Essential Tips for CCNA Certification Examination Success

There are several certifications of high esteem, and the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam is one of them. It is of prime importance for many candidates to pass the Cisco certification examination because it can significantly enhance their skills and job prospects.

There is a lot of demand for CCNA certified experts across the globe these days. In the subsequent paragraphs, you will learn some most critical guidelines for passing this exam successfully.

Know the examination:

Although it might appear to be simple, one has to comprehend the CCNA exam before preparing for it. Generally, this applies to any certification examination like the CCNP or the CCIE, and the Cisco certification exam is not an exception. You only need to visit Cisco or a trustworthy learning partner’s official website to find all the required information.

The website will offer links to various examination topics, study materials, and practice tests. It will likewise provide details regarding the CCNA course for the convenience of the students. All these will enable you to study for the exam in the best possible manner.

Get hold of the appropriate study materials:

Selecting the proper study materials is vital when preparing for the examination. Get hold of the most recent books which Cisco has published or refer to the material provided by the learning partner you have selected. It is also advisable to gain access to the “31 Days Before” series, which will be helpful. This one will help you to remember the IOS commands and concepts.

Apart from this, it will also be prudent to participate in the forum of Cisco Certification. It will provide you with plenty of tips, suggestions, and information regarding the exam. Also, you can take the help of some useful apps for practicing and checking your progress.

Identify your weak areas:

Before thinking of passing the exam, make sure to spot your weak areas and drawbacks. After doing so, devote ample time to fix the weak areas. For this, you must gain comprehensive knowledge of the subject. However, it is equally important to concentrate on your strong points too.

Brush up on your knowledge before the exam:

It would be best to go through the Cisco Press publications once again before appearing for the CCNA certification exam. This step will make you more confident and self-assured in the long run. It is also advisable to ensure that you look for online forums to find new questions. Spend a couple of weeks before the exam, solving questions. Such an approach will assist you in gaining insight on the topic of networking successfully.

Participate in the online community:

There are many advantages of joining the online community before any examination, including the CCNP security test. It might be that you cannot comprehend something and find it difficult to solve the problem. An online community will enable you to get the job done flawlessly.

Here, it will be possible for you to communicate with other candidates and exchange knowledge with them. Joining social media groups is also a sensible idea. For example, you can join Facebook or LinkedIn groups where you will come across many other members.

Get some rest:

Make sure to provide yourself with some rest before the last few days before the CCNA security exam. Try to unwind yourself and do something enjoyable that will aid in clearing your mind. Also, get a sound slumber at night, which will help to rejuvenate you.

Attempt every question:

Make sure to answer every question in the examination hall. The good thing regarding the CCNA exam is that there will be no negative marking if you provide an incorrect answer. If you are finding it challenging to provide the correct answer, there is a solution to it. Eliminate those options you know are wrong and try to make a sensible choice amongst the remaining options.


Hope that this information mentioned above will be helpful to you for passing the CCNA routing and switching examination. Apart from paving the way for networking success, the Cisco certification examination will also help you be recognized globally.

Even though the CCNA certification cost is somewhat high, it will give you an edge over others. Make sure to choose the proper study material and stick to the guidelines mentioned above, helping you pass the exam successfully in the long run.

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