to Send

While men rarely take time to think with the head above their shoulders regarding dick picks, they cannot help but send. These pics are meant to arouse something in the man and not necessarily in the woman. Here are a few reasons men send dick pics while seeking to date single Colombian women on or offline.

1. Curiosity

I would like to know if I match up to your standards, or to the standards of all women for that matter. Essentially, a dude sends dick pics to see if you’ll salivate over them, if you’ll commend the size and if he is above par. If at some point the lady doesn’t respond he might call just to be sure you received it.

2. Arrogance

Again, men are ego-driven. Once a man knows they are well endowed, which usually happens around the age of seventeen or earlier, it is time to test the waters. Sending dick picks after that simply means he is telling you he is good for it. If you respond that is cool. However, if you don’t he will – undoubtedly offer his package to another. Quite simply he knows you will enjoy it.

3. Loneliness

A man might be out of a relationship and hoping for some fun. Thus, sending a dick pick might simply be a way of ice-breaking. It seems risky to attempt ending a dry spell using dick pics. There are fewer men with ice-breaking skills than you think. Thus, loneliness brings out seemingly dumb ways of stating that loneliness.

On women, their reaction to reasons men send these pics is different. Some find it particularly humorous while others deem it outrightly offensive. Here are a few reasons women believe men send pics.

4. Ask for Sex

Whether or not the guy feels he is well endowed is beside the point, according to some ladies. Men send these to beg for sex instead of finding subtle or romantic ways of doing so. It means the guy cannot use corny pick-up lines and would rather just get to the point.

5. Assumptions

When men meet women online, they tend to believe what they heard from others. Some of the stories linger on lewdness and slutty behaviors regarding online dating women. This should not be the reason one seeks to date single Colombian women. Such men will assume a woman’s intentions are simply to get laid. It means the dick pic is meant to ask when she plans to have it in her. If she reacts negatively she might receive insults with name-calling and even nastier pictures.

6. Flirting

In a new relationship or one with like-minded souls who are seemingly in love, a man might send dick picks to flirt. Women somewhat agree that sometimes it is like Snapchat, only naughtier. Instead of sending smileys all day the man might send dick picks as a reminder of what she likes. It will be nothing salacious in this case as both are into it meaning the feeling is mutual. She might be the one who asked for the pic.

Bottom Line

Avoid sending nudes at all costs unless it is clear your friend or partner doesn’t mind it. Many have been reported to authorities online for sending unsolicited dick pics. If you date single Colombian women you might face the wrath of brothers, cousins, and the like.

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