Leak Detection after Duct Cleaning Brampton

Humans are prone to errors; sometimes, duct cleaning Brampton could result in leakages. Regarding the efficiency of the air conditioner, ductwork plays a major role. Any leaks in the air duct result in energy loss and, eventually, high energy bills.

Homeowners may need to be made aware of how to detect air duct leaks. However, this should be a major cause of concern because you can always get a professional to inspect. If you want to do the inspection yourself, it is something you can learn. Here is how to know that your air duct is leaking after air duct cleaning Brampton was recently done.

1. The Age of The Air Ducts

If your air ducts are very old, they are likely to be very delicate for air duct cleaning Brampton. You should be aware of how old your ductwork is in order to determine whether it has reached its by-use date.

Old air ducts are weak, and this makes them vulnerable to injury. This is why they are likely to leak after cleaning them due to exposure to the activity.

If your air ducts are older than fifteen, they are easily subject to developing leaks. You should consider replacing them to avoid energy loss.

2. Experiencing Uneven Cooling and Heating

Sometimes you may realize that certain areas of your home are not warm or cold as required when the HVAC system is running. This is a possible indication that there is a leak in the air ducts that are resulting in uneven air distribution.

Leaking air ducts result in energy loss and affects the ability of the cooling and heating system to regulate temperature evenly.

3. High Utility Bills

Your energy bills can be used to determine whether there is energy loss through the leaking air ducts or not. Sometimes high energy bills do not mean that you have increased your energy use, but they result only from energy losses such as through damaged air ducts.

Air loss through leaking air ducts contributes largely to energy loss because the air ducts are the major air supply into the inside other than windows and doors.

If your air conditioner is always operating, the air ducts contribute to around 30 % energy loss if they leak. You should avoid damaging the air ducts as much as possible when doing duct cleaning Brampton to enhance energy efficiency in your home.

If the air ducts are already leaking from the previous cleaning, you should ensure your repair or replace them depending on the situation at hand.

4. Excess Dust

If you realize that no matter how much you clean the surfaces inside your home, they are always dusty, it does not mean you are unhygienic. The possible cause of excess dust buildup is leaking air ducts.

When the air ducts are leaking, some air might find its way to the inside without passing through the filters, which are supposed to filter out dust and other contaminants.

Dust is responsible for making your home look ugly and can result in respiratory issues such as allergic reactions and asthma attacks in the worst cases.

To keep your home dust free, you should always ensure your duct is properly sealed and clean at all times. This will save you the trouble of dealing with hospital bills and dusty surfaces all the time.

5. HVAC Failure or Malfunctioning

When there is a leakage in the air ducts, the HVAC system may develop technical issues every once in a while due to dust build-up. This is very inconvenient, especially during the winter when it is very critical to regulate warm air to ensure you are comfortable inside your home.

When the HVAC system is clogged with dust from the air duct leakage, it overworks in an effort to function as required. Running for long hours eventually makes it develop issues or completely stop functioning.

A broken HVAC requires money to be repaired or needs to be entirely replaced. This could be avoided by air duct cleaning Brampton and early detection of leakages in the ductwork before they develop into major issues.

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