How to Be More Energy Efficient as A Business Owner

Energy rates are soaring to grand new heights, leaving businesses, as well as the everyman, counting the pennies. Many of us are finding ourselves reevaluating our spending, trying to save money where we can.

When it comes to business, this can be all the more important, especially if you’re running large operations with offices and big teams. The bills can rack up all the more quickly. So, there’s no better time than now to focus on how to become more energy efficient within your business. Simple little ideas can have a hugely positive impact long term, on your wallet and the environment. Here we are going to explore ways for your business to be more energy efficient.

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By installing motion sensors for lighting, or taps that automatically stop after a set amount of time after being pumped, you’re less likely to waste energy on lights being on, or taps running, when nobody is in the room. Although you need to spend a bit more initially for these features to be put in place, once they’re up and running your ongoing utility costs should decrease. Another automation tool you can use is daylight sensors that act by dimming lights automatically in brighter spaces, meaning they’re burning less energy.

Encourage Employees

When it comes to turning computers off properly at the end of the day, or making sure the heating isn’t on unnecessarily, it could be a case of sending your employees gentle reminders. By having signage around the office encouraging your team to be environmentally friendly where possible, you could end up saving energy if you manage to get them on board. After all, they are the ones that will be using up a large chunk of the energy in the office!

Assess Current Insulation

Instead of immediately reaching for the thermostat, look at areas of the office where you can manually insulate it better. There are plenty of ways that you can ensure the office is more insulated, such as utilizing draft stoppers or having darker curtains that trap heat. These simple but effective techniques can mean that your office stays warmer for longer in the colder months.

Use LED Bulbs

Back to lighting, LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient than most of the other options on the market – sometimes by up to 65%. This means that they use far less energy, they last longer and are generally a much more cost-effective option. Always opt for LEDs when possible.

All in all, there are plenty of different ways that you can be more energy efficient as a business, you just need to give it a bit of careful consideration. There is no better time than now to take action and implement energy-efficient changes, as the energy costs don’t look like they are going to significantly improve anytime soon.

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