The Top 5 Benefits of Using C++ When Developing Android

Although Objective-C/Swift for Apple’s iOS and Java for Google Android is the preferred programming language for mobile development, independent developers spend a lot of time learning how to create iOS and Android applications using other programming languages.

C# (Xamarin) and Pascal are a couple of different languages (Embarcadero-Rad Studio). In addition, there are C++ options, such as the DragonFire SDK for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Android Studio introduced NDK support last year so developers could utilize C/C++ in Java Apps.

Advantages of Using C++ instead of Java for Android development

Greater Efficiency in Coding

Because it is simple to create, change, and implement, C++ is used in the creation of well-known software applications and games like “Clash of Clans.” Other examples of cross-platform programming using C++ include Facebook Moments, Skype, Dropbox, and Office. The business logic is often written in C++, while the user interface is developed in the local languages.

Additionally, even though Java can produce code fairly quickly with the aid of Java Virtual Machines and optimized byte-code, native, or machine code, can be faster, more effective, and useful in applications like gaming, signal processing, and physics simulations, which can easily be incorporated using C++. As a result, C++ has a slight advantage over other languages ​​when it comes to quicker execution and processing of written/developed code. In such cases, you will need to turn to android app development services to save time.

Windows Studio

Microsoft originally made the free Express version of Visual Studio available in 2005. Then, in 2013, the Community edition of Visual Studio was made available, enabling plugins and their administration using the Nuget Package Managers.

Since the beginning, Visual Studio has supported both Visual C++ and the less-used C++/CLI/CX, enabling C++ to be compiled to target the Android platform and create Native-Activity Android applications using the CLANG toolchain that Microsoft built internally to serve its own Android development needs.

Additionally, Visual Studio comes with a quick Android emulator, the Android Development Kits, Apache Ant, and Oracle Java JDK, which removes the need to transition to a different platform to utilize other tools. Ant, Gradle, and Cmake are already present, and in 2015, Xoreax Incredibuild, a powerful component that works with Visual Studio 2015 and takes use of networked PCs for quicker builds, was introduced.

Game Source Code Already Existing

There is a ton of existing game code available, including free content and open-source game engines. As a starting point, look at the Wikipedia list; there are some connections to resources there. Even though not all video games are written in C++, you can create anything due to the abundance of available materials.

Source Code For Current Games

Multiple existing game codes can be obtained throughout the different online platforms. These game codes include open-source game engines and free content that are established in C++. This enables the debugger or developer to simply and conveniently edit the codes to make the games better and more up-to-date whenever the need arises.

Java vs C++

Java is one of the most well-known and good programming languages, particularly for development purposes, and because of its deep roots in the industry, it doesn’t require an introduction. However, C++ has fewer benefits than JAVA when it comes to developing Android mobile devices. One of these advantages is that C++ has a lower memory footprint than JAVA since it is closer to the hardware and lacks garbage collection functionality.

Furthermore, C++ was built on the C programming language and essentially compiles all C programs, making it simple to reuse C software. Also, it’s a common belief that Java programs often run as fast as or even faster than C++. However, you may need enterprise web development before you can reach that level of performance.


It’s now just as simple and free to learn Android coding if you’re a seasoned C++ developer. When various programming languages are considered for the creation of Android and/or iOS, or C++ Mobile Development, it is quite likely that C++ will be selected as the language of choice due to the consideration of the reasons that have been outlined above.

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