Going Green With Your Allentown, PA Business

We all want to live in a greener world. Although the realities of our society often result in practices that are harmful to the environment, in an ideal world, we can get everything we need to function without hurting the planet we live on.

As a business owner in Allentown, PA, you are responsible for the footprint that your company has on the environment. Every operation under your control can have an impact that is either positive or negative, and it may take some intense evaluation to figure out what practices need to be adopted.

Going green with your business is a worthy goal. Not only will it reduce the impact your company has on the environment, but it can also position you in a better light for your customers. Here are a few ideas to help improve your company’s environmentally friendly practices.

Invest in Waste Management

Many companies produce a lot of waste during normal operations. Whether you run a manufacturing business that draws a lot of power for assembly lines or an office space that goes through a lot of paper, a high-quality waste removal/management plan can reduce the harm you are doing to the environment.

For example, if your factory operations create a lot of dust in the air, an industrial dust collector can improve the air quality both inside and outside the building. In an office setting, recycling bins and incentives for bringing in used cans/bottles could help your employees lead greener work lives and personal lives. Better waste management practices can protect the world around your organization.

Regularly Clean the Space

Cleaning is another way to go green as an Allentown business. A dirty space can release unwanted chemicals into the air, permeating the area in and around the building. Preventing this buildup with regular cleaning can keep your employees happier and your interior spaces healthier. You may need to select a high-quality commercial cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents if you want to promote a greener business.

Use Clean Energy Sources

Your business may depend on a lot of electricity to run. Whether you are operating heavy machinery on the premises or running your own network of servers for device support, the company needs power to conduct business. If you own the building you operate in, then you could invest in cleaner energy sources to reduce your consumption of electricity from the grid, which may be coming from a less renewable source.

The two primary options for this initiative are solar energy and wind energy. Many businesses opt to install solar panels on the roof to produce clean energy, though a wind turbine could also make sense in certain environments. Either way, your building can draw power from a renewable source, lowering your monthly costs and reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

Lower Utility Usage

Another way to help the environment is to lower the building’s needs for utilities like water, natural gas, or electricity. Using less of these resources can save money consistently while also helping the environment. You could install energy-efficient windows that lower the work rate for the HVAC system. Increased insulation can also accomplish this effect.

Using longer-lasting LED bulbs that draw less power and do not need to be replaced as often can also help. A smart thermostat in the building can be programmed automatically to lower the temperature at night or when no one is inside. New siding or a new roof can improve the building’s efficiency if these structures have become compromised.

Offer Remote Work

Let’s be honest; there are probably some positions in your company that can be done remotely. Even if part of a job description requires an in-person presence, every employee may not be needed in the building every day. Offering remote work options to your employees can cut down on carbon emissions because those people will not have to drive to work. Additionally, if you have fewer people in the office, you can reduce the utility systems in the building to only keep the necessary areas comfortable. This will save the company money while promoting environmentally friendly practices through remote work for the business and individual employees.

Make Your Allentown, PA Business an Environmentally Conscious Brand

The benefits of going green as a company are numerous. First, you are doing your part to help the environment. Second, you can set up a more welcoming atmosphere for employees who want to work for conscientious employers. Third, you can improve the brand’s reputation among customers. Finally, many of these practices will also help the company save money, and there may even be government tax incentives for some of them. Go green with your Allentown, PA business to work toward a brighter future.

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