5 Interior Design Courses For Beginners

Interior Design is a popular discipline among both theoreticians and practitioners. The former analyze and contextualize the trends, while the latter enjoy the process of the practical application of design theories. Below we have listed several courses on Interior Design to do in your free time.

Why Interiors Matter

People have always wanted their “castle” motto to be nice, inviting, and cozy. Living in a comfortable and beautiful place was a dream, no matter one’s social status and income. History knows different methods of decorating a living space to make it pleasing to the eye. For somebody who is planning to work on research paper writing service it is particularly interesting to note how some design trends outlive others. Such research is always intriguing and popular.

Today people try to use the best offers on the market to create a unique design for their homes. Designers themselves take pride in making one-of-a-kind, tangible pieces that inspire generations. In the words of Steve Jobs, design is not just about appearance; it is also about an object’s functionality. This probably explains the unending string of ideas for chair design.

Why Study Interior Design

There are two reasons why we would study this discipline: one, to design our own interiors; two, to do it for others. The possibilities for creating a unique dwelling for oneself abound, but not all people are endowed with good aesthetic taste.  Some of them are too busy to even think about what color of wallpaper to choose for the bedroom and what lamp to hang in the kitchen.

A person who has good taste, an eye for detail, and is ready to understand the needs of the client is likely to enjoy the job of an interior designer. Some statistics from the USA for the year 2017 showed an annual mean wage of an interior designer between $47,000 and $84,000, depending on the state. While not being the most lucrative job, it opens the possibilities of promoting one’s creative work, which in turn leads to a bigger paycheck.

When considering a course on Interior Design, bear in mind that this is still a self-regulating industry. You do not need any qualifications to do a house for your relatives. However, if your ambitions lead you out of your neighborhood, then some form of professional recognition is necessary. A degree in Interior Design is one such form.

What is Taught in the Course

The programs will vary depending on the educational institution. However, one module that every reputable course will contain is the history of architecture and decorative arts. It is hard to create a harmonious but eclectic interior without knowing how to combine elements from different time periods. And if you choose to design interiors for others, it will be practically impossible to replicate a historic interior using modern furniture and accessories unless you know what you are doing.

Other modules will tell about space planning, furniture, lighting, textures and fabrics, and colors. A course may end with a module on how to start a design business.

Interior Design Courses for Beginners

Below are several Interior Design courses that a total novice can take part in. Most of them are taught online, but any course that provides a diploma requires some coursework to be done.

Interior Design Course – The Interior Design Institute

A comprehensive course from one of the world’s leaders in the profession, it consists of 12 basic modules, starting with the history of art and design and ending with a practical module on turning your passion for design into a business.

Other features:

·         personal tutor;

·         no fixed start date;

·         24/7 support;

·         flexible payment options;

·         money-back guarantee.

At the end of the course, a student has a portfolio of work; some examples may feature on the site.

Basic Interior Designer Certificate Program – New York School of Interior Design

This course will be ideal for someone planning to enter the Interior Design field but not being ready to plunge deep into the subject. A one-year program teaches the absolute basics:

·         historical styles;

·         colors and textiles;

·         visual concepts;

·         construction documents;

·         residential design;

·         design process.

At the end of the program, a student receives a certificate with points that can directly apply to further programs: an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design, a Master of Professional Studies in Sustainable Interior Environments, and a Master of Professional Studies in Lighting Design.

Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree – Miami International University of Art and Design

This course is made to help students “to pursue employment in the industry.” As a result, it focuses on some areas that are only briefly studied elsewhere:

·         collaboration;

·         human-centered design;

·         regulations and guidelines.

Upon enrolling and paying a tuition fee, students can begin the course at the start of the term or mid-term.

Online Interior Design Course – New York Institute of Art and Design

This 6-unit course also intends to help you start out in the industry. In addition to the expected modules on the history of design and technology, lighting, colors, and textures, it teaches the following practical skills:

·         pricing a decorator’s work;

·         writing letters of agreement for clients;

·         client-designer relationships;

·         vendor relationships;

·         opening one’s own design studio;

·         techniques for promotion and sales.

Upon successful completion of the course, a student is awarded the Residential Interior Design Qualification Certificate.

Professional Interior Design Course – British College of Interior Design

This distance learning course consists of 12 tutorials delivered by email. It contains some unique modules that may be of particular interest:

·         commercial design;

·         hospitality and retail design;

·         design of exhibition spaces.

The course also teaches to establish healthy relationships with clients and vendors and to start a home-based design consultancy business.


There are other Interior Design courses from the institutions in Milan (Italy) and other places. This is an exciting industry to enter, and you can choose a course that will best suit your needs.

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