How to Create a YouTube Business Account   

Well, if you’re trying to jump into the world of YouTube to support your business, you’re smart. However, YouTube isn’t as easy as other social media platforms, given you don’t know what to do. However, with the guide we’re going to give you today, you’ll be able to understand YouTube better and create a successful YouTube business channel for yourself. If that sounds interesting to you, then keep on reading! However, before we jump on to the tips, let us understand YouTube a bit better.

YouTube is the world’s largest user-generated content platform, where more than 300-400 hours of content is uploaded every minute. With the internet reaching remote countries and areas, YouTube has seen a humongous success and so did the brands that used to market on it. On YouTube, the main thing is content. If you don’t have good content to post, then staying on YouTube won’t amount to anything. So, if you have good content ideas and a good setup, let’s start with the list we have here.

1. Set up your YouTube account

Before anything else, you have to create a new YouTube account, which is not connected to your Google account to start posting content. However, posting content is still a long way ahead. Before that, you need to fill out the basic details of your YouTube channel on google accounts and do it professionally and diligently. Since some of these details will not be possible to change, it’s very important to do so with utter focus. Now that you have filled out the basic detail, name your channel something that resonates with the content that you are about to put up and is easy to remember as well. After that, add a decent channel art on your YouTube channel to make it look attractive, and lastly add a decent profile picture. Now your account is ready to publish videos and hence you can start creating content.

2. Upload your first video

Now that you have an understanding of what type of videos people post you can start creating content. However, instead of reinventing the wheel, take inspiration from your favorite YouTubers in your niche and revolve your content around it. However, make sure that you have selected a niche for yourself before putting up content because you need to make sure the target audience you have is right before you start promoting your business on YouTube. Once you have researched enough and you have a content idea, film it with high-quality camera gear and make sure it’s the right size. After checking all those things off the list, put up this piece of content on YouTube and wait for the engagement to come in.

3. Optimize for search

You have customized your profile, you have spent hours researching for content, and even more creating the video, it would all go to waste if people aren’t able to even find it. To make sure that doesn’t happen you need to optimize the search engine. How to do that is pretty similar to what you do on a website, except this time around you have to do it on a video. On YouTube, the only way to optimize your content for the search engine is to put keywords in the description, pinned comments, tags, and title. If that isn’t enough, putting it in the title also helps. Also, the same SEO rules apply here as well. If you stuff your video description and comments with keywords then it could kill the engagement as well. The right balance of keywords and captions is what makes your videos the most discoverable.

4. Buy YouTube subscribers

Now that you have ensured that your content is going to fall into the eyes of people, wouldn’t you want them to subscribe to your YouTube channel? Well, if yes is the answer to that question, then you have to buy YouTube subscribers. Well, YouTube subscribers act as an anchor for other people to come and subscribe to your channel. The majority of us have experienced this. When we see a piece of content that we like and we see that the content creator has a lot of subscribers, we tend to subscribe to that channel. This is because we tend to believe what other people like is good and hence we feel an urge to subscribe. This can be used and capitalized for your account as well. When you buy YouTube subscribers, it makes people think that other people also liked your content and hence they tend to follow you as well. However, buying YouTube subscribers from unreliable sources can lead to harmful side effects.

5. Integrate your channel with your website and other socials

If you want to yield the best results, then you have to integrate your YouTube channels with other social media platforms. This is called cross-platform promoting and it helps grow your business on YouTube. All you have to do is put your YouTube account’s link to your bio and add a CTA that says the link in bio in every content that you upload. This will directly lead that traffic onto your youtube which then can be used to market your products and services.


YouTube is not very difficult to grow on if you have the fundamentals right. This article contains all the fundamentals of starting up a business account on YouTube and starts monetizing it. Once you reach the standard for monetization, then there is no limit to how well you can commercialize your account and that is why YouTube is a great social media platform. If you use the tips mentioned above, we’re sure that you will grow rapidly on YouTube. Till then, happy YouTubing!

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