Should You Move to Brooklyn? Here Are the Advantages

Brooklyn isn’t exactly the first place the average person thinks about when they daydream about moving to a new town or city. In the past, Brooklyn had a bad reputation and was known for organized crime, gang violence and street robberies. In recent times, however, New York’s Brooklyn district has had huge amounts of money invested in it, and it is on the up and up. Hipsters and rich folk flock there as there is a thriving cultural scene to be found and lots to do. This post will tell you why Brooklyn is a fantastic place to move to (and why everybody else is moving there too!)

Top-Tier Healthcare

Brooklyn historically was one of New York’s most impoverished boroughs. People shied away from living there out of fear of crime. Now, however, things are changing. Because Brooklyn’s residents are getting richer, healthcare in the borough is improving. You can find top-tier urgent care near Ocean Pkwy and in other parts of the district. Before you sign up for an urgent care center, however, make sure that you read your chosen clinic’s online reviews. A clinic’s reviews should give you a good idea of what it will be like working with them and help you to figure out how good their employees are at their jobs. 

Vibrant Cultural Scene

Brooklyn has a vibrant, bustling cultural scene. If you like to party, make friends and have a good time then you are going to enjoy living in Brooklyn. However, because the borough is becoming a lot more popular and much busier prices are going up. You can get affordable accommodation by renting a room in a house or apartment rather than an entire property of your own. You can find out about things that are going on in Brooklyn by using social media. On social media, you should be able to get daily updates as to what’s going on and get to know people in your area.

Affordable Property Prices

To say that property prices are affordable in Brooklyn would be a lie. However, you can save money by renting a room as mentioned in the previous section. Renting rooms and lodging in other people’s houses is not something that many people consider mainly because it tends to be older people leasing rooms, but because Brooklyn is on the up and up you can find a lot of single, trendy young people renting out rooms in their houses too. If you like to party then try to find a room that is being leased out by somebody who shares your interests and passions.

Network of Walking Trails

Brooklyn is viewed by most as a New York suburb with minimal green spaces, but this could not be any further from the truth. There are countless walking trails in and around Brooklyn. If you are planning on moving there then you do not have to worry about not being able to unwind in nature. In recent times the New York City Council have actually made a point of designating certain spaces public green spaces where no construction work can go on. You can find a full, comprehensive list of all of the borough’s green spaces online.

Museums, Galleries and Poetry Clubs

In Brooklyn, you will be able to find a lot of independent museums, galleries and poetry clubs. Because of everything there is to do in Brooklyn, you will never have a boring day. Many of the museums, galleries and poetry clubs there are free for members of the public to enter. No matter what your interests are you should be able to find something to do. Again, you can find a full list of everything that is going on in the area on social media by searching specific hashtags and using your chosen platform’s location settings to find ongoing events. 

Up-and-coming Fashion Scene

As Brooklyn becomes a trendier place to live lots of little boutique shops are springing up there and a number of different fashion houses are opening stores in the borough. If fashion is something that interests you then you are guaranteed to have a good time walking around and people-watching. There are actually social media pages dedicated to what people are wearing in Brooklyn that you yourself can post to, subscribe to and watch. Make sure to get people’s permission before you take their photograph. Taking people’s photographs without their permission is not illegal, but it is not a decent thing to do.

Brooklyn is an exciting, vibrant and multicultural New York borough with fantastic healthcare and a burgeoning arts scene. Individuals interested in moving there should do their research and learn as much about life there as they can. Educating yourself about somewhere before you go there will help you to prepare yourself for life there.

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