The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Where Is AI Used Today?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From small, remote projects in classrooms to prize-winning artworks created by image generators, the possibilities are endless – and slightly daunting, too.

We’ve outlined an introduction to AI below, alongside a few practical uses of this rapidly evolving technology in various industries.

What is AI?

Many people associate artificial intelligence (AI) just with science fiction robots.

While robots do exist in contemporary society, AI revolves much more around streamlined technologies that refine daily processes. From one industry to the next, AI can be critical to enable people to accomplish more in a shorter space of time.

How does AI impact our daily lives?

Robots and pre-programmed systems are becoming more and more prevalent within some of the most integral systems in everyday society. Yet the variety of different AI applications is striking.

For example, British-based company DeepMind has developed cutting-edge AI to predict the shape of almost every scientifically known protein. And on the other side of the coin entirely, AI has also been tasked with generating a full Thanksgiving menu.

Where is artificial intelligence being used?

Some of the industries already applying AI include:

  • Social media

Social media platforms use AI to market directly to users. Since most social media networks enable paid advertisement campaigns, AI allows marketers to save time writing and distributing content.

  • Education

As information technology is becoming more advanced over time, lessons in computing are starting to introduce the notion of AI. Using pocket-sized devices like the ROCK Series single-board computers, students are learning more about automation than ever before.

  • Web search

In online search, AI is used to create algorithms. Human effort is still required when it comes to the creation of ranking algorithms, but AI systems can improve and refine them.

  • Music platforms

Users of Spotify and other music streaming platforms indirectly benefit from AI. With tens of thousands of new tracks uploaded every day, AI plays a pivotal role in filtering content and providing individual users with personalized recommendations.

  • Online shopping

Online stores are changing too. AI plays an important part in customer assistant technology, including virtual chat boxes. These are available 24/7 to customers, providing quick answers and solution to common issues.

  • Infrastructure

From smart motorways to urban planning, AI is becoming an essential part of the infrastructure development process. From risk assessment and scheduling technologies to IoT sensors used for monitoring and maintenance, construction partially relies on AI already.

How can I use AI at home?

Whether you work remotely, or you’d like to start a new hobby, learning more about artificial intelligence technologies could be an interesting project.

You won’t need expensive equipment to get started. With just a single-board computer, you can learn programming basics and develop your own projects at home. Why not give it a go today?

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