7 Tips to Help Ensure a Secure Supply Chain

Nowadays, ensuring your business is safe from cyber attackers and cyber crimes is more important than ever. Online predators are becoming savvier and savvier when it comes to finding new hacking techniques. As a business that operates primarily online, you must find a way to ensure a secure supply chain that won’t be easy bait for hackers.

Listed below are 7 tips to help ensure a secure supply chain throughout the virtual business processes.

A Linux server

Choosing a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is like buying peace of mind that your supply chain is protected at the highest level against cyberattacks.

SUSE Linus Enterprise Server’s features allow your engineers to easily configure the software to respect any internal security policies or external demands.

Keep all computer software in a secure location

Be sure to keep all computer software secure and locked up in a safe location. Keeping computer software secure includes keeping doors locked and management systems in place at all times. Computers left out in the open should not contain any vital information.

Always keep backup files on hand

According to USAA, nearly 100% of disaster claims have now gone digital. This change means that digital loss is now worth almost as much as physical loss due to unforeseen circumstances and damages. Therefore, keeping a set of backup files is critical if you have data on your computer software that is vital to keeping your business supply chain afloat.

Password protect all important documents

Password protecting all files and important documents is another crucial element to maintaining a secure supply chain. Things such as a two-step verification system and multi-step verification are easy ways to protect your computer systems while still being able to share screens and connect with others virtually.

Use accredited and certified suppliers

When dealing with the supply chain outside of the virtual world, one way to ensure a secure supply chain is to only use accredited and certified suppliers. Dealing with reputable suppliers will eliminate the chances of fraud because the supplier is held to a higher standard.

Track all shipments sent and received

Another way to ensure a secure supply chain is by tracking all shipments sent and received in a log. By doing this, you are maintaining your own records that you can trust in the event of an accident or dishonest supplier.

Run background checks on all of your employees

Be sure to know who you are hiring by running complete background checks on all employees. Employees who will be in charge of sending or receiving shipments must be trustworthy and someone you feel comfortable handling your goods. Your business’s success depends on you and who you hire.

Before you go

When running a successful business, it’s vital that you work hard to prevent fraud and protect yourself from cyber-attacks. The world we live in today is one of opportunity. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of opportunistic thieves out there just waiting for you to make a mistake. So armor up, protect your business, and ensure a secure supply chain is in place.

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