Youtube SEO: How to Get More Views on Youtube

YouTube videos can be powerful marketing tools for your business or creative project. However, this is only true if you gain more views on your youtube videos and people actually see them. That’s where YouTube SEO comes in! Follow these simple steps to optimise your videos and increase their visibility on the site.

1. Use keywords in your title and tags

YouTube search functions like Google search; rewards pages that have relevant content that use specific keywords. After you buy youtube views use these to help YouTube’s algorithms determine which content is most relevant to a viewer’s query, and more likely to show up higher on the results page.

It’s important to use keywords in your title and description. Incorporating these terms not only helps search engine robots (like Google) find content more easily, but it will help people who want to watch your video find it, too!

Be sure to include them in the video title and descriptions, as well as tags (you’ll need at least 20-30) this will be an assurance to gain more views on your youtube videos from

2. Optimise your video’s title and description

YouTube SEO is the process of optimising your individual video pages to gain more views on your youtube videos and subscribers you get. The better optimised your videos are, the more likely you are to increase their popularity and get more people to watch that video.

Optimising YouTube SEO isn’t difficult; it’s just a matter of writing a good description and including relevant keywords in both the title and tags section. These tips will help provide your video with exposure on YouTube, which can help build awareness and increase traffic on your main website or landing page.

3. Write an informative video description

YouTube videos are searchable, but if you want to gain more views on your youtube videos, you need an optimised and informative YouTube page with links back to your main website, plus lots of other useful information. It is important to write a compelling description that indicates to people your video’s content and why they should keep watching it.

4. Here are a few ideas to help you get started

Use the first 50 characters of your description as a pattern headline. This is the first thing that viewers will see before they click on your video and will give them some idea of what the video is about before they even watch it. It should be short, interesting and persuasive. Keep your description short, sharp, but with all the relevant information in there.

5. Submit your video to related YouTube Channels

If you want more views on your Youtube videos, along with buying youtube subscribers, you should submit your video to related Channels on YouTube, too.

This builds up a sense of community for you and for others who make similar content. If your video is related to a particular topic, make sure you share it with those who can relate to it the most.

6. Use Annotations Effectively

Annotations are great for promoting your business, services and other offers within the video itself. It is important to paste a good link in there that will redirect viewers over to a helpful page that may be of interest to them which will gain more views on your youtube videos from

7. Embed You Video on Your Site

If you are a Youtuber struggling to gain more views on your youtube videos then you need to embed your video on your website, too.

If people can’t see or easily access your video, they are less likely to give it real playtime and watch all the way through.

8. Optimise Your RSS Feed

RSS (Reverse Site Search) accounts for more than 28% of all Internet users, so it’s important to use it to find more customers and drive traffic to your website.

If a visitor wants to stay updated on what you are doing and how you are growing, they will sign up for an RSS feed on your website. This is a much easier way than watching every single video you make and subscribing to your site’s YouTube channel or newsletter.


In conclusion, these were the most important points to remember when trying to get your videos more views. As you can see, along with buying YouTube subscribers there are many ways to make your YouTube channel successful! Experiment with different strategies until you find what works best for you! Good luck!

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