Why is Bitcoin Number 1 Choice of Crypto Investors

Sometimes you feel like you know nothing when you consider the things that are invented every day. Today, you can find ample investment options online. Bitcoin has got a huge popularity in crypto market. To understand why has it become so popular and why should you invest, you ought to keep reading.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin was discovered and created in January 2009. It started with ideas written on white paper that were difficult to trace. Why a lot of people prefer bitcoin over anything is because of the fact that it requires less transaction fee in general. It is a digital currency based on blockchain technology, and all transactions are stored in a decentralized public ledger.

Since everything is digitized, bitcoin is easy to access although you will have to mine for them. However, as long as you have a laptop or a computer, you can mine from anywhere. Now there are many digital currencies that you may find online. But Bitcoin is the most popular and trusted currency that got a sudden hike.  But, you need to choose the best platform to buy Bitcoin and you can try this link in this regard, as it is trusted by many investors.

Bitcoin is No-1 cryptocurrency in the world:

A major portion of business goes into investment. That could be used as capital or investment in real estate. You can diversify your portfolio by adding Bitcoin in your investment plan. The risks and the terms are dicey in any kind of trading business. But people continue to participate in mining and trading Bitcoin. Here, you can find some features that made Bitcoin as No-1 crypto currency in the world:

No seizing

The idea behind bitcoin is mining that allows the users to have authority over the assets they buy. This is because the blocks that make the bitcoin files do not have any copies which make the original file only available to you. All your transactions are available in a public ledger, but you can make your transactions without disclosing your identity.


When bitcoin started in the initial days, the data was written on white paper so that no one can trace it. This idea came into digital existence when bitcoin became popular. However since the basic principle remained the same, it is not easy for people to track them. Therefore, it is not applicable for taxes. But, if you exchange your Bitcoin in cash then you need to pay a tax on your total transaction amounts.


When you are buying and selling assets, you will be the sole owner of the property. Therefore you will have control over who can see your asset. If you want, you can publicize your account which makes all your addresses public. But unless you do that, you are practically untraceable. Moreover, there is no involvement of third parties, and you do not need with banks.


Bitcoins are practically data files that are positioned in a database wherein you mine them from. When you buy or sell an asset, the address of that data comes under your name. Hence it is practically impossible to steal bitcoins as it is targeted towards your address only. Since they do not physically exist, they cannot be touched without any computer support. It is true that digital currencies are vulnerable and hackers can hack your crypto wallet. But, if you do not share your private key then no one can access your wallet.

Expect good returns

Finally, it is important to know that bitcoin is in fact very worthy. The recent trends have shown how much bitcoin is gaining success. And that is because the returns on bitcoin are very high with respect to stocks and other digital payments. According to the investors, Bitcoin should consider as a long-term investment and it is better to avoid using Bitcoin for online purchases. You can store them in your wallet to get the best returns in future.


Hence without any doubt, it is well known that bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency which is running strong. Understanding bitcoin takes time and you should keep your eyes on its news and updates.

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