Planning to Move? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Most people dread moving because they know the work that is involved. However, a person might find they have no choice but to relocate to a new residence. When this day arrives, there are ways to make the process easier. The following tips are of great help when moving.

Hire Movers

When planning to move, one of the first things a person must do is hire movers. It may seem easier and more cost-effective to do this on your own, but doing so adds to the stress. Work with professionals to ensure the move is simplified. While they are going their work, you can focus on other things that are needed to smooth the transition, such as calling to have utilities disconnected at the old residence and connected at the new one.

In addition, the movers have insurance. If something goes wrong during the move, the company will be responsible for paying for any damage. The movers should be set six weeks before the move at a minimum.

Purge Unwanted Items

Don’t move unwanted items to the new residence. Get rid of them before packing. Doing so will make it easier to unpack at the new home and find homes for each item that makes the move. Although more items may be purged once the move is complete, do as much as possible before the movers arrive. When going through this process, take note of any items that will require special packing materials or extra care when moving, so steps can be taken to ensure they are protected.

Invest in Moving Supplies

Begin gathering moving supplies and set them in a specific location within the home. When you have some free time, begin packing those items that aren’t used regularly. Seasonal items are a good place to start. By collecting these items early, you may find people giving away boxes and other supplies that will be of help. Check local Buy Nothing groups and ask stores to save boxes. Many people are more than happy to share these supplies rather than send them to a landfill.

Transfer Important Services

Begin the process of transferring services. Request school and medical records. Reach out to any insurance providers to discuss transferring insurance to the new location. Car insurance rates, for example, may change with the move, and medical insurance providers may no longer be in-network. It is helpful to have this information early, so new providers can be found if needed. Now is also the time to research banks, utility providers, extracurricular activity providers, daycares, and more. Never put these tasks off until the move is complete, as doing so will make it more stressful as you try to get multiple things done in a short period so life can return to normal.

Schedule a Vehicle Inspection

If the move is to a new city or state, have all personal vehicles checked by a mechanic. Nobody wants to have their car break down mid-move, and taking this step will reduce the risk of that happening. Many people overlook this step and find they regret it because something goes wrong with the car and delays the move.

These are only a few of the many tasks a person should complete before a move. Numerous others must also be carried out. Create a checklist of all tasks that must be done and divide these tasks amongst family members. Doing so will help ease the move and ensure things go smoothly from start to finish.

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