Leveraging in the Stock Market with Bitcoin

Financial leverage, or leverage in English, offers the possibility of investing much more money than the amount we keep in investment accounts. Moreover, it is a system that makes it easier for experienced investors to increase their exposure to the market without making additional deposits.

By having a leveraged investment account, we will have the possibility of buying and selling shares that have a magnitude more significant than a cash account, which is kept in operation only with deposits.

Use of leverage in the stock market

When the accounts are leveraged, they can acquire shares with a volume more significant than the cash deposited in the investment account with folionet.

In summary, if we have a leveraged account, we have the option to buy many more shares than we could have acquired at the beginning; this gives us the possibility of taking advantage of the development in the price of a claim to make the most of these possibilities, we must carry out an excellent in-depth analysis of the related company.

Ways to calculate financial leverage

This leverage calculation is based on the percentage of the value that the account possesses. The value of the account includes the cash and the shares that we have previously purchased. The rate will be reflected in the Purchase Power option, which increases with leverage.

To make it more explicit, a BROKER can provide an account with funds with a leverage of 30% to 100%; if we obtain an influence of 100% in a free Folionet account, where 1000 dollars have been previously deposited, we will automatically have the possibility to acquire shares at the price of $2,000.

When the leverage is 100%, given by Folionet, it is represented by the number 1, expressing that they will provide us with a loan for twice what is deposited in the respective account.

When opening margin accounts, that is, where the broker provides borrowed money, which includes many additional risks, and more if they are compared to cash accounts.

You must make the respective payment for the interest on the money loaned by the broker by having a margin account.

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Advantages of financial leverage

With leverage, we can increase the purchasing capacity in a particular portfolio, where all investors worldwide take advantage of the possibilities of leveraging to increase their exposure to the market.

It allows us to benefit the most from an uptrend; simultaneously, it will enable us to be in good shape to receive a downtrend.

Financial leverage allows us to increase our defensive capabilities as responses to situations of uncertainty, which is achieved by acquiring positions in ETFs, investments in REITs, and index funds, where the cost does not change constantly.

Disadvantages of financial leverage

This strategy has shown that the exposure to the market grows together with the risks, which under specific rules can pressure us to respond to a margin call. It is nothing more than depositing additional money to our account, or they will offer us a specific location.

It occurs with stock acquired long and loses value. However, it can also happen when a stock is sold short and radically gains weight.

Buying shares with leverage requires a much more significant level of commitment from the investor, as it covers the main risks. This committee considers paying the accrued interest on the borrowed money, which is low and very competitive when opening a margin account in EXCHANGE PLATFORM.


This leveraging strategy greatly benefits investors since it allows them to acquire assets at excellent prices, take advantage of the best opportunities in the markets, and have meager interest loan benefits.

Leverage is nothing more than a bank guarantee for our investments in our accounts.

Current economic strategies have benefited the population, providing investment inclusion and allowing good profits to be obtained.

The technology associated with the economy and the significant advances have managed to take the markets to the top; despite their great falls, they are committed to financial stability for everyone in general.

For this, we only have to study and analyze the economic and investment possibilities presented to us in cryptographic environments, the best today to make investments and obtain profits easily and quickly.

The financial future depends on the excellent selection of a strategy that provides incredible benefits.

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